Design of a modern room with a loggia +50 photo of interiors

Room design with a loggia

With the appearance of fashion in the studio, more and more often owners of standard apartments are beginning to rebuild their homes and turn them into a sort of combined version. The victims are brought balconies and loggias, which, as a rule, do not have a clear functional purpose. By becoming a continuation of the apartment, these (not always, by the way, tiny) rooms become working rooms, gyms, dining rooms, libraries, miniature gardens and recreation areas. The design of a room with a loggia is developed depending on the needs of the owners: what kind of playground they need, they also equip. The transformation of a "cold" balcony into a residential zone is a long process, coupled with a number of difficulties, the first of which is the project of dismantling the partition and its subsequent coordination. Let's talk in more detail about how from the abode of broken skis and three-liter cans make a brand new stylish room.

Disadvantages of connecting the balcony with the room

If you decide to combine a room with a loggia, it's worth it to be ready and to certain difficulties. Of the shortcomings, only a couple of aspects are singled out, the first of which does not always appear:

  • Penetration of cold in the apartment in the winter. This nuance is possible only in conditions of poor thermal insulation, when its installation was carried out in violation of generally accepted rules;
  • Additional spending, which will involve labor-intensive repairs. Expenses will increase even more if you will remodel a cold balcony without windows and with a lattice instead of parapets;
  • The danger of violation of the integrity of the construction of the apartment and high fines in the independent demolition of the window unit without resorting to the housing inspection.

Large living room in apartment

Unfortunately, combining the balcony with the room only partially meets the need of owners in additional meters: the space for mastering is usually too small. For this reason, sooner or later it will be necessary to think about buying more spacious housing.

The alignment process

Стоит заранее себя подготовить к трудоемкой работе, так как этот вид ремонта отличается от простой отделки «коробки» комнаты и имеет ряд нюансов. The alignment process делят на несколько этапов:

  • Demolition of the balcony partition (window sill);
  • Carrying out the warming of the loggia or balcony, so that the "climate" in the premises is not different;
  • Finishing.
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The first stage will be the most time-consuming and before you combine the premises, it is necessary to clarify information about the features of the apartment and the entire apartment building, as in some designs it is not worthwhile to touch the window unit.

Dismantling the partition

Demolition of the partition is in most cases allowed, but the so-called "threshold" - an elevation above the floor in the doorway of the balcony, should not be touched. In monolithic and brick houses, its dismantling is permitted. But in some series of panel buildings (the P-44T series, for example) it has a balcony slab. A small "threshold" is capable of provoking a real collapse.

Zoning the room

The result of the dismantling may be the collapse of your balcony and damage to neighboring ones. In addition, this "threshold" also performs heat insulation function, and all the cold air accumulates under it. It is also forbidden to dismantle parts of the wall that are outside the window-door "kit". In particular, this applies to the overhead excavation, since it is also part of the supporting structure. The next controversial point is the heating battery, which is installed by default under the window. Many people practice its transfer to the balcony itself, which is contrary to the building codes: radiators outside the premises are not carried.

Bedroom in apartment Cabinet in the loggia  Expanding space in the room  Loggia in the hall  Balcony decoration in the living room  Childrens with balcony

Do not experiment with the installation of warm floors of any type. Before the demolition of the partition, it is necessary to prepare a draft redevelopment and obtain a technical conclusion, after which the documentation must necessarily pass the approval procedure in the housing inspection. If you are not a qualified builder, then you should not take this work for yourself. It is cheaper and calmer to turn to a team of professionals who will perform everything quickly and efficiently.


Warm the balcony in two ways:

  • External (external). Used rarely, because it requires coordination with organizations that oversee the appearance of buildings. Especially these nuances pay attention if the dwelling house is part of the architectural composition;
  • Interior. A common option, in which all work can be done independently.

Luxurious living room design

Сначала помещение полностью освобождают от мебели и прочих вещей, которые в нем хранились ранее. Затем проводят тщательное исследование стен на наличие трещин, которые необходимо либо зацементировать, либо покрыть монтажной пеной. Особое внимание уделяют стыку с парапетом. Warming начинают с пола, стен и заканчивают потолком. Поверхности перед проведением основных работ обязательно выравнивают. Затем приступают к гидроизоляции. Чаще используют специальную грунтовку, которая глубоко проникает в бетонные «поры». Если в качестве утеплителя выбрана минеральная вата, то применяют гидроизоляционную пленку. Среди многообразия материалов отмечают:

  • Styrofoam. Refers to the most budgetary options;
  • Styrofoam. Durable, non-flammable material;
  • Mineral wool. Its use will require the installation of a special frame;
  • Penofol. Often used in combination with other heaters;
  • Polyurethane foam. "Liquid" heater, which is sprayed over the surface. Good because it allows you to adjust the thickness of the layer;
  • Expanded clay. It is used only for warming the floor, due to the porous structure it does an excellent job with the main task.
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Modern bedroom in the apartment

Ways of warming only two:

  • Wireframe. "Eat" extra centimeters, but without it you can not do with the use of "soft" heaters;
  • Frameless. It is used for the installation of rigid materials that do not need additional "support".

The frame is made of wooden or metal slats. The latter material is preferable, since it provides the construction with durability. From above it is closed with drywall sheets, joints are sealed, after which the surface is shpatlyuyut. After carrying out the work on the insulation proceed to finish the room.

