6 amazing ideas for the design of apartments with a limited

Storage systems in small apartments

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In today's fascinating story, we will introduce you to the magnificent options for arranging an unusual house that will perfectly transform a limited space and form an incredibly cozy and warm environment in the decoration.

Let's look at the unique ideas and solutions embodied by specialists in the following creative masterpieces.

Currently, a significant number of homeowners still live in urban conditions in small and cramped apartments? If you are limited in space, consider the following constructive solutions to improve the decoration of the apartment.

1. Styling the foyer

Column in the hallway

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Does your front door open right into the living room? Tired of seeing mountains of coats, shoes and stains on the couch? You can create an atmosphere of the hall by adding fencing elements.

A low wall, an oversized pillar and unusual furniture will be an ideal solution in this situation. Suspended ceiling and decorative light can additionally focus on this room.

2. Creating mobile partitions

Movable partition in the gaming

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Folding bed

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Mobile walls are a great way to form a flexible space for a bedroom and a living room. In this house an open playroom for children can be quickly converted into a boudoir thanks to a sliding door and a folding bed.

3. Organization of the French balcony

Bedroom with French balcony

Будуар от Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Inc.

In urban conditions, clean air and green plantings outside the window are extremely important. However, not all homeowners can equip their apartments with an open veranda or terrace.

Large sliding doors with a refined fence on the front side of the building will form a wonderful cozy corner for contemplation of the natural environment.

4. Only one bathroom?

Planning of separate and shared bathrooms

Modern layout from Buckenmeyer Architecture

Add another door so that all family members can use the shower and toilet unhindered.

In this project, there was an additional opening between the bedroom and the bathroom, which enables the spouses to pass into the shower immediately after awakening.

Glass door in the shower room

Bathroom from TRG Architects

When equipping several doors in a small bathroom, their arrangement should be carefully planned so that they do not knock on contact.

5. Use dormer windows to improve lighting

Dormer window above the stairs

Лестница от Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Low ground clearance is a significant problem for a small area. Raising a roof or adding a huge window is extremely expensive solutions for a house with a small area.

You can use in this case a small attic window, which not only transforms the home decor, but also fill the space with dazzling sunshine and natural warmth. In addition, the frame opens outward, so it will not cause problems when moving family members and guests.

6. Equip laconic furniture

Panoramic window in the kitchen

Kitchen from ThinkMakeBuild

Wall cabinets are one of the most common areas in the design of the kitchen. Too large number of such voluminous and massive structures in a confined space makes it visually smaller. Experts recommend to replace the furniture set with laconic and beautiful shelves or to equip a panoramic window.

This change can perfectly transform the dark kitchen and fill it with a dazzling sunshine.

Open shelves in the kitchen

Место для приготовления блюд от Rick & Cindy Black Architects

Excluding the top cabinets does not mean that you need to reduce storage space for dishes. Open racks are great for placing items of daily use.

In addition, these designs give the room more expressiveness and depth. In this example, the metro tile of the salad shade is perfectly combined with the wooden invoices.

We presented to your look original solutions for the transformation of the decoration of the apartments, which can create stunning conditions for a pleasant pastime and relaxation.

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