Concrete house a la bunker

Concrete house from Nickisch Sano Walder Architects

Concrete house in the Alps

The concrete house, which we would like to tell you, embodies the world view of people living in the Alps and their surroundings, and this is where the building is located. The local inhabitants love and accept things as they are.

On the local mountain slopes and in the valleys there are many old houses that were once used by farmers and shepherds, and anyone can buy them. But he must remember the existence of a law according to which such objects can be reconstructed, but their shape and size should remain unchanged.

Specialists of the Bureau Nickisch Sano Walder Architects respected this provision and actually used the wooden walls of the dilapidated house as a formwork for a new monolithic casing of concrete. They also arranged a semi-underground level on the site of the former cellar, and in it - a bedroom and a bathroom.

Minimalistic interior of a concrete house

Someone like this approach to the use of concrete may seem extravagant and even ridiculous, but there is something intriguing about it, and one can not but agree with this.

Bath in a concrete house

It is difficult to imagine that in the concrete bath presented in the upper photo you can really luxuriate. It creates a feeling that every bathing here must be preceded by a chop of ice, although the house probably has a panel-radiant heating or something like that.

The release says that the bedroom is well insulated due to thick concrete walls and a layer of ground outside, but this would not be enough.

Concrete house in minimalist style

The interior of the house is extremely minimalistic. The developers explained that tourists who come to rest in Flims, spend most of the time in the open air, and they need homes only as a place to stay overnight. So luxury and excesses are in demand here a little.

Facade of a concrete house

We would very much like to say that we have a successful example of re-use of materials and that a tiny house created by Swiss architects personifies coziness. But did not you feel the similarity of this structure to the bunker of the Second World War?