Design of a narrow kitchen - tips and examples

All about the narrow kitchen

If at the disposal of the family there was a kitchen premise, which can not be called close to a square, but is easier to characterize as a long and elongated one, then there is a need to develop such a design of a narrow kitchen in the repair, so that it is convenient for the person in charge of cooking to work there and the rest to gather at the table and receive pleasure from communication. When designing, you should take into account all the norms of ergonomics, provide for the location of necessary household appliances, cabinets, work surfaces, and by means of design expand the space and make it harmonious.

U-shaped kitchen

Also, a narrow kitchen can be designed for a house where the family has breakfast, lunch and dinner in a separate dining room, and the kitchen is purely utilitarian, used only for cooking (often prepared not by the hostess but by hired staff).

Narrow kitchen in white color

Meeting planning options:

  • Rectangle with a window and a door on opposite end walls.
  • Rectangle with a window and a door on opposite elongated walls (a large window, a door in the center).
  • A rectangular room with a window located in the upper part of the elongated wall (Baltic, Scandinavian house designs) and a kitchen door, displaced closer to one of the corners.
  • Rectangle with access to the balcony at the end and doorway on the adjoining wall.
  • Very narrow room (1.5-1.8 m), endowed with a small window.
  • A pencil box without windows, adjacent to the dining room, separated by a door or decorated with an open doorway.

Rectangular kitchen

Variants of furniture arrangement at various schedules

When the door is located opposite the window at the end and the length of the kitchen area, the most optimal reception of the design of a narrow kitchen will be a transverse division of space into two zones - working and dining. The project of a zone of preparation of food is a parallel variant of accommodation of a kitchen set. The passage left between the working lines should allow you to move during the cooking along the route "fridge - sink - stove - countertop" and be sufficient to ensure a free opening of the oven door, convenient use of floor cabinets, retractable drawers.

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Natural stone on the table top and apron

If the kitchen area is stretched in width, and not in length, the main wall is occupied by a window, and the door is in the middle of the opposite wall, then the area near the window is to be given to the dining room group, and the narrow ends are occupied by working surfaces with machinery. One side will contain a refrigerator and a sink, connected by a work top, the other - a plate with a surface for preparation of products. This method allows you to adjust the elongation of the room, making the space close to the harmonious rectangle.

Outfitted kitchen

If the window opening cuts the upper part of the wall (the third variant of the layout), the space under it can be occupied by the worktop, cutting into it the sink, the hob, and place the low refrigerator below. The dining area should be given a blind corner, providing good local lighting, and on the wall in front of the window, hang small kitchen cabinets of a small depth up to the ceiling, having arranged a large space for storing kitchen utensils.

A narrow but roomy kitchen

When designing the design of a narrow kitchen, pay special attention to the handles of kitchen cabinets. Far-reaching details, staples with sharp corners can be traumatic. It is better to use rounded elements or "click-clack" technology (the way to open doors with a simple click).

Long kitchen with dining area

Inconvenient layout - the ability to apply imagination

The last three of the above layout options can be described as "minimal kitchens by area". They are less common, and it is more difficult to equip them to ensure ease of use.

A narrow blue kitchen

The kitchen, which has a balcony, practically does not leave room for a full-scale dining and working area. However, having built a surface along a long wall and having brought it under a window (combining it with a window sill), you will get enough space for your culinary experiments.

Kitchen on opposite walls

Directly near the entrance door it is better to use floor cupboards of reduced depth for convenient movement around the kitchen. The dining table of this variant can be rolled out perpendicularly from under the countertop, provide for lifting the panel that closes the lower kitchen module, or mount a folding wall table on the opposite wall. The mobile dining room will be complemented by comfortable folding chairs.

A set on the walls of each other against each other

During the cooking process (moving along the table top), the chairs are folded and hung on wall-mounted decorative hooks to eliminate any possible inconvenience, or slide into a special niche under the work surface.

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Modern kitchen design

A very narrow kitchen space (less than 2 m wide) implies a one-line arrangement of a kitchen set, a folding dining furniture. To reduce the width of the countertop, you should use mini-format home appliances, kitchen modules of reduced size.

