Peach color in the interior +70 photos of examples of

Painting over the sofa

In search of a non-standard color scheme for registration, often forget about fruit colors. A worthy representative - peach color in the interior can be the basis or emphasize certain details. Natural color is able to transform the room for the better, because in suitable combinations it looks very organic, unlike clean or unnatural colors.

With this color, comfort, softness and tranquility are guaranteed. Feng Shui confirms this effect and especially recommends it for the bedroom - the bonus will be a harmonious relationship. The intensity will affect the character of the room:

  • More juicy shades will give a charge of vivacity;
  • Gentle, almost transparent will add air;
  • Saturated and contrast will provide dynamics.

Original table near the sofa

Busting can lead to a sense of mawkishness, and is strictly contraindicated.

Bright representatives of the range of shades are applicable for small rooms. In combination with properly selected companions, they will not affect the space in the direction of visual reduction, even if large surfaces are taken under them.

Baldachin above the bed Shelves on the wall in the living room  Striped ceiling in the bedroom  Wicker chairs in the living room  Wooden furniture in the bedroom  Sofa, armchairs and table with a glass cover

Lighting: a difficult obstacle

The layout of the room is one of the main criteria for choosing a color scheme. The north side with poor natural lighting, a small single window is a serious reason to reflect on the globality of the peach color in the interior. Walls or furnishings threaten to acquire a dirty gray shade.

If the room assumes functional use in the daytime, the designers use such techniques to make the shades manifest themselves in all its glory, even with scant lighting:

  • a variety of used textures and textures;
  • clear graphic contours on furniture, decorative objects;
  • presence of several contrasting colors.

Two tables next to the sofa

Important. In order not to overdo it with the saturation of the selected peach shade, it is better to evaluate it on the spot under different lighting conditions.

When there is no desire and confidence to take away the base surfaces under the shade of juicy fruit, that is, the alternative is the print. The presence of peach color will not be so obvious, and it will not clearly dominate the room, even in the form of wallpaper:

  • classical strip;
  • a picture expressing an idea (birds, flowers);
  • fashionable geometry, graphics.

Round table in the living room Patterns on the ceiling and wall in the bedroom  Columns in the living room  Lioness and lions in the bedroom wall  Wooden furniture in the dining room  Pictures above the bed

Actual color combinations

Recently, sophisticated interiors are in demand, where there are many textures and textures, complementing and emphasizing each other. So, the whitewashed wood, the glass will emphasize the matte peach walls.

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Equally important is the color variety in each room. We offer 3-4 complementary colors that perfectly interact together. It remains to choose the degree of contrast and proportion.

A chair next to the bed

ShadeBright companions for the blur effectDark, contrasting companions
Orange-PeachBlue, light yellow,Dark scarlet, burgundy, blue
Peach-beigeSilvery whiteRed-brown, cherry
Pink-peachTender mint, lemon yellowBlack, dark coral
Coral-peachLight beigePurple

Despite the desire for universality, and some neutrality, in the latest design projects one can find living natural combinations that guarantee a harmonious environment. Undermine:

  • grassy green, light green;
  • a cold shade of blue with purple tints;
  • pure yellow.

Painting on the wall in the nursery

Well, if it is manifested in textiles: the yellow curtains framing the window will add more daylight, together with a light mood. But the combination with fashion turquoise is not so obvious: it is worth picking a gentle, diluted. Too bright turquoise muffles peach notes: the combination will not be interesting. Caution should also be exercised when combined with orange, brick tones. It would seem that a close neighborhood - but together they can look bad, expressive, if not control the amount.

For a contrasting, multi-faceted interior, it's worth taking a closer look not only to black. It can be completely replaced by others, perfectly cope with the function of shading:

  • dark green;
  • purple;
  • deep blue;
  • chocolate brown.

To a certain extent, the style of performance affects the expressiveness. Features of furniture and used materials, decorative components make the peach shade even more attractive.

Wicker chair near the decorative fireplace Sofa and table opposite the fireplace  Mirrors above the bed  Furniture in the nursery  Luxurious living room  Wall backlit in the bedroom

Style Selection

Calm peach color will give strength, opportunities for relaxation. Therefore, it is actively used for rural styles, whose popularity is growing as an alternative to an industrial loft. Unbeaten alliances:

  • natural wood, structure of boards;
  • real, living plants and flowers;
  • simple materials devoid of artificial gloss;
  • leather and forged parts.

