Comfortable and beautiful wardrobe on the balcony - 40

Want to buy a nice and roomy closet on the balcony? Here you will find the best ideas and 40 fresh photos, including: modern wardrobes, corner and built-in models, as well as closed shelves with roller shutters. It does not matter if you want to order a ready-made cabinet or make it yourself - there are options for everyone. Keep the best ideas for yourselves!

What are the cabinets on the balcony (design with photo)

The balcony is a special place in the house where you can breathe fresh air, enjoy the view from the window and have a nice time with your loved ones. A compact closet for things will allow you to make your balcony much more free and convenient for rest. And some of the models that you see below in the photo in this article, among other things, will please you with their beautiful style and additional functions.

Among the main types of balcony cabinets, corner and built-in lockers, as well as their versions with sliding doors, are particularly prominent. Of course, on the balcony you can put and your old wardrobe, a rack with open shelves or a cupboard. However, they will not allow you to use the limited space of the balcony to the maximum.

Old buffet as a wardrobe on the balcony - interior photo normal-wardrobe-for-the-balconycabinet-racks-for-balconies Shakuf-s-youboy-n-child Shkafy-lapse-the-air

Those closets for balconies, which we will consider below, differ not only in their special capacity, but also in that they can be made by themselves. Enjoy watching!

Built-in wardrobe on the balcony - 10 photos

Built-in closets are very convenient for the balcony in that they allow you to literally use every corner, including - and the space above the windowsill.

large-built-in wardrobe-to-balcony beautiful-wardrobe-for-the-balcony modern-built-wardrobe-balcony

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Of course, the above built-in cabinets on the balcony require a strict calculation of parameters and, as a rule, are made to order. But the lockers on the following on the photos may well be created at home. They are part of the balcony, separated by a partition with a door, behind which there can be shelves of any configurations, empty space for a bicycle or even a whole home pantry.

built-in wardrobe-to-balcony how-to-do-the-closet-for-the-balconybuilt-in wardrobe-to-balcony-svoimi-rukami uzkiy-built-in wardrobe-to-balcony

Among the built-in balcony cabinets, it is especially worth highlighting models with shutter doors that retain the freshness of the air inside the cabinet, as well as cabinets with metal-plastic doors that perform the opposite function. The first is ideal for storing vegetables and other perishable products, and others - to protect metal tools and other parts from the cold.

built-in wardrobe-for-small-balcony balcony-wardrobe-doors-blinds plastic-wardrobe-to-balcony

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The wardrobe of the compartment on the balcony is the modern choice No. 1

No matter how compact the wardrobe is on the balcony, if it has swinging doors - it means that it still takes up excess space. That's why the coupe cabinets today are the No. 1 choice for all small balconies. Their smoothly sliding sliding doors allow you to put an armchair or any other piece of interior just close to the case of the cabinet.


We present the cabinets of the compartment in the photo, they really will help to save usable space on the balcony for other, no less important things. We tried to collect the most interesting and diverse models for you, so that you could compare and decide on the soul. Look, be inspired and boldly take care of the alterations.

closet-with-shelves-on-the-balcony built-in wardrobe-balcony

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Choose a corner cabinet on the balcony (5 photos)

The corner cabinet is installed on the balcony when the owners need to have as much storage as possible for items such as conservation, winter stocks of vegetables, various tools, bicycles etc. As a rule, such cabinets are rather oversized, so for their manufacture used door-coupe or roller shutters.

corner-wardrobe-on-balcony-with-hands corner-wardrobe-to-balcony corner-wardrobe-for-balcony large-wardrobe-for-balcony-angular

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Another type of balcony cabinets are classic models with corner shelves. These open shelves are placed indoor plants or other home decor, which will create a cozy atmosphere on the balcony and look beautiful from the street. Just look at the following photos: well, who would refuse to put such a corner cabinet on the balcony?

corner-wardrobe-for-balconycorner-wardrobe-with-shelves-on-the-balcony wardrobe-with-corner-shelves-on-the-balcony

Shelves or closet on the balcony with roller shutters

An excellent option for those who want to make a closet on the balcony with their own hands! To make such a piece of furniture, it is enough to know only the height and width of your balcony. If the width of the roller shutter is slightly narrower than the balcony, then after installation, empty space will need to be filled with cushioning material. As a rule, roller shutters separate a part of the balcony under the cupboard, although you can also find ready-made lockers with a roller instead of a door, as in the last photo in this article.

glass-to-wardrobe-to-balconycloset-with-roller shutters-on-the-balconyshelves-and-shutters-to-the-balconywhite-shutters-to-the-balconypendant-locker-on-balcony