9 trends in bedroom design, worth trying in 2015

Want to transform your bedroom in 2015? In this article you will get acquainted with 9 hot trends in bedroom design that can inspire you to such changes!

1. Bright wallpaper on the wall behind the headboard

Psychologists constantly say that it is not recommended to apply bright wallpaper in the bedroom: they can act excitantly and interfere with a healthy sleep. But modern interior designers have figured out how to get around this problem, and now the bright wallpaper for the bedroom is again in vogue, that's only recommended that they be recommended only on one of the walls - one that is not accessible to the eyes while you are lying in bed.

Decoration of the wall in the bedroom behind the headboardBedroom design in a modern style with bright wallpaper

2. Lovely and funny pillows

2015 welcomes the playful approach to the design of any space. The easiest way to bring a playful spirit to the bedroom is to use amusing pillows, a pattern on which can be printed according to your choice.

Pillows like bed decorationDecorative pillows for a bedroom

3. Country Comfort

The cozy bedrooms in the rustic style are distinguished by a pleasant and serene atmosphere, which is better than others for a healthy rest. Bright lavender, cream and soft green hues are among the best for decorating a bedroom in this style. Also worth paying attention to furniture in the style of Provence or more coarse country style.

Light walls in the bedroomDesign of a bedroom in the style of Provence

4. Furniture with the effect of antiquity

The tendency to use antique or artificially aged furniture in bedrooms (using modern methods of painting or varnish lacquer), which adds to the interior a certain romanticism with a touch of nostalgia, is clearly seen.

Bedroom with an old bedside tableArtificially aged chest of drawers with own hands

5. The bedroom as a multipurpose space

Another well-seen trend: in 2015, it is necessary to reconsider the habitual attitude to all the rooms in the house. The kitchen is not only for cooking, the bathroom is not just for bathing, the bedroom is not just for sleeping! Dressing table, chair with padded stool, bookshelf at the window, minibar - add to the bedroom any furniture that will help you accomplish some daily tasks without leaving the room.

Open bedroom with desk and armchairs Bar in the bedroom

6. Stylish headboard

You can make a very stylish and accentuating headboard for your bed with your own hands and with simple tools. As a source of inspiration, you can view our article 65 amazing ideas for decorating the head of the bed.

Stylish headboard for the bed with your own handsHeadboard for a bed in a retro bedroom

7. Decor of golden hues

Warm metallic shades (gold, copper, etc.) are preferred when choosing a home decor in 2015.

Trends 2015: gold color decorationBedroom design with golden decor

8. Unusual bedside table

Did you know that the bedside table can become your favorite piece of furniture in the bedroom? Make sure of this with our selection of stylish bedside tables that you can buy or manufacture today.

Table instead of a bedside table Bedside table as a house for an animal

9. Dressing table

In past times, dressing tables could afford only ladies from high society. Today, this piece of furniture is available to everyone, but still makes the girls feel special, bringing the effect of the old boudoir to the bedroom.

Furniture in Provence style for a bedroomDressing table for a bedroom in a classic style