Kitchen interior design: practical tips and interesting

With the kitchen, we often connect the most pleasant moments of our daily life, such as a delicious family dinner or a regular tea party. That is why the interior design of the kitchen should be enjoyed by all family members and inspired for a new day. Recently, the kitchen is also used as a workplace, a dining room, and even a living room. Agree, for the sake of such a room it is worth trying and making the interior of your dreams. Dekorin has picked up the best pictures for you with the kitchen interior design.

Interior design of modern cuisine: basic rules

What kind of cuisine can be called modern? Of course, it should be comfortable and functional. Modern style can be described in one phrase - "maximum benefit". Thus, the interior design of modern kitchen does not involve much furniture: on the contrary it is necessary to leave only the most necessary. In such a kitchen there are no unnecessary details, and all forms are clear and simple.

This style emphasizes the excellent taste and accuracy of the owners. Do not hide all the equipment: let it on the contrary become the pride of your kitchen. Modern style can easily be combined with some parts of other styles, but most importantly adhere to the simplicity and clear lines in everything.

As for the choice of furniture, it is worth paying attention to modern materials, such as metal, glass, gypsum, wood, plastic.

Beautifully looks a variant of the kitchen, when the tree is combined with the metal: thus you will save your coziness and add modern notes to the room. The photo below shows the interior design of the kitchen using wood and metal.

Modern kitchen interior design

Kitchen interior design pictures

The combination of metal and wood in a modern kitchen

Glass will certainly give airiness and ease of placement. So, it's good to put a large window on the whole wall, thus immersing the room in streams of sunlight. It is very pleasant to cook and eat in a well-lit kitchen, in which sunlight flashes.

Kitchen interior design

Design of modern kitchen in light colors

A wonderful material for the floor will be laminate or parquet, as well as tiles or wood in an improved form.

Modern kitchen design option

Interesting interior design of modern kitchen

As for the color scheme for creating the interior design of the kitchen, everyone has their own preferences, but the lightest shades correspond most to the modern style. Bright and juicy colors do not fit into this style of interior. It is best to choose one color and spread its different shades throughout the kitchen.

Interior design of a small kitchen: functional and convenient

Small kitchen is often found in small apartments and is a common problem. Considering the interior design of a small kitchen, it is extremely important to take into account all the details, because our goal is to create a comfortable and comfortable room. So, a good choice is to order a kitchen with lockers to the ceiling: on the upper shelves will be placed items that you do not use every day, and the problem with storage will be solved. To ensure that this kitchen set does not "press" on you, it is better to make it light. But, of course, a few bright accents will only adorn this room.

Small kitchen photo

Small kitchen layout

The effect of space expansion in a small kitchen is attached to the light sources that are under the upper lockers.

Interior design of a small kitchen

Modern design of a small kitchen

Open shelves, on which tableware and decor items are neatly arranged, can become the highlight of your kitchen and make the interior design of the kitchen hospitable and homely.

Open shelves in the interior of the kitchen

Interior design of a small kitchen - вариант 1

small kitchen design 5 sq.m photo

Decor in the interior of a small kitchen

It is best not to make a small kitchen more decor and other excess items. Everything should be simple and minimal: elegant and simple lines and smooth shiny surfaces.

Simple design of a small kitchen in a modern apartment

Design of a small kitchen photo 2

Small kitchen in the interior

In the next article we will tell you more about the design of the kitchen of the dining room and the kitchen-studio in 2017. If you want to learn more about kitchens, write to us in the comments.