7 ways to apply wallcoverings in the interior of the kitchen

When creating a kitchen design, you should pay attention to two things: it must be functional to give you convenience, and also to have a beautiful look that will allow you to enjoy every second of the time spent here. Photo wallpapers are a great way to make the kitchen inspiring, bright and unforgettable. Today you will get to know 7 ways to apply wallcoverings in the interior of the kitchen - Dekorin presents the best modern ideas and photos for 2017.

1. Install wallpaper at the table in the kitchen

The dining area in the kitchen should be filled with tranquility and positive energy. Installing beautiful wallpaper at the dining table, you not only highlight this area, but also get a source of inspiration for every day. Especially good in this role can come with wallpaper with mysterious views, bright landscapes, large images of flowers and fruits, invigorating coffee etc.

Wall-papers for kitchen - pink flowersAlso read: How to create a cozy dining area in the kitchen Photo wallpapers for the kitchen - photos of the best projects for 2017Wall-papers to the kitchen near the table in the French styleModern kitchen design with photo wallpaper

2. Photo wallpapers in the role of kitchen apron

It's hard to come up with an easier way to pick out an apron in the kitchen than to use wallpaper for this. For greater reliability, they are covered with a thick layer of varnish or glass (Read also the article Glass aprons in the interior of the kitchen). Just take a look at the following photos: these wall-papers make the cooking process much more pleasant, and the design of the kitchen is bold and memorable.

3D wall-paper as a kitchen apron Photo wallpapers for the kitchen Coffee - photo 2017 modern ideas Photo wallpapers in the interior of the kitchen - design with fruits Photo wallpapers in the kitchen interior - photo above the table top

3. Combining photo wallpapers with the color of furniture and decor

Do you like bright colors and contrasts? Or maybe it happened that you have furniture in different shades in the kitchen? Then wallpapers will be an excellent unifying element! In the photo below you can see how they help to combine black and white tiles with wooden furniture (1), blue chairs and decor with beige facades of the kitchen (2), combine the colors and designs of the apron, furniture and floor (3) and decorate the transition from red and white kitchen in the dining area (4).

Scandinavian kitchen design with wall paper on the wall Combination of photo wallpapers with furniture and decor in the kitchen Abstract wall-paper for a kitchen in an apartment Narrow wallpaper for the kitchen - photo combination with the walls

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4. Photo wallpapers for the kitchen with the effect of 3D

3D wallcoverings are a win-win way to decorate and increase space in a small kitchen. Usually they are installed near the dinner table, so that they cheer you up at breakfast and calm down during dinner. For greater realism, they are installed on the whole wall or emphasize the transition "to another dimension" with the help of molding (as in the photo below):

3D wall-papers in the interior of the kitchen - nature Chic kitchen design with 3D wallpapers Photo wallpapers with a beautiful view of the kitchen

5. Framing photo wallpapers by molding

With the help of molding, you can give photo wallpapers in the kitchen the effect of a window or picture, which also contributes to visual expansion of space and helps to get the interior of your dreams.

Finishing of wall-paper moldings in the kitchenFraming small wall-papers with molding

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6. Romantic wall-papers in the interior of the kitchen

Black-and-white wall-paper and wall murals that mimic hand-painted will create an ideal romantic mood in your kitchen to cook with love and candlelight dinner.

Black and white wallpaper for kitchen - photo 2017 modern ideas Romantic wall-papers for kitchen - a photo with effect of a fresco Wall-papers for wall-painting in the kitchen near the table Kitchen design with black and white wallpaper City

7. Creative kitchen design with photo wallpaper

Finally, wallpapers are a universal means of monotony and boredom. Combine them with modern led lighting, open shelves and original furniture so that the design of your kitchen delighted every guest!

Photo wallpapers for the kitchen - sky with cloudsUltra-modern kitchen with wallpaper with animalsAlso read: How to add a little humor and creativity to the interiorPhoto wallpapers for kitchen - photo with floating shelvesBeautiful wall-papers in the interior of the kitchen - forest, nature