Design of a small balcony +75 photo examples of an interior

Design of a small balcony

Home comfort should reign in every corner of the apartment. Loggia is by no means an exception: even such a small area can be turned into a desired oasis of relaxation, an irreplaceable study, a small greenhouse or a comfortable recreation area in the company of friends. The carefully designed design of the small balcony allows ergonomically to place furniture and create a unique stylized room.

  1. The glazing of the small balcony will cost much less. If there is no desire to save money, you can choose the huge windows that will open a magnificent panoramic view. For a large balcony, such a project will cost a huge amount of money, and additional heating of the area will require serious expenses in the winter.
  2. Compact balconies are practical in terms of maintaining cleanliness.
  3. Warming and arrangement of a small loggia is a relatively inexpensive pleasure, because for a modern repair of a space that is so fast in space, less building materials will be needed.
  4. Designing a design in a small room is much easier than on a large area. The purchase of a small amount of decor will also not be costly.

Lamp over the couch on a small balcony Blinds on windows  Stone on the walls  Outboard chair on the balcony  Signs on the walls  Paintings with illumination on the balcony

With what to begin arrangement of a modern balcony

If the balcony is not yet glazed, first of all it is worth considering about this very issue. The closed balcony significantly reduces heat loss throughout the apartment, reduces the amount of street dust in the house and permanently solves the problem of harvesting natural precipitation.

If the glazing has already been made, take care of ordering and getting rid of old or unnecessary things that so often find a place in this part of the apartment.

Check the condition of the balcony plate. Pay attention to the ceiling, because the balcony plate neighbors can also require reinforcement.

Modern interior of a small balcony

If there are no lights and sockets in the loggia, deal with the wiring issue before the finishing works. Electrification of the balcony is necessary: ​​even if you do not plan to equip this space for a private office, the sockets may be useful both for the work of the heater and for recharging the phone.

After all the preparatory work, you can do a design project for the interior of a small balcony and make a preliminary estimate. Finishing work can be done with your own hands or invite professional builders.

Room tangerine on the dresser  Shelves above the table  Decorative fireplace on the balcony  Wallpapers on the walls  Flowers on the mirror wall

Important point of insulation and glazing of the balcony

Quality windows and proper installation - a pledge of heat, not only in the loggia, but in the entire apartment. Glazing, as well as the development of its project, it is better to entrust specialists who will be able to pick up the necessary profile and provide all information about the types of suitable insulating glass. Those who gravitate toward natural materials can install wooden frames.

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Installation of warm floors is a great way to save on heating the balcony. Modern electrical systems for floor insulation consume less energy than conventional heaters, equipped with thermostats for temperature control and timers, which allow heating to be switched on automatically only when necessary. Thanks to a small area, installing a warm floor on the balcony will not be too costly.

Glazing of a small balcony

Do not forget about the insulation of the ceilings. The most budgetary option is mineral wool, which will also improve the noise insulation of the room. The voids between the slab and the crate can become a hotbed of fungus and mold, so do not skimp on the amount of insulation.

Telescope at the window

Stylistic directions, relevant on balconies

The most popular and sought-after interior styles for balconies are the loft, Provence and its kind of country.

Balcony with modern design

Provençal motifs will please romantic people and fans of vintage. Light translucent curtains with floral prints, wooden furniture with a patina effect, ceramic flower pots with French-style designs will easily convey the spirit of a playful and laid-back Provence.

The interior in the style of Provence

Loft like those who do not like surplus in the interior and does not plan to allocate a large amount of money for finishing the balcony. To recreate the lofty atmosphere, it is sufficient to choose two dominant hues. In these colors, you need to paint the walls, pick up the curtains and floor covering in tone. The loft is in the details: stylized fixtures, a couple of funny pictures, a carpet with a long nap and compact pallet furniture that can be made with your own hands, will help to complete the design of a small balcony.

Loft style balcony

Country is simply created for those who do not represent the interior without products made of wood. You can make a design idea with the help of furniture and decoration materials. Wood boards and boards are perfectly suitable for this purpose.

