The design of the living room is 18 sq.m. m - ideas and

Interior design of the living room 18 sq. M.

The 18 meter room is a space of "average size", whose design, for the future convenience and comfort of its owners, is worth thinking out thoroughly. Traditionally, this "hall" was used in Soviet apartment buildings. A similar room can easily become a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen - or combine several options at once. Dream to make a competent interior of the living room 18 sq.m., start with - for what purposes this space is allocated. Perhaps you decide to pay tribute to the classics by placing on their 18 square rooms a living room. All home holidays, meetings with relatives, friendly gatherings - usually take place here. Considering the fact that a medium-sized room needs to maximize its useful space. At the same time, without cluttering.

Classic is a semblance of medieval luxury created by modern materials. It implies the presence of stucco molding, natural stone, expensive wood and high-quality textiles in the finish. Furniture in the classics is massive, has ornate legs, decorated with carvings. Chandelier and additional lighting devices resemble antique candlesticks. The walls are decorated with paintings, in beautiful oak frames. Pictures can always be replaced with photographs from the family archive - will it be appropriate for the living room? Colors in such a design are better to choose closer to neutral, light, diluting some details with darker tones. For example, the basis of beige is chocolate color details.

Living Room Design в стиле классика Hi-tech - restrained style. The lines are simple, clear. Material: concrete, brick, metal, glass, plastic. In high-tech you can not find an abundance of shelves and other storage space, all this neatly disappears in the bowels of the room. This type of design is convenient because you do not have to hide pipes, batteries - they will complement the design solution. The color scheme is mostly cold colors. The combination of red, white, black. The lighting is bright. Black and white photographs can become a beautiful decor in this style.

Living room in loft style Eco-style - the name speaks for itself. All natural materials will converge in it. Wood, bamboo, cotton, natural stone. Objects of furniture are better to minimize, in order to create an atmosphere of coziness and space corresponding to nature. The colors are closer to natural colors - green, brown, yellow, light blue. Even white, reminiscent of the Arctic ice.

Living Room Design в стиле хай-тек Minimalism - today at the peak of popularity. Clear edges, simple materials, geometric shapes. A minimum of furniture, no pile of walls, everything is extremely simple. Shades, without additional impregnations and ornaments. Minimalism - choose practical people who do not like "creative disorder" in the room. Kitsch - love all the extraordinary, bright, flashy? Then this is your style. Mix of different textures, colors, details. Exaggerated design combines not combined. Furniture is absolutely different. A modern sofa and a wardrobe from a great-grandfather can easily become a tandem of kitsch. Abundance of decor elements, a mixture of the most vigorous colors. Lime, purple, pink. Such an interior will be to the liking of courageous, cheerful people.

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Minimalism in the living room

Living Room Design

So, you have decided that the 18-meter room will become the center of the apartment, that is, its living room. Decided on the general mood (style). Now we need to consider important details. There are rules for the design of a similar room:

  • Any cozy rectangular living room has several zones: a home theater (TV) area, a reception area, a recreation area.
  • In the living room should be a central place - a TV, a table, a fireplace, it's up to you.
  • Using mirrors, reflective surfaces will make the room more visually.
  • If possible, plan space making it spacious.

A compact arrangement of furniture in the living room


Living Room Design 18 кв. м. располагает к приобретению многофункциональной мебели. Это актуально, когда необходимо больше места для хозяев квартиры и гостей, а хранить вещи (например, в однокомнатном доме) тоже где-то надо. Furniture выбирайте практичную, светлая должна легко поддаваться чистке. Раздвижные диван и кресла. Шкаф с отсеками, или встроенные в стену полочки. Стол с потайным ящиком. Возможно, вписать в интерьер комод. Разместив, под телевизором (эта зона все равно пустует, конечно, если Вы не решись соорудить там камин). Главное, чтобы комод вписывался в выбранный стиль. Но, если в квартире есть еще комнаты, лучше освободить гостиную от лишних нагромождений.

Expensive interior design of the living room


Ceiling уже давно не просто беленый квадрат над головой. Варианты отделки настолько разнообразны, что потолок является полноценной частью интерьера. Можно использовать деревянные балки, гипсокартонные многоуровневые сооружения, натяжные потолки: матовые, однотонные, цветные и глянцевые ( к слову, об отражающих поверхностях мы говорили выше). Для квадратных комнат с низким потолком выбирайте минимализм (покраска, плитка или обои для потолка). Там где высота позволяет, подойдут, любые перечисленные выше способы. Помимо центральной люстры освещение гостиной дополните подсветкой отдельных зон. Торшеры, бра и прочее. Интересно впишется сюда диско-освещение, это для любителей устраивать вечеринки прямо у себя дома.

White matte ceiling will expand the room


The best color options for a small room will be light colors. Visually, they will increase the size of the room. It is located in a bright room where it is more useful, for our psyche, psychologists say. The combination of several shades of the same color is laconic. From milk to chocolate, from sky-blue to blue, from light ashy to gray. The main color for such a smooth transition choose - the lightest. Dark, diluting details. If you prefer dark colors and can not do anything about it, stop at light furniture and textiles. The walls of the living room are decorated with paintings, photographs, panels.

