Wallpaper in the kitchen - 60 modern photo ideas for the

Choosing the perfect wallpaper in the kitchen as in the photo, each of us is facing a huge choice. Texture, coloring, material, price-quality ratio - all these factors should form a beautiful puzzle, and this is not easy.

How to make repairs in the kitchen as pleasant as possible, beautiful and choose the most suitable wallpaper that will last for many years? Dekorin already knows the answer!

So, get ready for an exciting journey into the world of repair and let's choose the best wallpaper for your kitchen with creative photo ideas!


3d wallpapers for the kitchen

3d wallpapers for the kitchen

Wall-paper for kitchen

wallpaper ideas for kitchen

wallpaper ideas for kitchen фото

kitchen wall wallpaper

kitchen wall wallpaper фото

kitchen wallpaper new items

kitchen wallpaper new items фото

kitchen wallpaper flowers

Kitchen: wallpaper for walls and the subtleties of choice, photo

Wallpaper in the kitchen have a huge number of varieties. You can choose any option, it all depends on the financial possibilities.

However, to the wallpaper for repair in the kitchen there are requirements that it is better not to ignore.

  • First, they must be resistant to temperature changes, because the kitchen is a cooking process, and no powerful hood will save you from condensation on the walls and ceiling.
  • Secondly, it is desirable that the wallpaper can be succumbed to wet cleaning. However, they do not need to be washable. Modern wallpaper in the kitchen with vinyl spray can well serve such a service.
  • Thirdly: the kitchen itself and wallpaper for the walls (as in the photo) should be in harmony with each other. The subtleties of choosing colors and textures, as well as the combination of shades, is just as important a factor as the quality of the material of these very wallpapers.

Do you think that everything is complicated? Then let's understand further! Let's start with the materials.

kitchen wallpaper flowers фото

kitchen under the wallpaper

kitchen under wallpaper photo

washable wallpaper for kitchen

washable wallpaper for kitchenфото

inexpensive washable wallpaper for kitchen

недорогие washable wallpaper for kitchenфото

wallpaper for the kitchen photo 2018 modern ideas

wallpaper for the kitchen photo design 2018

Kitchen Wallpapers: photos, modern ideas and varieties

The wallpaper in the kitchen is made from different materials. Let's take a closer look.

So, there are wallpapers:

  • Paper;
  • Non-woven;
  • Textile;
  • Liquid;
  • Of fiberglass;
  • Natural.

The first option is the most budgetary, however, for kitchen paper wallpaper does not fit. They are neither practical nor wear-resistant. The only advantage, in this case, will be the fact that it is not difficult to glue them.

paper wallpaper in the kitchen

black and white wallpaper in the kitchen

how to choose wallpaper for the kitchen

desktop wallpapers

wallpaper in the kitchen with a picture

vinyl wallpaper in the kitchen

  • Non-woven fleece gloves wallpaper perfectly fit the kitchen, see the photo:

desktop wallpapers in modern kitchen

Their undoubted advantage is the moisture resistance, resistance to mechanical damage and even fire resistance. Another non-woven fabric has the property of leveling rough surfaces of walls, so if your apartment has similar flaws, non-woven wallpaper is what you need.

desktop wallpapers фото дизайн

desktop wallpapers фото дизайн

desktop wallpapers фото дизайн

desktop wallpapers фото современные идеи

  • Textile, or the fabric wallpaper in the gluing is a little more difficult, because in the process they soak and become heavy.

These wallpapers look very presentable and create the effect of "expensive-rich", however it is not entirely advisable to glue them in the area of ​​the working area. Fabric wallpaper can change its color, absorb smells and pollution from them is much more difficult to remove than with non-woven. If you still can not resist the beauty of this material, glue the fabric wallpaper in the dining area. There their beautiful appearance will be less vulnerable.

desktop wallpapers фото современные идеи desktop wallpapers моющиеся каталог фото

desktop wallpapers small kitchen

desktop wallpapers small kitchen

  • Liquid wallpaper - a very convenient option for the kitchen in terms of practicality.