Balcony in country style

Color palette for a small loggia

Small rooms - hostages of light color scale. When designing the future interior design, pay attention to the pastel palette and the noble gray color. To diversify the decoration, add vivid accents in the form of paintings, original shelves, large plants in large flowerpots.

An interesting solution may be painting the wall through a stencil or a special wall sticker. Such a pattern can become the center of the composition and diversify the monophonic surface, adding a "zest" to it.

Bright color palette in the interior of a small balcony

It is possible to emphasize the interior design with the help of lighting. Diode tapes with several color modes will create both a romantic and festive atmosphere.

The contrast of light and dark is another unbeatable version of the color palette for a small loggia. And the presence of horizontal lines makes it possible to visually increase the space of a narrow balcony without much effort and expense.

Furniture in a classic style in the interior  Green cushions on a wooden wall  Yellow-green walls  Wooden shelves on the wall  Wall for brick on balcony

Interesting design of balcony rooms

The originality of modern house design largely depends on the decor and furniture. One nontrivial object can set a style direction and become the basis of the interior concept.

Unusual furniture is the first thing you should pay attention to. Ottoman with a pallet frame, seat-bags, hanging cocoon chairs and even a swing - all these interior items will find a place even on the smallest balcony of up to three square meters.

Interesting design of a small balcony with a tile under the stone on the wall

Floor lamps and lamps - another way to diversify the decoration of the balcony with benefit. You can make a lot of sconces yourself from improvised materials. For example, chandeliers from wine bottles are very popular.

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The original shelves make it possible not only to store all the necessary things at hand, but also organically supplement the interior of the loggia. It is interesting to see a wooden lath-frame for hanging flower pots, in which ampel ornamental plants, for example, chlorophytum, look very aesthetically.

Wall-papers on a wall  The tree on the windowsill  The table was made between chairs  Children's on the balcony  Niche with shelves in the wall

Furniture for a small space

The choice of furniture for a compact balcony depends solely on the intended purpose of the room:

  • when arranging the loggia as a working cabinet, one can not do without a written or computer table;
  • lovers of reading in the fresh air should buy a small bookshelf or a newspaper;
  • soft armchairs, a small table or a narrow bar stand are indispensable for dining and relaxing with friends;
  • for needlewomen it is necessary to provide an integrated organizer for materials for creativity;
  • If the balcony is a storage area, you need to choose a convenient wardrobe

Furniture made of wood on a small balcony

A narrow balcony causes a lot of inconvenience when searching for furniture of the required size. If the desired object of the interior has completely non-standard dimensions, it is worthwhile to contact the company, which makes furniture according to the order according to the sizes voiced by the client.

Table top made of logs  Carpet of sacking on the floor  Black closet on the balcony  Chandelier over the table  Shelves with books near the wall

Logging Options

You can arrange a balcony not only in a certain style, for example, oriental or high-tech. Loggia can become not just another beautiful room: the functionality of the interior allows you to turn even a limited area of ​​the apartment into a full-fledged zone of a certain purpose.

Decoration of a loggia with brick walls

Rest zone

A small balcony can easily turn into a real place to relax. Soft comfortable ottoman, which you can do with your own hands, will be the best solution for a limited space.

If the width of the balcony allows, instead of the ottoman on the balcony, you can place a folding chair. In the warm season it can be used as an extra bed.

Rest zone на маленьком балконе

Also on the balcony you can install a hammock, in which it is so nice to relax after a busy day. The hammock is attractive for easy installation: if desired, it can be removed at any time and use the space in a different way.

With the arrangement of the balcony, lighting plays a special role as a recreation area. Stop the choice on lamps and floor lamps, allowing to adjust brightness of light. Thanks to this option, any of the households can create a calming atmosphere.

Blue sofa in the corner  Flashlights under the ceiling  Divan on the balconies  Bed with shelf  Bright picture on the wall


The design of the office on the balcony is the best solution for those who work at home. Arrange the loggia depending on the type of activity. But without a computer or a desk you can not do without a mini-cabinet. A small table of non-standard sizes can be ordered in a private furniture studio.