White sofa and wicker chairs

The most common in the design is pale peach shade is appropriate in almost any stylistic version. It excellently manifests itself in vegetal ornamentation on textiles, wallpaper. Stricter, oriental patterns in the adapted ethnic interior will not allow it to be considered feminine.

But for the subtle aesthetics to which the woman's soul is so situated, suitable styles are offered with their own characteristics, and the tone is set by the details:

  • Vintage and retro: a pair of armchairs, plafonds, lampshades.
  • Shebbi-chic: refined accessories, thin painting.
  • Classics: exquisite snow-white stucco molding, solid wood.

In modern minimalism, not all shades of peach are able to settle down and become full participants, but even a few decor items will get rid of facelessness.

Paintings and lamps over the crib Pictures in the living room  Sea view from the bedroom window  Modern furniture in the living room  Table and chairs next to the bed  Corner sofa with table

Decor: attention to detail

Create a warm, cozy atmosphere of peach tones is quite possible, even if they are not the main ones in the design. The larger the surface area in the same color, the more likely that over time the selected color will be annoying. The use of fruit shades for decorating the room is a safe way to change the mood without overloading. Particularly vital in the design of a studio apartment, where moderation is the main approach to design.

Actual. Too large curtains can cast a shadow on the light walls, creating a blur effect.

Sakura on the wall in the nursery

Accessories, and not necessarily the brightest, the most saturated color, look great against the background of light surfaces, universal gray-beige. Some of them due to the peach color will acquire an individuality, for example, a hanging chair. Fashionable moods to maintain in the decor is much easier, especially in the shallow:

  • colored passe-partout around the photo;
  • Knitted things, for example, plaid large knitted;
  • covers for sofa cushions.
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Pictures above the chest of drawers Patterns on the bedroom wall  Pictures above the bed  White furniture in the kitchen  Blue chair next to the armchair  Frames above the bed

Living room: modern reading of the classics

In the main room of the house peach is appropriate as a background color and as an additional shade. The elegant and ceremonial view is easily achievable with a classic design. Then the peach color in the living room, even in the prevailing quantity, will be balanced:

  • Floor. Natural parquet or its analogues.
  • Ceiling. White matte with a beautiful parade chandelier in the center of the composition of stucco or caisson variant.
  • Doors. Typically, one or more interesting doorways, arches.
  • Furniture. Parade cupboards, showcases with fine ornaments (for example, intarsia).

Yellow and black sofa in the living room

The white color of the window apertures, plinth will revive the picture. On a neutral background of the main surfaces, a large juicy sofa can become a central figure. Excellent compatibility with an array of natural dark wood will add respectability, as well as aged gold in decoration, for example picture frames, large watches.

Lighter interiors, with modern furnishing items, are obtained with the addition of other color accents, when peach is not dominant. Pale olive or its fashionable versions of spring greens, lemon yellow, thin lilac shade - an attractive look and cozy content.

Luxury furniture in the living room Luxury furniture in the living room  Glass table next to the sofa  Room with bedroom and living room areas  Painting over the sofa в гостиной  White floor and peach walls in the living room

Bedroom: Spectacular

To get rid of a purely feminine perusal of the interior with peach basic surfaces, they need not just be diluted with a different color. The chosen style is also important. Need moderation? Compromise is the option with the allocation of the zone behind the headboard. This will allow you to stay within the modern style, at the same time it will give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite shade.

A bright representative is easy to make friends with the color impregnations of pure colors - yellow, green, blue. For a balanced, but non-boring design, pale and sophisticated versions will fit:

  • olive;
  • lime;
  • straw.

Picture in the bedroom

The latter combinations are suitable for a quiet style, like a cottage or a Provence. But delicate peach colors in the interior of the bedroom of the modern direction get along with more glamorous decoration materials and decor:

  • white glossy panels separating the dressing room or bathroom;
  • crystals on the lamps near the bed;
  • glass on the wall decor (museum, without glare);
  • door leaf with enamel.

