Is it expensive to be a superhero now?

Unusual infographics were prepared by two designers Emil Lendof and Bob Al-Greene, who decided to draw a material parallel between the superhero beginning and the current state of affairs. Some benefit to the beginning superhero, about how much money he needs to be one of the best.

Is it expensive to be a superhero now?

Infographics include such eminent superheroes as Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Hulk. For comparison, figures were taken at the time of the appearance of the heroes and the cost of their equipment and everyday waste for 2013. It turned out quite interesting.

Infographics of annual expenses of superman

The life of the Batman in 1939 stood at $ 10,253, at the time of 2013, it already totaled $ 134,735,100. As for the Halk, in 1962, his expenses amounted to approximately $ 57 687, and by 2013 already $ 415 740. The most economical right was superman, for which the annual expenses amounted to only $ 29,434.

Infographics of expenses of the Hulk

Infographics was prepared with the sponsorship of Samsung and the portal Mashable.

Spiderman's annual expenses

Infographics of annual wolverine expenses