The basic accents of the french style in the interior of the

The French style in the interior of the bedroom is refinement, refinement, grace, romance and tranquility, luxury and pathos. All this is just a few words in comparison with how beautiful this style is in the interior. The main feature of the French style is an unusual and at the same time very harmonious color scheme, consisting of similar shades that smoothly pass from one color to another. The most popular shades are gray, green, lilac, lavender, white, beige, egg-shell color, which is so popular recently, and many other pastel tones.

Spacious bedroom

The interior of the bedroom is decorated in French style. Refined, elegant decoration makes the atmosphere in the room magical and romantic.

Comfortable bedroom

The interior of the bedroom in the French style is made in light colors. Windows in accordance with style are hung with light curtains made of natural fabric.

Luxury Bedroom Furniture

In the center of the luxurious French-style bedroom is a bed with a high headboard. The soft upholstery of the head of the bed is underlined by the edging made of wood.

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Accents of the French interior

In order to initially create a sense of French charm, you must pay special attention to the decoration of the walls. For this, the wallpaper should be selected with a rather complex texture, it should be embossed and pleasant to the touch. If the preference is given to the wallpaper with the pattern, it is necessary to select with a more romantic pattern and a gentle background. French interior, or as it is called, the interior in the style of Provence - this is the most optimal solution for the design of the bedroom, since it is he who will favorably emphasize the individuality and the finest taste of its owner. As an accent, you can choose pictures, any accessories or the whole wall. Most often, the choice falls on the bedside wall, but this is not the point. An excellent solution is to decorate the accent wall with a large photograph or to trim it with interesting textiles.

Furniture should perfectly harmonize and complement the integrity of the interior. The French style is rather complicated, and it is necessary to choose the interior items very carefully and in advance having thought it over. Upholstery furniture must be made of expensive and very high-quality fabrics in pastel colors, you can with a romantic floral print.

Спальня на мазард

A calm color scheme of the interior of the bedroom in the French style sets up relaxation and relaxation.

A small guest bedroom in French style in an apartment in the west of Germany.

A small guest bedroom in French style in an apartment in the west of Germany.

One of the important details, which favorably emphasizes the interior of the bedroom, is lighting. Since the French style is the spiritualization of luxury, wealth and chic, choosing chandeliers, lamps and sconces, it is necessary to give preference to models decorated with rhinestones, feathers and gilding. They can be antique or specially aged and wiped out for antiquity.

Flooring is best done from wood. Its color can be both dark and light, it all depends on the ideological line that needs to be conveyed, creating an interior of a French-style bedroom.

Children bedroom

French Provence in the bedroom is expressed by careful selection of decorative details. An interesting design move was the use of the same material for the production of plafonds bedside lamps and bed linen.

French style in the bedroom

The French style "loves" floral motifs, which can be traced in the decoration of walls and the selection of decorative elements.

How interesting is it to decorate a wall?

Decoration of walls, including accent, it is necessary to give the main attention at registration of a bedroom in the French style.

One of the options for decorating the wall is a large picture, preferably with a large pattern that will attract guests' attention and be the highlight of the bedroom. In this case, it looks more harmonious if the walls are monophonic, without any patterns, but at the same time it is advantageously combined with the picture.

You can create an unusual wall texture with liquid velvety wallpaper or wallpaper made of fabric. A special atmosphere of luxury and mood is created by wallpaper with metal inserts or with splashes of golden or silver thread. True, the decoration of walls with such wallpaper will take some time and will require thoroughness in the work, however, the final result is worth it.

Cozy bedroom

Pictures - the best decor for the bedroom walls in the French style.

Bedroom for a girl

Several pictures of the general theme allow to emphasize the unified concept of style.

Bedroom in the attic

Bedroom in French style on the attic floor of a country house.

Quite unordinary looks the interior of the bedroom, finished with light polyurethane surfaces, which can be made for wood, brick, finishing stone, coral and many other materials. It is easy to install such panels with glue and screws.

Finishing the walls with wallpaper for painting - this is a very interesting option, because you can choose the colors on your own. An interesting combination of paint and glaze, which due to its texture can give the walls a variety of textures.

Large bed in the bedroom

The wall at the head of the bed can be decorated with a small canopy made of translucent fabric.

Creative design of the bedroom

Bright, contrasting images in the paintings become a key feature of the bedroom in the French style.

How to equip the bedroom in the French style. Video

French style for bedroom decoration