5 great options for stylish design of a small bathroom

Bright red wallpaper in the bathroom

Проект от Christopher Patrick Interiors

We will introduce you to the unmatched and exclusive solutions for the design of small bathrooms that were designed and implemented by talented architects and engineers.

Look at how they transformed the space of the bathroom due to the expansion of its facilities with interesting models, magnificent interior items and bold decisions.

The arrangement of a modest bathroom is an important process in the reconstruction of apartments. Numerous homeowners and decorators pay special attention to it, since at present many bathrooms are small in size.

Today we will present to your eyes delightful ideas and solutions that allow you to maximize the use of a limited area and to fill the atmosphere with functionality and coziness.

Bright shading palette, unusual accessories and a bold drawing give the toilet room a special creativity and eccentricity.

This project was developed by the talented Christopher Patrick (Christopher Patrick) and the master Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice (Caitlin Andrews-Rice), who managed to form an incredibly functional and aesthetically attractive space due to the organization of magnificent shelving and roomy storage areas.

For decoration of walls they used incomparable wallpapers of a rich red shade with a diamond-shaped ornament, and they decorated the shower with a white metro tile, which allowed creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere in the room, which is ideal for cosmetic and hygienic procedures.

At the same time, the floor surface was faced with a contrasting mosaic, perfectly in harmony with the rest of the decoration.

Designers also added niches for small items: sponges, shampoo and shower gel.

Niches for bathroom accessories in the wall

Дизайн от Christopher Patrick Interiors

The architect Cathy Schwabe (Katie Schwabe) mounted a LED light in the bathroom, which forms a feeling of natural sunlight in the decoration. She also installed the elegant Duravit plumbing, chrome faucets and magnificent decorative elements.

Neutral shading palette in wall decoration gives the environment a visual sense of freedom and volume, and is also great for taking water procedures.

Bathroom interior in white color

Interyer by Cathy Schwabe Architecture

This small bath from the designer Scott Neste (Scott Neste) exudes joy. A contrast shower curtain, rich multi-colored towels, a salad floor mat and amazing artwork fill the bathroom atmosphere with a cheerful mood.


The monochrome finish of walls, ceiling and floor creates an ideal backdrop for the demonstration of bright accessories and textiles. This solution not only visually increases the area of ​​the toilet room, but also creates a feeling of volume and warmth in the atmosphere.

Bright accents in the bathroom interior

Scott Neste layout. | Minor Details Interior Design

This bathroom with a total area of ​​4 square meters is distinguished by an amazing layout, as well as a fresh and incomparable atmosphere.

The combination of smoky ceramic tiles and gray pearlescent mosaic forms an easy and relaxed atmosphere. Designer furniture and exquisite plumbing bring elegance to the bathroom space.

Bathroom in gray color

Туалет от Peter S. Balsam Associates

The original round dressing table was made specially with the use of textured wood.

Original round dressing table

Project by Peter S. Balsam Associates

This project, developed by the engineers of the agency Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture, is characterized by an incredible charm and the illusion of space and freedom.

Neutral colors, textured wood in furnish furnish, the white sanitary technician, glass partitions and set of mirrors give this room an incredible expressiveness and conciseness.

Wood in furnish of a bathroom

Дизайн от Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

We presented to our readers magnificent solutions and ideas for creating a modest bathroom that will allow you to fill the limited space with incredible comfort and warmth.

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