Linear placement of furniture in the kitchen

Kitchen-pencil involves only the working process of cooking. At its arrangement it is offered:

  • U-shaped arrangement of a furniture set or a G-variant;
  • a small width of the "pencil case" dictates the use of cabinets of reduced depth along the longitudinal walls;
  • full-format household appliances fills the end of the kitchen or goes along one of the walls (L-shaped method of arranging furniture is preferable).

Narrow kitchen with bay window

Large extended kitchen

A similar room of a large area is found in country houses, where the kitchen-dining area is allocated a part comparable to the scale of the living room.

Stretched rectangular kitchen

Techniques of design of a narrow three-dimensional kitchen assume:

  • Separation of the room into a cooking zone (U-shape with open space inside for freedom of movement) and a dining area (with sliding windows on the floor facing the garden or framing a beautiful view).
  • The device along the walls of two parallel lines - one (deaf) to house the kitchen set and the necessary equipment, the second (with windows along the entire wall) for installation below the window of a long snack table (the option implies having a separate dining room).
  • The device is perpendicular to the long wall between the windows of the kitchen peninsula of great width, which is prominent inside the room. Furniture, household appliances are arranged in the form of an unfinished letter "P" on free walls. The remaining square of the square is used as a breakfast corner or a resting place (it is possible to place a separate table with chairs or a set with sofa benches).

Narrow kitchen with window near the sink

Making a narrow space: choosing colors, textures, decor

Choosing a color solution for a small, elongated space should adhere to the axiom "white - extends, dark - reduces". Monochrome kitchen does not make it boring, you can add moods by including a few bright accents, the main thing is to follow the measure and the rule of brevity: "If you can do without something - it's better to do without it".

Purple kitchen with wood

Vertical surfaces (walls, furniture, apron)The most successful for walls is the use of light tones

In the variant "all white" furniture dissolves in the walls, plays with them the role of one whole

Against the background of light walls harmoniously look painted kitchen facades (light green, blue, sand, peach)

For the apron, reflective materials can be used - glossy tiles, chrome plated, glass

Horizontal surfaces (floor, countertop)The floor can be either dark or light

When choosing a floor covering, you should take into account its tonal combination with the table top

Features of the decor of window openingsThe dark window frame on the background of light walls becomes invisible, does not require textiles

Instead of the usual curtains that reduce space, it is more practical to install roll curtains

A window sill is a place for a beautiful flower or aromatic greens, plants will revive the kitchen, make it cozy

Narrow kitchen with dining area by the window

The interior of a narrow kitchen should be thought out, to combine only the most necessary, excluding crushing space with small elements. Filling the shelves of the headset with collections of miniature objects of various colors, the use of alternating colorful decorative spots, bright geometric ornaments will be inappropriate, the room will become even more compressed. If the walls are provided with the installation of open shelves, then it is better to put one-color sets of tableware or a serving glass of uniform shape.

A long kitchen with a black table top

Good lighting will make the kitchen more spacious

Small, narrow kitchens, besides the limited useful area, usually have one more serious drawback - low natural illumination, especially if the window is at the end of the room. In this case, when designing the design of a narrow kitchen, it is necessary to carefully work out the placement of lighting devices, pay great attention to the good illumination of the working area. Sufficient light is a visual expansion of the room volume, convenience of the hostess, guaranteed absence of minor domestic injuries.

Laminated kitchen with half

The overall lighting plan includes:

  • illumination of the working area;
  • internal illumination of the space of the upper kitchen cabinets;
  • common top lighting;
  • local lighting of the dining area (a ceiling ceiling or a wall-mounted wall lamp falling over the table).

Embossed tile on apron

The last point is very important - good lighting of the table, where the family dinner is taking place, gives the home atmosphere a piece of bright sun, fills it with warmth and comfort. In addition, psychologists assure - well-lit food looks more attractive, awakens appetite, disappears better from dishes.

Kitchen with cupboard for dishes

When decorating a limited room or choosing a luminaire, do not get carried away with defiant details, it is better to choose the design of a calm style.

Dining area with a sofa by the window

Several transparent hanging ceiling lamps, as an option for top lighting, will perfectly perform the necessary function, will give a modern accent to the interior of the narrow kitchen, but will not burden a small space. Particularly interesting on the general background can look large bulbs Ilyich "or techno-lamps.

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