Kitchens of the--shape: variants of design and lay-out

Design of the U-shaped kitchen

A living room, where the kitchen is a single space with a living room, can be found more often. It has a lot of open space, so modern interior can be realized most successfully. One of the most popular layout options for such a kitchen is the U-shaped. This method allows you to use all available square meters to the maximum.

  • area;
  • the shape of the kitchen;
  • arrangement of all windows, balcony, entrance doors;
  • distance from floor to window sill;
  • the principle of the "working triangle";
  • budgetary framework.

Blue working wall Big island in the center  Black built-in technology  In studio apartment  Square Forge  Lilac working wall

The size of 12 m2 is optimal, here you can place everything you need without limiting yourself in choosing the color and height of the kitchen set, bold creative ideas.

Advantages and disadvantages of U-shaped kitchens

There are many fans in the n-shaped layout, because this option is the most convenient. Convenience consists in:

  1. Rational use of space. Here at the mistress all at hand.
  2. Possibilities to zonate the room, to hide from the prying eyes the working part.
  3. If the windowsill is tall enough, it can be used by placing a sink there.
  4. Availability of a large number of working surfaces, storage areas. In the lower modules it is possible to arrange utensils and utensils, what unloads the upper part of the room, it becomes lighter and more spacious.
  5. The furnishing of the U-shaped kitchen, as a rule, is symmetrical, which is in demand when decorating the kitchen in a classical style.

White Refrigerator In a small room  Blue Surfaces  Bright lighting  Wooden table  White kitchen gray technique

Disadvantages of the chosen layout can be called:

  1. Excessive cluttered furniture. A lot of tall cabinets visually narrows the room.
  2. The set has a large working area, so it is sometimes not possible to squeeze a full-fledged lunch group into a small space.
  3. Individual dimensions of furniture and hard-to-reach corners, which require well thought-out fittings, make the project more expensive.
  4. The room of 16 m2 can not do without the "island".
  5. Implementing the n-shaped layout in a standard apartment is difficult, always interfere with the inappropriate location of communications, the presence of a window or door is not where you would like, inappropriate height of the window sill.

Layout Options

The most efficient way to equip the kitchen in the form of the letter "n" is obtained in a square or rectangular room. It is convenient, meets security requirements. If the dining area can be located outside the limits of the room, then the way of its formation problems will not arise at all. For those who like to "pokoldovat" over dinner, lovers of experiments fascinating cooking process will provide complete satisfaction. The variant of the n-shaped lay-out is most suitable if the room is equipped with a bay window or the space is combined as a kitchen-living room or dining room. The physical separator of functional zones is an "island" or a bar counter.

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Chairs near the island Rectangular kitchen  In gray color  Built-in Technology  Green work surface  With two washes

Kitchen with an "in-shape" layout with an "island"

The insulated furniture module is very convenient. This design of the U-shaped kitchen makes it possible to arrange additional storage systems or household appliances. "Island" can be used as another work surface, a place for a quick snack. In its foundation, in addition to storage systems, have an oven or other household appliances, even a wine cooler. Everything depends on the size of the room and himself, the needs of the household. If the "island" is planned not only to eat a morning sandwich, it is good to have high bar stools or soft mini-chairs. Integration into the surface of the "island" of the hob or gas stove assumes the installation here of a powerful hood. In a large kitchen with a more compact arrangement of the "working triangle" mistress will have to do less unnecessary movements.

Fixtures over the island A small peninsula  Table in the center of the kitchen  Island as a dining area  White surface gray countertop  Flower near the island The installation of the hob or sink in the center of the room will require laying of communications under the floor, which is easy to do in a private home, but it can cause certain difficulties in a normal apartment. From the point of view of ergonomics, to install the "island" also need to have a fairly spacious room. Between the main furniture space and other structures should be at least 120 cm, so that the doors and drawers open without affecting the health of the owner.

U-shaped kitchen with a "peninsula"

The design, attached by one side to the wall or a furniture headset, easily fits even into a relatively small space of 12-15 m2. If the apartment unites the kitchen and dining room, then the образ-shaped layout is possible even on a 5- or 7-meter kitchenette. "Peninsula" is convenient because it has a sufficient width, so it is used as a working surface. Here you can knead a dough or chop a salad, cook with someone else. Such a layout clearly divides even a very small space into individual zones, saves time and effort during cooking, all elements of the "working triangle" at hand. "Peninsula" is convenient for a small room: you can do without a dining table, but there is more storage space.

A picture of a peninsula Several windows in the kitchen  Not a high peninsula  Glazed lockers  Variant with many surfaces  Flowers in a vase As in the case with the "island", sometimes spotlights or LED lights are not enough. Pendant lamps will become an effective accent and an additional way of zoning.

U-shaped kitchens in studio apartments

If the dining area does not require mandatory accommodation in the kitchen, then a decent Π-shaped layout is carried out even in a small space. The absence of unnecessary partitions will provide more light, visually increase the area. All the nuances of the arrangement must be thought out in advance, because here it is important to consider whether the walls to be converted are carriers, do not have to change the level of the floor when moving the sink, buy a sewer pump and violate the norms of housing if it is supplied with a gas rather than an electric stove.

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Large wall clock In a narrow room  Gray tiles on the working wall  Silver plate  Refrigerator in the center of the kitchen  Light surfaces

For the rational use of precious centimeters you need to make a kitchen for individual order, if possible completely built-in.