Ceiling light in the bedroom Pictures above the bed  Decorative fireplace in the bedroom  Backlight in the bedroom ceiling  Table with armchairs in the bedroom  Wooden chest of drawers near the bed

Kitchen: an island of tranquility

Peach tones are not the leaders in the decoration of the kitchen space. And therefore, when you want an individual, you should look closer to them. Having given the walls at the disposal of this shade, the kitchen set is selected with a milky color for a relaxed atmosphere. Modern household appliances of gray-steel color will cool the walls. Even large items (refrigerator, extractor, microwave oven) can not hide behind the facades. This approach is quite practical from the financial side.

Peach color in the kitchen will better manifest itself in the following styles:

  • country;
  • Provence;
  • classic.

Peach-colored kitchen furniture

The roughness of the walls, vintage elements, even in a small amount (like handles, a headset, retro lamps, small household appliances) will affect the overall perception.

You can add a color to the point. This will give dynamics even to the most standard facades and base surfaces:

  • Open shelves with small interesting details, simultaneously having a functional load.
  • Dining room chairs or for a bar counter.
  • Apron or section of the working area to the ceiling.
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Modern style kitchen Table in the middle of the kitchen  Multicolored chandeliers in the kitchen  Wooden furniture in the kitchen  Peach furniture in the kitchen  Suspended chandeliers in the kitchen

Baby for a little lady

Unlike the previous space, peach in the nursery for the girl will not look artificially and inappropriate even in large numbers. A gentle, unsharpened combination of peach with shades of white (for example, milk) quite allows you to create a monochrome interior on its base. A certain role is played by the style of children: the classics are gaining more and more popularity, only a little rethought:

  • small lockers for "old";
  • lampshades and canopies;
  • double curtains;
  • small sofa.

Varieties of colors are possible for companions, some of which meet the latest trends in design. Adding colors will later in the "infant" room create a more adult due to curtains, textiles, floor covering.

Chest opposite the bed

"Pink Quartz" - a calm version, recently marked by the institute of color "Panton".

Pearl gray - will save you from excessive squeamishness, staying within the neutral complement.

Blue-lilac, mint - cool, give a special tenderness.

Other fruit and berry juicy hues (watermelon, raspberry) - dynamics and volume.

When the room is designed for two children of different sexes, the colors "gentle peach" will be a suitable candidate to replace the standard pink, which may seem too "puppet." It fits perfectly with the blue, and pale yellow or variations of green (pistachio, lime) will be the connecting color between these gender-opposite colors.

Pictures near the cabinet

Bathroom: the necessary mood

Here it is appropriate to peach even in the dominant volume, and absolutely unimportant manner of execution. You can go on a standard scheme, decorating the main plane with the ceramics of this range, and silver-gray metal components, white plumbing will successfully complement the image of the modern bathroom.

Finishing will give strength and vivacity, while remaining tender enough. Instead of a standard bathroom, you can decide on the shower partition, which will free up extra space, and will not hide an interesting layout, unlike the cabin, gradually surrendering position.

Corner bath

Fans of vintage chic look at the dark peach color. When the area allows, you can place an impressive retro-style bathtub and complement the design with accessories that are not available with a standard footage, for example, forged items, a chandelier with crystals.

What decorating techniques will improve the interior:

  • shine metal in a warm range: gold, brass, bronze;
  • mirrors in spectacular baguettes;
  • decorative candles;
  • wicker items.

Original chandelier in the bathroom Panel on the wall in the bathroom  Salad and peach bathroom interior  Shelves on the wall under the mirror  Bright bathroom interior  Luxurious bathroom interior

The result: practicality and aesthetics

Peach color in addition to psychological comfort has a number of advantages. Its universality is valued for the most diverse in its function rooms, as illustrated by photo-examples. He can become a binder for all rooms in an apartment or house, without conflicting, and his rich palette will bring individuality.

Huge windows in the dining room

Another successful property that positively influences the budget is the compatibility with the most varied wooden surfaces that are in the room and the furniture:

  • the darkest species are wenge;
  • Dark wood, like stained oak, chestnut;
  • Light, with a yellowish sublime.

If this color evokes sympathy, then you will appreciate the interiors in peach color, enjoying the comfort and good mood.