How to choose curtains for the interior +50 photo

How to choose curtains for the interior

Window decoration is an important stage in decorating any interior. Properly selected curtains should be in harmony with the overall style in the setting of the room. They emphasize the situation of the room, give coziness. There are many nuances that are important to consider in order to make a good choice. Today we will analyze in detail: how to choose curtains for the interior, so that it becomes an ornament of the house, and not an annoying disappointment.

What are the style

Curtains can surprise not only the variety of shapes, but also a great choice of styles and directions:

  • Classic: have a rectangular shape, decorated with inserts and various decorations. Simultaneously with the curtains, this style includes curtains and lambrequins.
  • Roman portiere are in different versions, but the main sign of all one: to manage the length of such curtains can be using a lace, decorative tape or chain.
  • The French style differs from others in that it has lacing inside its fabric. Thanks to this, the folds of a beautiful semicircular shape are formed. Noble fabrics of calm colors are used: white, beige shades. This design is considered classic and suitable for rooms where the solemnity of the situation is necessary: ​​theaters, restaurants, banquet halls.
  • Japanese curtains are a favorite technique for designers. These are fixed panels that can be moved apart using a rail mechanism. They are often used when it is required to zonate the room or hide any of its shortcomings.
  • Austrian curtains - a style that is related to French. Waves on the bottom edge, a lot of folds, smooth lines, use of natural fabrics - all this is inherent in the Austrian style. Also this style will add nobility to the interior of the room, decorated with wood or lining.

Beige curtains in the bedroom

Select by attachment type

To properly choose the fastening, you need to pay attention to such moments: the shape of the cornice, the density of the material and the total weight of the curtain, the design of the room. All possible types of fasteners fit to the wall. If the cornice is fixed to the ceiling, then the choice becomes small: braid for curtains and hooks. Such fastenings will be able to withstand only light tulle curtains. For heavy curtains you need bolts more impressive: rings, hinges, metal eyelets and hooks.

Consider the types of fastenings in more detail:

  • Hinges
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For the production of loops the same material is used, from which the curtains are sewn. Both ends of the hinge are sewn to the curtains, or only one, and the second is attached to a button, button, or contact tape.

Transparent tulle

  • Kulishka

Kulishka – это рукав, оставленный свободным и прошитый по верхнему краю на занавеси. Этот вид крепления подойдет для круглых карнизов, которые легко вдеть сквозь получившееся отверстие.

  • Rings

Один из самых простых и доступных методов для крепления. Rings бывают деревянные, пластиковые и металлические. Этот вид крепления можно применять только на круглых карнизах. Чаще всего, кольца крепятся к полотну при помощи специальных крючков.

  • Eyelets

The most fashionable type of fastening to date. The upper part of the curtains is treated as follows: at the same distance from each other, holes are made into which metal or plastic rings, eyelets, are implanted. The cornice is passed through them and a very elegant, respectable design of the fastenings is obtained. The downside of the eyelets is that they are quite complex for self-installation and have a considerable cost.

Transparent curtains in the bedroom Turquoise curtains  Backlight for curtains  Sand curtains  Beautiful white curtains  Blue curtains for the bedroom

  • sweats

Patami called loops, which are sewn to the curtain canvas of the same color, or a contrast to it shade. Same as hinged.

  • Braid

Шторы на тесьме идеально подходят для круглых и профильных карнизов. Braid пришивается к верхней части полотна, с обратной стороны. Плюс тесьмы в том, что она имеет возможность формировать ровные складки разной глубины.

  • Clamps, clothespins

Perhaps the most simple and familiar portier fastening. Suitable for round and string cornices and attached to them by means of loops or rings.

Shiny gray curtains Luxury curtains for bedroom  Gray curtains for the living room  Loggia with curtains  White curtains in the living room  Lambreken with backlight

How to choose a material

Material for future curtains should have the following characteristics:

  1. Suitable composition and quality;
  2. Ability to drape;
  3. High wear resistance;
  4. Long-standing resistance to burnout;
  5. Low ability to absorb odors;
  6. Bad flammability (relevant for institutions of public order).

Stylish interior

The most popular materials:

  • Velvet. Excellent protection of the room from street noise and sun.
  • Chenille. Ideal for cabinet or nursery: protects from noise and looks very nice while doing this.
  • Jacquard. Dense and durable fabric with a two-layer pattern.
  • Taffeta. Protects from sunlight and presentable looks.
  • Tapestry. Natural cotton, excellent coloring, often used for making curtains.
  • Satin. Has a smooth glossy front side that distinguishes it among other fabrics.
  • Veil. Practically transparent, matte, very thin fabric. Gives the elegance of the furnishing of the apartment. Often veil curtains are used together with heavier curtains.
  • Organza. Rigid and transparent fabric, used by analogy with the veil.

Elegant curtains in classic style Elegant Living Room Decor  Curtains with a beautiful texture  Beautiful roman blinds  Curtains for dining room  Curtains for round window

Fabric for portieres must be selected with regard to the destination and color solution of the room. The height of the ceiling and the dimensions of the windows must also be taken into account. The appointment of curtains, too, is different. They can:

  • Keep heat in the room;
  • Protect from sunlight;
  • To give noise isolation;
  • Change the visual dimensions of the room;
  • Mask the shortcomings of the finish.
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All this must be taken into account when choosing textiles for future curtains.

