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If the furniture and decor is the "filling" of the interior, which can constantly change and improve, then the wall coverings are the main element that sets the atmosphere and mood. What are the wallpaper for the bedroom today in the trend? This article is devoted to this article.

Regardless of the color and style of decoration, the bedrooms are increasingly decorated with wallpaper with beautiful patterns that give the room a little bit of dynamics, but do not suppress the rest of the elements, but on the contrary - stress.

How does it look in practice? Let's see!

Choose fashionable wallpaper in your bedroom - photo 2015

Which wallpaper to choose in the bedroom in 2016

Is it worth it to chase trends at all? The question, of course, is not simple, especially when it comes to wallpaper for walls that are designed to serve us for several years in a row. Every year, some trends appear, while others die. Therefore, here we tried to collect the most popular photos of bedrooms of recent years with stylish wallpaper that promises to be in vogue for more than a year.

After analyzing these beautiful interiors, we managed to identify 4 main trends that you can rely on when choosing wallpaper for your bedroom in 2016.

Trend 1: Wallpaper for bedroom with animals and plant motifs

Decorating a house with natural motifs will always be fashionable. Bright exotic and delicate floristic ornaments on the wallpaper create a breathtakingly inspired atmosphere in the bedroom, as if you are in an enchanted forest or a spring garden. Depending on your preferences, choose tropical palm leaves, orchid flowers or sakura branches - the main thing is that the pattern is not too small and detailed. The bedroom design should be relaxing, not invigorating.

Stylish Bedroom Design - photo 2015 modern wallpaper ideas Black and white wallpaper in the bedroom - photo design forestWhich wallpaper to choose in the bedroom in 2016Floristic wallpaper for a bedroom - photo in the interiorBright interior of the bedroom - wallpaper murals 2015Dark with white pattern wallpaper in bedroom photo 2015Delicate wallpaper for bedroom - photo in interior design 2015Beautiful blue wallpaper for bedroom with horses Bright blue wallpaper in bedroom design 2016

Trend 2: Bedroom wallpaper design with metallic effect

Brilliant and iridescent wallpaper for a bedroom for copper, silver, gold or patina is ideal for creating depth in space and achieving the effect of luxury. In addition to the usual metallic coatings, think about modern metalized wallpaper that gently reflects light and add romance, glamor and some mystery to the bedroom.

Fashionable wallpaper of 2015 - photo for bedroom after bed Luxury bedroom interior with wallpaper of two kinds Golden wallpaper for the bedroom with a metallic effect Luxury wallpaper for bedroom in glitter metal bedroom-wallpaper-de-gurney-50-shades-of-gray

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Trend 3: enigmatic and charming in the bedroom - 10 photos

The modern design of the wallpaper for the bedroom includes stunning abstractions and many other unusual motifs that can be considered for an infinitely long time, flying away in thoughts. Surprisingly, many of them (just look at the photo below!) At the same time have tremendous elegance and even chic. To achieve this effect, choose modern wallpaper in azure, cream, violet, turquoise, black and other noble colors. Just note that the same rule applies here, of which we spoke above: the wallpaper in the bedroom looks nicer and calmer when they have fairly large patterns. Small ornaments are best reserved for the design of the bathroom and hallway.

Stylish wallpaper for a small bedroom photoBlack wallpaper for bedroom with a patternBlue-green wallpaper for bedroom with an ornamentTrends overview - what wallpapers to choose in bedroom 2015Purple wallpaper with a pattern in the bedroom design Beige wallpaper in bedroom photo design with ornamentDesign wallpaper for the bedroom in white and blue colors Creative pink wallpaper in bedroom photo 2015 Light wallpaper in a small bedroom photo Stylish bedroom interior - wallpaper in gray

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Trend 4: Bedroom interior with wallpaper of two kinds

Want to install in the bedroom bright wallpaper, but are afraid to overdo it? Then focus on the wall behind the head of the bed! And the design of the bedroom will be more interesting, and the subconscious will not be annoyed. As a rule, the interior of the bedroom with wallpaper of two types looks exactly like this - beautiful wallpaper with a picture behind the headboard + monophonic wallpaper on all other walls.

Turquoise wallpaper and ceiling in bedroom designBrown wallpaper for bedroom with bright colorsBeige with a pattern wallpaper in a bedroom photo 2015 Combined wallpaper in bedroom photo 2015

Also, quite often in the bedroom, they combine wallpaper with contrasting patterns or colors that can complement or emphasize each other. For example, stripes and flowers, strict geometry and smooth lines ...

Dark bedroom wallpapers combined Textured wallpaper for the bedroom combined photo 2016 Classic bedroom interior with wallpaper of two kinds Two types of wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom - stylish design photo The combination of wallpaper of two types in the interior of the bedroom

Combined wallpaper for the bedroom, in which the top of the wall is made in one design, and the bottom in the other, is now considered obsolete. But if you like the country style or you choose this approach for practical reasons, then just try to find the original border for the border between them.

American style bedroom wallpapers

And in conclusion: the fashionable colors of wallpaper for the bedroom

Most homeowners want a bedroom that will be a refuge for them from all the foul weather. If you belong to this category of people, then choose for the bedroom wallpaper in calm and light neutral tones. Among the neutral trendy colors for wallpaper in the bedroom in 2015, various shades of beige, gray and brown colors were very popular, as in the following photos.

Neutral wallpaper for bedroom photo 2015 Fashionable colors of wallpaper for a bedroom 2015 2016

Gray color, in fact, is one of the main trends in interior design 2015-2016.

Which color wallpaper for the bedroom is best

Do not want to use neutral wallpaper in the bedroom? Then let your taste preferences serve as your guide.

Love green? The magnificent emerald shade is an eternal classic, but if we talk about the fashionable colors of the wallpaper, today the horse has light green tones like lime and mint.

Design a bedroom in a tropical style - green wallpaper

Cool and soothing blue shades are also good for bedroom design. Deep and intense dark tones, such as sapphire and peacock, look good in the bedrooms in a classic style, creating a majestic background for antiques and works of art.

Luxurious dark blue color of wallpaper in the bedroom

But the light blue shades are ideal for textured wallpaper for the bedroom, for example, eco-friendly wall coverings of grasscloth.

Light blue wallpaper in the bedroom interior

If your favorite color is red, then you should be very careful when choosing wallpaper for the bedroom, because this color is too aggressive. Choose a muted shade, such as the trendy coral color, or place red wallpapers behind the head of the bed.

Red wallpaper for your bedroom photo 2015

Tips for red are also true for yellow. Soft wallpaper shades will be much more relaxing and elegant in the design of the bedroom.

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