The fire escape is a special issue. Unfortunately, according to the legislation, it is impossible to dismantle this house structure and close the hatch tightly with something. For such actions, you can pay not only in the figurative sense of the word. In houses of a new type, stairs are not installed, but in "sockets" they are still encountered.

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Naturally, most owners cut them off, and hatches are brewed. Establish this fact representatives of fire supervision (the subsidiary structure of the Ministry of Emergency Situations) after a personal visit to your apartment. Provoke a visit may be an accident, a planned detour, a neighbor complaint or a fire, from which the neighbors can not escape from above, as the hatches on your balcony were welded. For this reason, what to do with the ladder, everyone decides for himself, but the degree of responsibility must be fully realized.

Finishing Features

For combined options, the finishing materials are chosen from the same variety as for conventional repairs. The only nuance is their ease. To avoid unnecessary weighting of the balcony, do not recommend using frame structures that create an additional load, or a natural stone, a brick, an array of wood.

Decor of a loggia Saving space in the apartment  Designer Loggia  Cozy room  Child in the loggia  Spectacular bedroom decor

Preference is given to:

  • To the paint. Budget option, which will require regular updates;
  • Plaster. Allows you to create a complex surface relief;
  • The wallpaper. With the help of a rich assortment, you can choose the color range and the original pattern;
  • Plastic panels. For mounting it is desirable to use an adhesive method;
  • Wooden lining. A simple and slightly "bored" way, which easily fits into the rural motives of the interior.

Dressing table on the balcony

For finishing the ceiling use paint, plaster and tile-PVC. For a floor the laminate, a parquet board, linoleum or kovrolin in more simple variants will approach. The latter will require regular maintenance, as the material accumulates deposits of dust.

Design of rooms with a loggia

The decoration of the balcony zone, perhaps, is the most pleasant process in this construction and repair canvass. Owners will have to think over the design of the new premises, which will fit organically into the stylistic picture of the room integrated with it. Taking into account the requirements for dismantling the partition, the "natural" zoning of the space along the edge of the former door and window openings will remain, it simply needs to be "polished" and supplemented. More popular are mobile partitions or light curtains, which can be easily removed if necessary. "Pillows" and the frame above the frame are decorated for an artificial design that was created for the relief of the ceiling and floor, or properly masked.

Spacious kitchen

Bedroom and loggia

Real salvation for a small bedroom will be combining with the loggia. If the room can only accommodate a bed and a cabinet with a cabinet, then even a small extra space will give the owners the opportunity to equip an additional cozy corner.

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On the balcony form a mini dressing room, a green garden, a ladies' boudoir with a high mirror and a pair of soft pouffes. If the internal clock of the room's owners goes unraveled (one sleeps at night and the other works or reads), then the loggia is the best place to set up a study or home library. By the way, to design a room with shelves for storage, you can use that same fire ladder, which will seamlessly fit into the design of the cabinet or rack.

Design of a glazed balcony

Additional meters in the living room

In small living rooms the balcony can become a separate functional area for the reception of guests. It's not just about a cozy sofa and a coffee table for gatherings, but also about a mini-cinema or a full-fledged dining area. If the apartment has a small kitchen, and guests have to huddle at a small dining table, then it's time to think about a separate area for eating. In the long and elongated balconies set a narrow countertop at the window, along which the chairs are arranged. In the same room, you can equip a small sports hall, if the owners are watching for physical health. Overall simulators certainly will not fit, but the treadmill, punching bag, thrust and bar will organically join the new premises.

Additional meters in the living room

Design kitchens with loggia

Kitchens are more often than other rooms combined with balconies. The option of installing a bar rack is popular. It simultaneously serves as a delimiter for two rooms and gives the room a touch of chic. Because of the complex kitchen microclimate, not every functional area will survive the neighborhood with it. Green garden - the dream of the mistress will have to be made exclusively from heat-loving indoor plants, preferably tropical species that will withstand high temperatures and high humidity. It is not recommended to use a large amount of textiles in the furnishings of the balcony, as it will absorb odors, and regular cleaning will become an extra household concern. The best option is to install a "shop" or a pair of chairs around a low table. To "soften" the situation using decorative pads. They are easy to wash if necessary. On this balcony, the hostess will be able to drink tea and relax in the breaks between household chores and cooking.

Kitchen with loggia Arch in the kitchen  Modern kitchen  Loft style kitchen  Classical cuisine  Modern kitchen в квартире

Window and door decoration

The place where the door used to be is usually curtained with light curtains. If the sill was repaired during the repair, it would be converted to a seating position or countertop. An empty window opening can be filled with shelves in the manner of the rack. They place books or decorative small things. If the window sill became a bar counter, then a special pole is attached to it, the top of which supports a shelf for glasses. Decorate the opening can be a series of lamps of the same type, a number of which will hang low over the working area.

Functional loggia Contemporary decor  Bright lighting in the bedroom  Design renovation in the kitchen  Large kitchen in the house  Bright bedroom decor


To unite two rooms, completely different in terms of function and microclimate, first of all, it is necessary to smooth out their differences. The main goal of any repair will be the creation of an integral "box", and design - a single stylistic picture in it. For owners of small apartments, this option becomes the only salvation from crowdedness and scarcity of space.