Organization of a place near the entrance door

Stylish spacious entrance hall

You do not have to constantly think about garbage cans and containers that keep the cleanliness and neatness of the staircase, this concept should become an established system, constantly acting as if on its own, in itself. That is, like a certain fundamental law of nature.

As a rule, the size of your entrance (staircase) dictates what will be stored in this space. But there are several things without which this zone will not be able to function. Choose something that suits you and your house. Your friends should not be puzzled at the sight of the site, cluttered with everything that could not fit in the rooms.

The basic list of subjects for the organization of space of a ladder platform:

  • Bin for instant recycling of unnecessary mail
  • Mirror
  • Place of parking of cars in case of visit of friends
  • Umbrellas

In addition, you can put boxes where you can keep:

  • Cash for delivery service
  • Cotton roller, especially handy when you have a moulting animal - a pet
  • Mobile phone charger
Hooks for clothes in the hallway

Hooks for suspension

So, the first rule in the organization of living quarters: make room for your residence! Your living space should not be cluttered with handbags, backpacks, knapsacks, hats, coats, scarves.

And also - leashes for walking dogs, keys, shopping bags. One of the simplest solutions to this problem is the presence of hooks for suspension of the listed items.

Using the Command 3M hooks, you will get a number of preferences: you do not need a drill to fasten the gadget to the wall or panel, after removing the hook you do not need surface repair.

Hanging hooks in the hallway

Handbag service

How much time do you need to empty your purse? And how quickly, while breaking the order and organization, the space around you will be cluttered with things taken out into the light? For you will have to put them anywhere.

For such cases, it may be very practical to have a small room or a pantry where you can store two containers, a box, boxes. In one container should be scraps of cloth, fountain pens, dark glasses, lip gloss and other cosmetics and care products, etc.

The second container must remain empty. Here it should be used whenever you urgently need to change the contents of your purse. At the end of the week, do not forget to take the contents out of the second container and distribute it to the places.

Hooks for bags in the hallway

Shoe Zone

Taking off shoes near the door, you not only give rest and freedom to your feet, but also help keep the floors clean in the rooms of your residence. Even the presence of a small place for shoes, shoes, boots at the entrance already plays a big role in the ordering of their space.

True, the stairway should not be buried in a huge number of shoes, it is necessary to show concern and care in time and take appropriate measures. What kind? Well, for example, with a quick cleaning of shoes, from one to three pairs, take away somewhere far away. Place some of the shoes in a drawer or on a shelf.

Determine the maximum number of pairs that are appropriate to leave on the site, the rest hide separately in another place.

Outdoor shelving in the hallway

In the box and out of the box

With the development of online stores in some houses on a regular basis began to arrive bulky boxes. It is necessary to find a place where these packages can stand for one to three days, no more, in order not to obstruct the passage and in a timely manner to vacate the place for the following receipts. A pair of scissors and a shipping tape should be kept nearby.

Suspended bedside table in the hallway

Mailboxes of your choice

When it comes to mail, there are no hard and fast rules. Someone takes it and opens it at the desk. Someone likes sorted messages. Therefore, choose for yourself what you need - trays, mailboxes, wall wire containers, organizers Lettro from Umbra.

Original mailboxes in the hallway

Take into account the interests of children

If your staircase or other space at the entrance is well organized, then there are places for storing items belonging to children.

In general, the young generation should be taught to order from an early age. Children should know that if they do not clean their things in time, they risk not getting your permission to walk or get under other punishment.

Large open wardrobe in the hallway