With breakfast bar

If earlier the bar counter was associated with corporate parties and cocktails, now with the design it becomes a bright accent of the room where food is prepared. Its installation is suitable where there is no separate dining room, and the kitchen is quite small. It will replace the table and at the same time become an element of zoning. For a large kitchen-dining room, where there is a dining table, sitting at the bar, you can quickly have breakfast or spend a coffee break, so as not to waste time serving the dinner table. Children or elderly people, who are uncomfortable to sit on high stools, can sit during dinner on comfortable corner sofas or armchairs near a coffee table, and the bar counter "occupies" the youth.

With breakfast bar Black chairs  Miscellaneous flooring  Lamps above the bar  White bar stools  With shelves for bottles The configuration of the bar depends on the design idea. She can:

  • be built into the headset;
  • continue the figure arch, "island" or "peninsula";
  • be a detached element;
  • to depict a console resting on the floor, a suite, or in case of a lack of space, located at the window.

U-shaped kitchen with window

At a sufficient height and width of the window in the countertop under it you can arrange a sink. It is necessary not to forget about the radiators, the heat flow from which you can accidentally shut, if you use tightly closed facades. If the room does not have enough dimensions, and a full-fledged dining table does not fit well in there, it makes sense to place a bar at the window that will replace the table and become one of the elements of zoning.

Using the window Washing near the window  Gray countertop  Green Curtains  The combination of white and gray  Spacious pencil case

Style solutions

There are practically no restrictions on the style solution of the U-shaped kitchen. It looks organically in both modern and classic style. The only not very successful stylization can be called country. "Island" does not really fit in the village motives. An exception can only be made up of spacious suburban housing, where rural motifs or fanciful bright elements will be appropriate. A spacious room, decorated in a modern minimalist style, suitable smooth monolithic built-in wardrobes without accessories, glossy surfaces that spread the space. Design perfection is achieved by careful selection of techniques in the design of space, using the shapes of windows, furniture, color and light. Optimum should be considered modern style, practicality and simplicity of loft, Scandinavian style is welcomed. Massive classic headsets in a small space look somewhat cumbersome.

Gray Refrigerator Bright burgundy boxes  Brick Wall  Kitchen in white color  Green bar stools  Backlight under the drawers

Color palette options

Uncomplicated forms of facades of neutral tones with unobtrusive bright intersperses enliven the n-shaped layout, make it exquisite. Following the rules of ergonomics, it is permissible to play matte and glossy surfaces, the difference of contrasts, textures, which is especially advantageous in a modern spacious room equipped with the "latest word".

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Open shelves High chairs on legs  White top, black surfaces  Green carpet  Window wash  Wall in tile mosaic

In light colors

When choosing the color of facades and walls, preference should be given to light colors, they do not overload the space. This is especially true for small rooms. Wide monochrome modules with the system "pressed-opened" or hidden handles do not create obstacles during movement, visually push apart the walls. The room will seem bigger if the suite and the facades match the color of the ceiling and walls.

Boxes made of light wood Carpet with patterns  White chairs  The combination of white and black  Bright contrasting floor  Yellow backlight

For a small room white color of a kitchen set with a stone countertop in the middle is actual.

Color combinations of furniture with a light tree do not bother the eye, they are always appropriate. For snow-white cuisine, a good alternative is a pastel maple shade of surfaces. They will be ideally combined with stainless steel parts.

In dark shades

The use of dark tones does not always imply the use of colors close to black. The kitchen successfully combines:

  • various combinations of brown;
  • contrasting colors;
  • bright and bright accents.

Stone countertop White hood  Dark wood  White table top  The combination of dark and light boxes  Island in the center of the kitchen

Dynamism of the interior is achieved using contrasting color combinations. Completely dark shades, without dilution with bright or light accents, are only allowed in very large rooms. The most popular is black and white. Dark facades with marble countertops, black appliances on the background of white furniture visually expand the kitchen, make its interior unique. The combination of dark wood, light surfaces, especially if you also use the ceiling plane, makes an unforgettable impression on the incoming.

Noble dark shades, imitation of wood patterns are always win-win.

Use of bright accents

A trend of modern cuisine can be considered a combination of white or calm pastel, cream shades with bright elements: crimson closet doors or a metallic shine of the refrigerator, microwave ovens, accessories. For those who do not like bright kitchen furniture, you can advise to pay attention to the kitchens, where only the kitchen apron, the countertop of the "island" or small decor elements, textiles will be bright. The orange elements look life-loving against the background of white or gray walls. Lilac and blue facades are popular, contrasts of black, white, red are actual. Experts advise only not to overdo it with yellow, purple and green. If the walls are quite bright, the furniture should be soaked in neutral colors: white or beige, gray.

Red apron Bright yellow walls  Orange elements  Yellow stools  Baskets instead of boxes  Turquoise working wall


The basis of the aesthetics of the U-shaped kitchen is its symmetry. The central accent of this room will be an original hood above the stove, a window opening decorated with a beautiful curtain or a unique design chandelier above the "island" or sink. Optical illusion of the unity of space will help create built-in models of kitchen appliances. Do not just forget that the refrigerator should be located not in a niche somewhere on the side, but in close proximity to the work area. The combination of paneled furniture and "island" from stainless steel is also not the best solution. It is appropriate to place more sources of light, preferring to give "warm" lamps. In the n-shaped kitchen, it is necessary to achieve a combination of all the elements, otherwise the room will appear careless, albeit spacious.