Kitchen design 2017: new interior design for 40 photos

To date, the kitchen serves not only as a cooking place - it is quite a multifunctional room. Here often celebrations are held, friendly gatherings and family councils are arranged. The design of the kitchen assumes its design with the maximum comfort and comfort for the owners. At the same time, when the question of repair is on the agenda, everyone thinks about how to equip it with current trends. In this article, we will look at the design of the kitchen in 2017, and what are the forecasts for its design for the coming year.

Modern design of the kitchen in 2017 and its basic principles

Modern trends in interior design of kitchen space are based, first of all, on its multifunctionality. Using each square meter correctly, you can properly organize a comfortable and practical kitchen design.

The most actual styles of interior design of the kitchen space of the outgoing year are such styles as: techno, eco, loft, modern and minimalism. According to experts, they will be popular in 2018 as well. In addition, the demand for a kind of direction of modernism is gaining momentum, which is a symbiosis of modern design.

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Design of the kitchen 2017 - it's laconic, maximum free space, multifunctionality, clear forms, built-in appliances, environmental friendliness, minimum decor and comfort. At the same time, a large abundance of light is welcomed, which can be achieved with the help of modern spotlights, spots, and LED wall and ceiling lighting devices. As for the design of windows - here is preferred not to cumbersome models - it can be blinds, Roman or roller blinds, it is also possible to use tulle and other light fabrics.

Today's interior design of the kitchen does not welcome the use of light colors in the decoration. Here warm colors and cold, gentle pastel shades and saturated can be friends. It is necessary to choose two or three colors (no more), the dominant of which is the one in which the kitchen set is decorated. In the photo below you can see colorful examples of a combination of such color combinations as: white with black and yellow, red with white and black and others.

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Kitchen design 2017: original ideas

In the design of the interior of a modern room, you can meet various interesting ideas for kitchen design, such as:

  • skinned - glass panels, on the wrong side of which is a picture. This is a rather expressive element of decor, mainly used to design the surface of the apron. The advantage of the skin was that they can be made to order with an individual pattern, selecting it for the design of the room;
  • 3D and wallpaper - not so new, but, nevertheless, a very relevant option for decorating the walls in the kitchen. Basically, with the help of such materials the dining area is made out;
  • "Smart" technique with programmed functions and LCD screens, designed to serve to simplify the cooking process as much as possible;
  • The modern design of the kitchen prefers high cabinets with open glass shelves, perhaps even with a mirrored rear panel;
  • hanging models of stainless steel hoods, whose body is made in the form of a cylinder.

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Kitchen design: photo and design recommendations for modern layouts

The first thing we come across when thinking over the design of the kitchen is the layout. Lucky for those who have a modern apartment or a private house, where the kitchen space has a large area. Here you can place several functional areas, while leaving quite a lot of free space.

The situation is more complicated with small rooms, but it is also possible to organize a comfortable and modern kitchen in such a space, using some tricks in the layout. A fairly fashionable trend is to unite the kitchen with the adjoining room by dismantling the partition. Thus, the design of the kitchen-living room will be increased by a large enough space, including both the area where food is prepared, and a place for rest and meeting guests. How to equip in the modern version of the kitchen space of different layouts, let's look at some examples.

Design kitchens 6 sq. M.

Kitchens of similar areas are peculiar to the buildings of Soviet times, in particular, to the Khrushchevites. Making out the design of a small kitchen (photo shows such options), you should use the space as effectively as possible, especially its height, placing high wall cabinets, especially since they are now in fashion. The shape of the kitchen set should be chosen taking into account the layout of the premises, if the area is elongated - it is better to install linear furniture, and for a square kitchen it is advisable to use a corner structure.

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The corner kitchen design will be the most advantageous for a small space if it is sustained in one of the modern minimalistic styles, with the absence of protruding handles, hooks and other elements from the past.

In order to equip the eating area, you should resort to the use of popular folding furniture, for example, a dining table that retracts into the wall when it is not needed. One of the principles that the modern kitchen design adheres to, as seen in the photo, is an abundance of light, so do not use bulky curtains, they can be replaced with Roman or roll structures and transparent tulle. Artificial lighting should be as effective as possible over the working area, which can be achieved with the use of spotlights or spots.

