Design of a balcony: interesting ideas for finishing with a

Today the balcony is an important part of the apartment, which is designed more for recreation than storing old unnecessary things (as it was before). Therefore, the beautiful decoration and design of the balcony are very popular. The cozy and elegantly decorated balcony will look great and will increase the space of the apartment, which is necessary for small interiors. Modern design of balconies can be very diverse: from the greenhouse to the summer bedroom, from the place for morning coffee to the rest room. Next, you will find interesting ideas and photos for inspiration.

Interior decoration of the balcony: what it consists of, interesting ideas and photos

Whichever you decide to make your balcony, from the idea to its embodiment lies a long way of thinking and planning actions. To begin with, you will have to decide the main question on the design of the balcony: is there any insulation here? It depends on it whether you will use it all year round or only in the spring-summer period.

The approximate procedure for finishing the balcony is as follows: glazing, insulation (if required), waterproofing, wiring, floor installation, installation of wall and ceiling coverings, and finally, furniture installation and decoration of the balcony.

1. Glazing of balconies, lighting and wiring

The question of glazing depends on your decision: whether the balcony will be "cold" or "warm". If the balcony will be only as a rest area in the spring-summer period, then it will be enough to glaze it against precipitation and dust. If you want to use it all year round, it will be necessary to use double-glazed windows with additional thermal insulation.

The design of the balcony - glazing, insulation and decorationJust as an important part of the design of the balcony is its lighting and equipment sockets. The best option is concealed wiring (the electronic cable is laid in the wall). More simple - open wiring, where the cable is fixed to the walls with the help of fasteners. After conducting electricity, you can start work on the finish and insulation, and only after that install switches, sockets, lamps and electrical appliances.

2. Warming and waterproofing

From the quality of insulation and waterproofing, a lot depends on the design of the balcony. To begin with, it is necessary to repair all the cracks and only after that to proceed with thermal insulation, using qualitative and time-tested materials: expanded polystyrene, telex, mineral wool, styrofoam, styrodur. All the slightest gaps in the insulation must be filled with mounting foam or sealed in another way that ensures tightness.

Warming and finishing the balcony - interesting ideas with photos

3. Repair and decoration of the balcony

In the design of the balcony for interior walls it is recommended to use moisture-resistant plasterboard, wood panels (reclaimed wood or panels for a bath), plastic, stone or decorative plaster. If you decide to trim a balcony with wood, then it will need to be impregnated with moisture repellent wax or stain.

The choice of materials depends on personal preferences, the appointment of the balcony and the budget. It is wonderful when the decoration of the walls of the balcony is combined with the general interior of the apartment or room, which adjoins the balcony.

Interior finish of the balcony with wood and tiles

4. We choose furniture for decoration of the balcony

Furniture is chosen for the purpose of the balcony, but it should combine such qualities as ease, compactness and functionality. For example, you can set a narrow bar counter instead of the usual window sill and use it for inspirational breakfasts in the mornings and romantic dinners in the evenings.

Photo of a balcony with a bar counterDesign of a balcony with a bar counter - photo 2017 modern ideas

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Another interesting idea is the arrangement of a full recreation area with a corner sofa, a podium with pillows in the oriental style or stylish armchairs, as in the following photos.

Decoration of a balcony with wood paneling and furnitureThe design of the balcony in the apartment - a photo in the oriental styleFor a trendy loft-style balcony, you can even make furniture from pallets, boxes and other old things with your own hands.

Interior design of the balcony with your own hands

In addition to the recreation area, your balcony can also be a mini-gymnasium, a children's playroom or a home office.

Interior of the balcony in the apartment - home officeMaking a balcony - photo of a home office Luxurious balcony finishing - photo design luxury Unusual ideas for finishing the balcony inside

If you want to have additional storage on the balcony, then install in it a compact corner or built-in wardrobe with coupe doors. Ideas for this you will find in our article Comfortable and beautiful wardrobe on the balcony - 40 photos of different models.

5. Stylish balcony design

After the installation of furniture there is a final touch - the creation of a cozy and stylish atmosphere. To do this, you can come in handy indoor plants, floor lamps and table lamps, soft cushions, a warm carpet on the floor, shelves with books etc. A few examples of a beautiful balcony design you will see below in the photo.

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Design of small balconies in the photo

In small balconies there is not enough room, so every centimeter should be used "wisely". For lovers of flowers and coziness, you can arrange a small greenhouse on this balcony. Blinds on the windows will help you protect your small garden of flowers from direct sunlight.

Just there you can arrange a compact recreation area. For the design of a small balcony is suitable for "oriental" style. It will be necessary to simply lay out the pillows on the floor and sit straight on them. A narrow sofa or bench can also be a good way out of the situation.

Small balcony - Loft style photo design Interior of a small balcony - a selection of photosFurniture and decoration of a small balcony

Interior design of the panoramic balcony

Panoramic balcony will make your apartment not only visually larger, but also lighter. The modern design of such loggias causes slight envy due to the beautiful view of the city. And the decoration itself, as a rule, is more expensive and more refined. Designers often combine such balconies with a room and use this space to make there a comfortable and inspiring place to relax or work.

Design of a panoramic balcony inside Panoramic balcony - photo with a beautiful view Small panoramic balcony - photo of furniture and finishes

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Ideas for the design of a narrow balcony

In the Khrushchevs and some other apartment buildings there are balconies, the width of which is less than 1 meter. When designing such balconies, there is often an unused space in the end parts. There will fit perfectly high plants, mini-pantry or workshop.

What else can you do on a narrow balcony:

  • Storage space (bookshelves, built-in wardrobes);
  • Workplace;
  • Corner for reading;
  • Lounge area;
  • Tea corner;
  • Creative studio;
  • The garden is at its height.

Design of a narrow balcony with a bar counter Stylish design of a narrow balcony - photoNarrow balconies - interesting ideas for decoration on the photoHow to draw a corner of a narrow balcony

We hope that the photo with interesting ideas for finishing balconies, which we collected in this article, showed you that a small area can also be very stylish and comfortable!