Choose the size

With the size of the curtains can not be mistaken, because it depends on their entire appearance in the interior. In order not to be mistaken with the size, follow the following recommendations:

  1. The width of the curtains should be 1.5-3 the length of the cornice. Its length is calculated as follows: the distance between the leftmost and the far right hook is measured. The more the width of the curtains, the stronger and deeper will be the draperies on them.
  2. The length of curtains is defined simply: you need to measure the distance from the anchorages for curtains on the cornice to the level you have chosen. If you plan to use hinges or eyelets, then measure the length from the eaves.

Drapery curtains in the dining room

If the ceiling or floor is uneven, then you need to measure the length on both sides of the cornice.

Choose a picture

Here are the basic rules that should guide you when choosing a pattern on curtains:

  • If the wallpaper and furniture in the room, mostly light, for example, gray or beige, then blue, blue and turquoise colors on the curtains ornament will look very advantageous. This combination is ideal for decorating a living room or kitchen.
  • If the design of the room is full of different patterns and patterns on furniture, wallpaper or flooring, then it is worth choosing drapes of more calm and restrained shades. You can choose a monophonic fabric that will support the main color in the interior.
  • A win-win option: choose for the curtains the same color as the walls, but change the shade. You can use a fabric with a small pattern.
  • The drawing on the curtains should be suitable for the general style of the room. For example, a black and white cage will look ridiculous in a room decorated in the style of Provence. Here the patterns in a fine flower are ideal.

Black Curtains Curtains on small windows  Curtains in the living room  Brown Curtains  Semi-transparent curtains  Red curtains in the living room

Choose a color and texture

When choosing the color and texture, you need to consider that this choice directly affects the mood of the entire room. All colors are conventionally divided into two types: cold and warm. Before deciding which shades to use in the decoration, you need to understand what emotional charge will carry this room. For example, a kitchen is the place where it is necessary to use only warm colors: walnut, brown, beige, orange and yellow. Then the mood of the room will be bright and set to positive.

In general, the color solutions of curtains are divided into several types:

  • Neutral - those shades that match the color scheme of the room and do not contrast with the overall design;
  • Under the color of the walls. The design of the curtains takes the same color as on the walls, but the shade changes;
  • Under the color of the interior. The dominant color scheme is determined in the room and the shade of the curtains should ideally fit into it;
  • Color contrasting. The curtains are made in color contrast to the overall range of the interior.
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When decorating a study, it is better to use cold shades, because they set the tone to a serious harmony and have to work.

Window Correction при помощи штор

The choice of fabric structure is directly influenced by the basic style of the interior. In the classical style, for example, heavy fabrics with a dense, opaque structure are most appropriate.

Window Correction

Curtains can not only decorate the interior, but also adjust some of the shortcomings of window openings.

  • To visually expand the windows, you need to purchase a cornice, which will be longer than a couple of dozen centimeters on each side of it. The curtains should hang from the edge of the cornice.
  • If the windows in the room are low enough and you want to visually raise them, do not mount the cornice close to the top edge of the window. This will enhance the impression of low windows. In these cases, correctly place the curtain directly under the ceiling, and use the eyelets to fasten the curtains. Short, up to the window line, the curtains visually shorten the window opening, so you should choose the length to the floor.
  • Visually reduce the windows will help the bright and catchy print on the fabric drapes. You can play with the amount of decor and drapery: the attention will be riveted more to the decoration and decoration of the curtains, rather than to the width and height of the window openings.
  • To correct a wide window, curtain panels are perfect. This version of the curtain is made of textile or tulle, with a weighting below, which gives them the shape of perfectly flat strips.

Multilayered curtains Curtains in a gradient style  Black and white curtains  Gray tulle in the living room  Peach curtains in the interior  Beige curtains for a wide window

In small one-room apartments, you should select the curtains up to the ceiling. This solution will visually increase the space of a small room.

Flower Curtains

We select curtains for a certain room

Let's consider in more detail the types of curtains for different rooms:

  • Bedroom

Here, most often, dense curtains are used, which do not allow the passage of sun rays. The color scheme for the bedroom is chosen in calm and restrained tones.

Modern interior

  • Living room

Curtains in the hall can be anything: it all depends on the chosen style in the room. Light curtains or heavy curtains made of velvet: choose curtains according to the interior!

  • Children's

Important conditions when choosing a nursery:

  1. The fabric should be exceptionally natural.
  2. The style of the curtain is desirable to choose without excess: simple, concise.
  3. Color solutions: bright or clean and bright shades.
  4. The pattern should be simple and understandable.

All this will have a beneficial effect on the situation in the nursery and will not be too exciting to act on the child.

Classic interior in the apartment Beautiful curtains for the decor of the living room  Simple curtains for the bedroom  Curtains with a texture  Roman curtains  Curtains in flower

Select the curtains for any room you need based on what the functional load will be the portieres. Do not hang a transparent tulle in a room on the sunny side. After all, sometimes there will be a desire to close from excess light.


The curtains create the mood and are one of the central elements in the interior. We hope that all the tips given here will help you choose the perfect curtains!