French balcony - 40 photos of modern design

Quite often nowadays one can see buildings, the facade of which is adorned with one of the most beautiful design decisions - a French balcony. Basically, only such facades of private houses could boast of such an original design. But, after some time, the merits of such design were evaluated and used already in new buildings. To date, you can find a neatly decorated French balcony in both Khrushchev and multi-storey buildings. Consider what a similar design is and how it has the characteristics, having managed to gain great popularity.

French balcony: what is it?

A modern French balcony, the photo of which can be seen in the article, implies a continuous glazing of the panoramic window from ceiling to floor, installed on a concrete base. For its construction, a frame made of aluminum and metal-plastic profiles is used, and the lower part, as a rule, is made using matte glass or with a mirror film, less often plastic. The design of the French balcony does not imply the installation of any unnecessary objects on its territory, its main function is aesthetic, therefore, in general, space is decorated with various flower pots.

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Like any architectural form, the French balcony has its advantages and disadvantages.

French balcony and its advantages

There are a lot of positive characteristics for this design, the following can be attributed to them:

  • no need for plating and warming, which significantly reduces the cost of registration;
  • The balcony is an additional and rather extensive source of light, capable, besides, on the visual perception to expand the space;
  • the opportunity to create an exclusive version of the panoramic window, which will look elegant and attractive, truly decorating the facade of any building;
  • a French balcony forged, equipped with original elements - is, first of all, a good reputation for the owners, as it carries a classic spirit of aristocracy.

French balcony and its shortcomings

As for the shortcomings, they can be said about the following:

  • relatively high cost of installation, in which it will be necessary to equip the frame with additional reinforcement elements;
  • the French window glazing does not provide proper microclimate support in the room where it is located - it will be cold in winter and hot in summer. Therefore, it is necessary to think over the system of additional heating and ventilation of the room;
  • the area and frequency of harvesting is significantly increased.

Despite the listed inconveniences of the design, its popularity has been growing in recent years. In many respects this is due to the fact that it has a rather peculiar kind, and originality, as is known, is always in fashion.

French balcony: photo and description of varieties

The only classification of this design is made on the basis of the balcony area - either it is very small, or it is not at all. A small protrusion measures, on average, up to half a meter. Here you can place a variety of beautiful flowerpots, surrounded by which, it is nice to have a cup of coffee in the early morning.

Without a platform - this is a standard construction of a glass door. There will look great, for example, a kitchen with a French balcony, always light and spacious. And the flaps open will help to ensure a better ventilation of the room during the preparation of complex dishes.

In the course of its evolution, the fences for the French balconies underwent various changes, and each newfangled trend made its own adjustments to their design features. Nowadays, quite often, forged elements are replaced with more concise and strict.

french balcony, photo 8french balcony photo, photo 9design of the French balcony, photo 10french balcony forged, photo 11French windows glazing, photo 12kitchen with french balcony, photo 13fences for French balconies, photo 14french balcony wooden, photo 15

In addition to the fence, changes in design have affected the overall design of the balcony. This is due to the conversion of conventional designs to the style of the French novelty. A striking example can be a French balcony in Khrushchev or a typical high-rise building of the Soviet period. Since the very bottom of the balcony can be shortened to 30 - 40 cm is not possible, in this case, it is re-equipped. For glazing, double-glazed windows with the highest level of strength are always used. There are also options when using glass with one-sided transparency. In this case, having a French balcony in Khrushchev can not be worried because from the street or windows opposite everything that happens in the room will be seen.

French balcony in Khrushchev, photo 16French balcony in Khrushchev, photo 17French balcony in Khrushchev, photo 18French balcony in Khrushchev, photo 19French balcony in Khrushchev, photo 20

French balcony in a private house

The most common options for installing these products are found on the loggias of the last floors and in private houses. French balcony and loggia can become a wonderful ensemble in the interior of the room, which will turn into a terrace. In this case, pay attention to: first, whether the loggia will withstand the weight of the heavy construction of the double-glazed windows, and secondly, it is necessary to take care of good thermal insulation. For finishing the balcony use natural materials - the French balcony inside can be decorated with wooden lining and elegant wicker furniture, if space allows.

The structures we consider in private houses look most attractive. Here they can exist in their original classic version, as they serve as a decoration, rather than a place to go to fresh air.

house with French balconies, photo 21French balcony photo in a private house, photo 22french balcony in a private house, photo 23house with French balconies, photo 24french balcony photo in private house, photo 25french balcony in a private house, photo 26house with French balconies, photo 27french balcony photo in private house, photo 28french balcony in a private house, photo 29house with French balconies, photo 30French balcony photo in a private house, photo 31

French balcony in a private house всегда будет достойным украшением фасада, а кованые решетки придадут архитектуре грациозности. Декорировать конструкцию можно вазонами с цветами, подсвечниками, фонариками. Помимо кованых заграждений, здесь могут быть и другие варианты, например, французский балкон деревянный, который будет прекрасным образом гармонировать с окружающей природой. В большинстве случаев, древесина, при оформлении балкона, применяется для продолжения конструкции деревянных домов.

The advantages of balconies in private houses are that they can be designed in the process of construction, having decorated them with high windows. Such designs can have different dimensions, even in the width of several rooms.

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French balcony in a private house или на лоджии великолепно впишется в любой стиль интерьера помещения. Например, для ультрасовременного направления хай тек можно остановиться на варианте панорамного остекления, так как ровные линии и стекло — основополагающие детали данного стиля. Он также станет удачным довершением таких направлений как минимализм, лофт и прочих.

French balcony glazing from floor to ceiling only gaining momentum of popularity, combining classical lines with modern trends. It allows you to best open a panoramic view of the streets of the city, while being an element that can decorate the facade of any house, both private and multi-storey.

french balcony and loggia, photo 32french balcony and loggia, photo 33french balcony forging, photo 34french balcony inside, photo 35french balcony inside, photo 36finishing of French balconies, photo 37finishing of French balconies, photo 38decoration of French balconies, photo 39finishing of French balconies, photo 40