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Kitchen-living room design

Studio apartment with a lack of clear boundaries between functional areas - the most popular option for the outgoing year, and according to forecasts of professionals, will also be popular in 2018.

Kitchen-living room, the design of which is presented in the photo, assumes an original separation of the working area from the territory of food and rest. In this case, a zoning reception using a bar counter is used. Often, in the role of a kind of separator are modern modular sofas, which set the back side to the work area.

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Since, in most cases, the space is decorated in light colors, the sofa, having a brighter color, can become an accent fragment that perfectly complements the interior design of the kitchen. In order to mask the working area in some way from extraneous views, partial or glass partitions are used. Zoning can also be done with the use of various finishing floor materials, the organization of a step-podium or the original lighting system, where bright lights are located in the work area, and more dimly in the living room.

Thinking over the design of the kitchen-living room, consider that it is better to buy modular furniture, individual elements of which can be placed in a convenient order. In the design of modern living room kitchen, it will be appropriate to look pendant modular furniture, which is produced in a wide range.

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Kitchen interior design in a private house

When building a private house, often the kitchen has a fairly large space, which has many advantages. Large kitchens (photo presented in the article) suggest a design where different novelties in interior design will look the best.

To date, the trend of environmental friendliness, so the furniture set made of natural wood, is as relevant as ever. Particularly appropriate, it will be combined with the wooden decoration of the walls and ceiling of the private house. In the fashion also shelves for storing kitchen utensils of open type in the form of shelving or built-in. As for accessories, it is worth noting that the design of the kitchen 2017 assumes their rather limited amount. Most often, as such are lamps, dishes and other accessories, which, in addition to beauty, also perform certain functions, which corresponds to the modern spirit of minimalism.

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In a private house, a kitchen set can be installed in any shape - angular, linear, parallel, and, sometimes, non-standard. Using modern ideas of kitchen design, it is possible to equip an island in the center, which is a dining area or a working area with integrated household appliances.

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The spacious kitchen of a private house, in which there are several windows (a panoramic window or sliding doors), has the advantage also in natural light, so the choice of color scheme for its decoration is not limited to light colors - here you can safely use contrasting combinations.

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Modern design of the kitchen in the house makes it possible to decorate the interior of the room in any style, from classical to the ultramodern direction of high-tech. The most original for the coming year is the style of Contemporary. Its essence lies in the use of all progressive novelties in the field of interior design, but on the basis of the original decoration of the premises. In the photo you can see the modern design of the kitchen, where everything looks rather comfortable, functional and practical.

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Kitchen design: novelties in design styles

Consider what elements accompany the design of the kitchen, designed in one direction or another.

The minimalism style is most suitable for small kitchens. There will be a minimum of furniture, textiles and decor. The colors of the decoration, as a rule, are neutral (bright accents are permissible). All home appliances are only built-in, and a kitchen set - without decor and milling. In this case, the role of the dinner table is often performed by the bar counter.

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Techno style or high-tech can not be confused with any other for a number of features. The main thing is a complete refusal from the presence of natural materials. The interior uses plastic, metal and glass with a smooth or mirrored surface. A prerequisite is geometrically regular surfaces and the absence of small details in the interior. The design of the kitchen in high-tech style should include only cutting-edge technology.

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Loft style is simplicity and lack of sophistication. In the finishing materials such as brick, metal, concrete, untreated wood are used. This direction is not acceptable closed cabinets and shelves.

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The design of the kitchen in 2017 in eco-style involves the presence of natural wood, from which case furniture and flooring can be made. An obligatory element of this direction are living plants in pots.

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Modernity has its own specificity, consisting in strict lines and in combining a minimum of two moderate colors, as shown in the photo.

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Evolution in the interior design of kitchens, to date, has come to the point that, no matter how a variety of stylistic solutions and original ideas are not used, the design of the kitchen of the 2017 should make this room as functional, practical and comfortable as possible.