Tiny apartment-studio, sustained in the tradition of

Studio apartment in Scandinavian style

This small studio is located in a low-rise building in Sweden and occupies only 22 square meters. Living in this cozy little room is ideal for a woman who appreciates beauty and comfort.

Despite the small size of this apartment, it organically housed the kitchen, dining room, bedroom and sitting area.

In the interior according to the Scandinavian classical style, light colors prevail, predominantly white, which visually adds so small a space of size and brings more light into it.

This style involves saving as much free space as possible, not overloaded with furniture and unnecessary details. In the absence of a sufficient size of living space, as in this case, the compactness of the arrangement of furniture will be very useful.

The bed is on the second tier, which saves about 3 square meters, which go to the area under the sofa. It is a light color in accordance with the traditions of Scandinavian classics.

Nearby there is a glass coffee table, and under it lies a shaggy, fleecy carpet. A bright accent is highlighted by colorful and colorful pillows.

The walls are decorated with beige decorative plaster, almost in tone they made wooden floors.

Kitchen in Scandinavian style Kitchen and dining room in Scandinavian style Dining room in Scandinavian style Living room in Scandinavian style

In the sitting area in the living room above the sofa there is a bookshelf - this is a rather unusual solution and also serves as saving the studio area. Nearby is a large closet that can accommodate all the necessary things of the hostess.

Large arched windows harmoniously fit into the design of the room and serve as a good insolation of the living space.

The furniture in the kitchen is mostly made in white with an MDF-insert, made in warm brown tones. The upper shelves are roomy in volume and reach a height up to the ceiling - they can store both kitchen and other household items.

Organic addition to decorating the interior will serve as candles, floor lamps and flowers in pots.

The remaining part of the partition, once existing, before it was demolished, turning an apartment into a studio, is painted white and framed with curtains - thus, it served as a beautiful element in the design of this room.

Here everything is subordinated to the order and clear location, cosiness, a large amount of light and beautiful decor, will undoubtedly make staying in this apartment comfortable for its owners and guests.

Living room in Scandinavian style Bedroom in Scandinavian style Kitchen and dining room in Scandinavian style View from the window to the city Bathroom in Scandinavian style