Study на маленьком балконе

Proper lighting is particularly important in occupational health. The undeniable advantage of the balcony is the abundance of natural light. But do not forget about the additional table lamp, which will be a real rescue in the gloomy gloomy weather.

Photos in frames on the table

Thinking over the design of the balcony-cabinet, do not forget about the shelves and compact pendant modules. In hollow niches it is convenient to store the office, directories necessary for work, and documents that should always be at hand. Under one of the windows you can add a narrow bar counter or a folding table, behind which you can have a snack during the break.

Laminate on the walls  Shelf above the desk  Wall under the brick in the office  Ship on shelf  Wallpaper stripes in the interior

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Storage Area

Unload the apartment, freeing it from things that are rarely used, you can use the balcony. A built-in wardrobe with shelves or a niche will help to hide tools, small household appliances and boxes from it from prying eyes.

Storage Area на маленьком балконе

In the loggia you can provide a separate cabinet for household chemicals or building materials, in which you can store washing powders, detergents for various surfaces, fertilizers for flowers, varnishes, paints, etc. Inhalation of particles of cleaning powders and vapors of finishing materials can adversely affect the health and cause allergies. Accommodation of household chemicals on a permanently ventilated balcony will protect homeowners and prevent the development of diseases.

Also, the balcony helps to partially empty the space in the kitchen. In the loggia you can move part of the food stocks of groceries, conservation, vegetables and fruits.

While on the floor by the wall  Locker on the balcony  Interior with yellow furniture  Flowers on the shelf  Shelves over the sofa

Greenhouse on a closed balcony

Open balcony can be used exclusively for growing seasonal photophilous plants. A glazed room can be turned into a real winter garden. The presence of warm floors will help to grow flowers in an improvised greenhouse, even when a duet of blizzard and a hard frost is raging outside the window.

The choice of plants that can be placed on the balcony is large enough. Moreover, it is here, in the cool, the flowers that are difficult to be bred in an apartment during the heating season will feel great. For example, luxurious azaleas bushes do not tolerate hot air and very quickly drop both leaves and flowers. Loggia with its relatively low temperature will be a real paradise for this moody plant.

Greenhouse on a closed balcony

On the balcony, the orchids will also feel great. To form a peduncle, these plants need a day and night temperature difference, which is easy to achieve in a closed balcony.

In winter, flowers may need additional lighting. Therefore, it is appropriate to place economical phytolamps, which will provide plants with light of a certain spectrum, which stimulates flowering and full vegetation.

Flowers on the wall  Window sill with flower pots  Chair and table in the conservatory  Shelves with flowers  Rest zone в цветнике

A cozy place where you can drink coffee

The small balcony of the old brick house is an ideal place for a morning cup of coffee or a romantic dinner with a loved one. To arrange a place for a meal, choose a compact furniture set, for example, from rattan.

Place for coffee on a small balcony

You can skip a cup of tea on a miniature wooden bench. For convenience, place on it soft cushions that will help supplement the interior of the balcony.

A small table and chairs by the window

The folding table will also be the best solution in a confined space. The presence of an additional window sill along the perimeter of the balcony can serve as an improvised bar counter. Also for breakfast, folding tables are suitable, which practically do not take up space in the folded form.

Decor of light bulbs

Voluminous armchairs-bags - a great alternative to sofas. They like lovers to smoke hookah in a close company of close friends.

Pots on the wall  Refrigerator on the balcony  Hookah on the table  Bench and table made of wood  Bamboo enclosure


The original design of the small balcony will help complete the overall interior concept of the entire apartment. Whatever ideas are visited by the owners of housing, they can always be implemented even in conditions of limited space. Modern materials and decor elements make it possible to realize even the most daring solutions and create a unique style that will bring comfort and coziness to your home.

Ceramic tiles on the floor of a small balcony  Palma at the sofa  Aquarium on the balcony  MDF panels for wood on walls  Wallpapers with nature in the interior