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Living room in classic style with gold finish, ceiling ornament

When to choose

What if, a room of 18 meters, should accommodate the functionality of two rooms at once. As a living room, for example, she has to combine business with pleasure. Comfort of the guest room and comfort of the sleeping place. Therefore, the main principle in the "double" interior will be zoning. Zoning is a reception whose name speaks for itself. By zoning, the total area is divided into separate segments (zones). In the bedroom you will need to create a recreation area, a working area, a guest area. Separation of the room into separate components using color, will no longer be appropriate. Therefore, as a sleeping place, it must be solitary - it should be separated from the total area. Do it on a small footage, the task is complicated, but everything is possible. Zoning the room will help:

Drywall constructionsThey separate the sleeping place, you can make small windows in them, after decorating with books, statuettes, photos. The septum is better to be easy.
ScreensThe design we inherited from boudoir style, easy and easily moving (choose a screen for the style of the room).
CurtainsMounted directly to the ceiling, on a special mount. They can always be pushed / pushed.

Working area - it is more correct to place it at the window. The table is chosen having boxes and shelves, for storing books, disks, cosmetics, various trifles. Textiles for windows fit light, letting the optimum amount of light.

Living Room Design 18 кв. м. совмещенная со спальней


In addition to a bed, a table, a sofa, the following furniture is useful:

  • A small table, bedside tables;
  • Floors;
  • Soft pouf;
  • Closet.

Floor, walls, ceiling

Напольное покрытие, как и отделку стен и потолка выбирайте в зависимости от общего стиля гостиной спальни. Пол делайте теплый, чтобы ходить по нему босыми ногами было комфортно. Ceiling лучше простой. Белого цвета. Вместе с освещением он будет создавать ощущение простора. Walls не завешивайте сильно, чтобы пространство комнаты было уютным и не ляпистым.

Living Room Design с кожаной мебелью и камином


Pay close attention to lighting. It is clear that the recreation area is designed to appease and reassure. Here the light is muffled. A pair of spotlights is enough. At the bed put the floor lamp, suddenly you want to read before going to bed. The main living area of ​​the bedroom is naturally lighter. Chandelier, supplemented by other elements of light. On the desktop, the lamp is adjustable in height (the correct position when writing is below the eye level). Ideally, if the lighting will work in several modes.

Nice living room lighting

Colourовая палитра

Как описано выше, лучше играть с оттенками одного цвета. Либо сочетать их грамотно. Colour спального места, может отличаться от основного. Ни кто не запрещает Вам делать контрастные детали (яркую стену, декор, текстиль). Главное, во всем чтить лаконичность и завершенность. Принцип остается тем же, комната не больших размеров — нуждается в выборе светлых тонов. Лучшие сочетания цветов для гостиной спальни:

  1. Beige in combination with coffee, gold.
  2. Light gray with orange, pink, black.
  3. Green with white, brown, yellow.
  4. Lilac with pearly, sand.
  5. Purple with orange, white, pink.
  6. White with red, black, gold.
  7. Blue with white, beige, yellow.
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Miracles of the layout

It happens that on 18 square. m. It is necessary to put together, apparently, not connected. Living room and kitchen. Be patient. This advice will help the advice of these gurus of design fantasy. Familiar zoning to us - will become a wand-zashchalochko and here. Separation of the kitchen area from the rest zone - will improve the quality of stay in the living room kitchen. It is better to draw a rough plan of the room in advance. After determining what percentage is better to give under the kitchen, and what under the living room.

Living Room Design совмещенной с кухней


Furnitureный гарнитур подбирайте схожим по стилю мебели всей гостиной. Располагайте мебель, по возможности экономя пространство. Специалисты советуют, выбирая мебель отталкиваться от следующих параметров:

  • Materials must withstand moisture, be easily rubbed.
  • The ergonomics of furniture is important.
  • Preferably the purchase of furniture - a type of transformer. You must move around the room freely.

Separate the space can be a bar, a partition, a floor of different levels, a dining table or a sofa. Stick to the U-shaped or L-shaped arrangement of furniture.

Spotlights in the living room

All About Color

An interesting way to diversify the living room, combined with the kitchen - creating a color contrast between them. It all depends on the style originally selected. Have stopped the choice of high-tech - use rich, contrasting hues. The room is white, the kitchen is blue. Eco-style - mix natural colors - beige hall, green kitchen.


Wall decoration can be done using paint, wallpaper, natural lining, stone. Decorate the walls with mirrors. To make the floor better quality parquet, laminate. For kitchen walls and floor tiles will do. In the design of mixed rooms it is better to resort to a simple ceiling, light color.

Standard living room design

Let there be light

Lighting кухни гостиной делайте несколько уровневым, как и для гостиной спальни. Кухонные гарнитуры часто оснащены встроенными светильниками. Это удобно, когда вы стоите у плиты, сели поужинать за стол, а гостиную не используете. В комнате используйте стандартное освещение. Основную лампу лучше не вешать между гостиной и кухней. Разместите ее над зоной отдыха всей Вашей семьи. Дополните комнату стильными торшерами. Интересными деталями. Красивым текстилем.