Wardrobe in the apartment - 75 photos of ideas how to make

Many of them who live in typical standard apartments, think that it is impossible to have their own dressing room on such a small living space. However, a well-planned storage system not only allows you to save centimeters of space, but also quickly find all the necessary things.

dressing room in the apartment

About how to make a dressing room in the apartment, we today and talk.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Wardrobe in the apartment can be located in a variety of places
  • Wardrobe equipment
  • Features of dressing rooms
  • Photos of the best dressing rooms in the apartment

Wardrobe in the apartment can be located in a variety of places

A separate room for storing things in the apartment. Create a separate room-wardrobe can be either in the former pantry, or on the insulated loggia. If there is no pantry, then you can separate a small part from the hallway.

Wardrobe in the apartment

You can put the partition by building it from a drywall, and you should also make a separate entrance to this room. But if the apartment has a warm loggia, then this will be an excellent place to store things.

Wardrobe in the apartment

The area of ​​such a dressing room can and will be small, but there is a lot of light, so boxes and other things will always be in sight. However, large windows of the loggia should be equipped with protection against direct light to avoid burning out clothes.


The main thing in all the design options is to arrange a convenient separate access inside. Many are accustomed to using interior doors. They can be swinging, sliding or even hidden. However, it is very practical and convenient to use the door-compartment. This will also allow you to save space.

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Wardrobe in a fenced space-volume. Such a separate space can be built in the bedroom, erecting supporting structures.

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The basis of the "wardrobe cube" is made up of metal corners and profiles, then the partitions are erected using plasterboard, MDF. A more elegant and modern alternative can become a sheet glass or triplex, then the walls will be transparent. Wardrobe from the pantry - photo ideas how to turn a pantry into a comfortable wardrobe


Another way that will help to fence off a separate area along the sleeping wall or the corner of the room is the installation of the door-compartment.


If the living space for the arrangement of a separate dressing room is not enough, then you can do with a vintage large wardrobe, placing it in the living room. Thanks to its design, such a furniture object will look appropriate and very stylish.


Wardrobe behind the bed head. Raising the partition behind the head of the bed, you can divide the sleeping space into 2 zones. One for rest, another for storing things. The partition can be made of various materials: gypsum board, 3D panels.


In size, it is not necessary to do it up to the ceiling, just as the entrance to it can not be blocked. The design of the cloakroom in the apartment will depend only on the desire and imagination of the tenants.


If there is no possibility to erect a wall, then the space behind the bed can be enclosed by a curtain, which will be in harmony with the color of the walls. Such curtains on a bar, a string or ceiling roller cornice are fixed.


Wardrobe equipment

The filling for the wardrobe space can be of three types: specialized, custom, accessories "at hand".

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Specialized "stuffing" is very convenient, because different shelves, brackets and hanging can be placed and swapped in any way. All these parts and accessories are easy to buy in furniture stores for low cost.

Dressing room_2kv_2017

"Filling" for a cloakroom to order - it's cabinets and sections, which are installed, based on the actual size of the wardrobe. Such furniture will fit exactly into the room, but it will not be mobile. They make it from chipboard, veneer and even an array.

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Dressing room_2kv_2017

Prefabricated furniture from what is "at hand" - it can be a chest of drawers for household linen, shelves for shoes, barbells and other cabinet furniture.

Dressing room_2kv_2017

Features of dressing rooms

The dressing room in the apartment must be very competently designed and equipped.


Firstly, its depth is standard 60 cm. Otherwise, hangers, the width of which is more than 40 cm, simply do not fit in the wardrobe.


Secondly, the height at which the bar is fixed for suspension is from two meters. You can independently calculate this value by standing up and raising your hands up.

Dressing room_2kv_2017

Third, in the dressing room should be a good light.

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Dressing room_2kv_2017

It is better to use spotlights and lamps with a directional light flux. But mirrors, pouffes and other furniture items are placed whenever possible.

Dressing room_2kv_2017

Fourth, regardless of the location of the dressing room, it should always have good air ventilation.

Dressing room_2kv_2017

Before you begin to design a storage room, you need to familiarize yourself with the photo of the dressing room in the apartment to find the best option for yourself, both in design and functionality.

Dressing room_2kv_2017

Photos of the best dressing rooms in the apartment




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