They consist of a sticky base and viscose or cotton fillers responsible for the texture of the wallpaper. They are applied with a spatula, like plaster, and have excellent qualities such as: moisture repellency, wear resistance, and noise suppression. Among other things, liquid wallpaper can acquire a variety of textures depending on the method of application. Less is only one - drawings, stripes and ornaments are excluded. Although for many it's not a problem at all, so decide for yourself.

  • Wall-papers - Innovatively excellent option for the kitchen.

Glass fiber will become the best friend of your kitchen space for many years. Smooth, with a shallow relief surface perfectly holds on the walls, and you can repaint it as much as you want. "What I want, then I turn" - the phrase of proud owners of fiberglass wallpaper. However, the minus of this venture is the price, because the glass industry option is not cheap, so give it preference or not, the question is purely financial.

качественные desktop wallpapers

стеклоdesktop wallpapers

glass wallpapers in the interior

wall-paper in the kitchen texture

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glass wall in the interior of the pros and cons

  • Natural wallpaper

This type of wallpaper includes products only from environmentally friendly materials. They are cork, bamboo and even herbal. Yes, yes, you did not misinterpret, it was herbal. These materials have recently become popular and are successfully used in the design of eco-kitchens.

The main advantage is, of course, naturalness and atoxicity, but their appearance is also quite unusual. If you are a nature lover and lead a healthy lifestyle - choose in favor of such wallpaper. However, in this case, do not forget that the usability of natural materials is zero. They absorb odors, swell from moisture, and most importantly - instantly ignite, and this is dangerous for life. So, think for yourself, decide for yourself, so to speak.

desktop wallpapers моющиеся

wallpaper in the kitchen

wallpaper in the kitchen фото

wallpaper in the kitchen фото 2018

desktop wallpapers in modern kitchen

HD wallpapers for the kitchen: photo ideas with examples

In our country wallpaper industry does not lag behind. In addition to all the above options, there is such a wonderful thing as a 3D wall-paper on the wall for the kitchen. Now the variety of prints has reached such a level that it is not a problem to find a three-dimensional picture for the walls of the kitchen.

The wallpaper on the kitchen with the 3d effect on the photo is simply gorgeous, right?

объемные wallpaper in the kitchen фото

desktop wallpapers фото современных идей

Wallpaper with 3d effect for kitchen

Wallpaper with 3d effect on the kitchen

Wallpaper with 3d effect on the kitchen фото

wallpaper with flowers in the interior of the kitchen

wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

They are able to decorate almost any kitchen space, visually deepening or expanding even the smallest room. With all this, they are remarkably coping with the tasks in the field of practicality and convenience.

Washable wallpaper for the kitchen is also with the effect of a "three-dimensional image" (see photo):

красивые фотоdesktop wallpapers

Their main function is to create an unusual, original, just unique atmosphere for your home. Let's take a look at the rules that should be followed if you opted for 3D wallpapers:

  1. Free Wall!

In order for the volumetric drawing to look beautiful, it should be allocated an honorable place - a dead wall. This can be a dining area, or a partition with a bar counter.

2. Do not overload!

Wall-papers - a self-sufficient element of a decor (if it is possible so to be expressed). Do not overload the space with open shelves, niches and lined textiles. Remember that a bright drawing should be beaten as the main accent in space. Then it will look as good as possible.

3. We follow the style!

Do not overdo it. Choose 3d wallpaper for the style of the kitchen, because otherwise they can just get lost in the variety of elements. Level out the accents intended for this or that styling of the interior.

For example: your kitchen is made in the style of Provence. Paste a blank wall with projective wallpaper with a lavender print, and add a few of these same motifs to the interior. Do not use colorful drawings on other walls or rustling textiles. Otherwise, such a design will soon bore you and will simply irritate.

wallpaper in the kitchen объёмные в стиле прованс

4. Choose a soul!

Since the voluminous wallpaper looks very catchy, the obtrusive print can very quickly bore you. Therefore, choosing such wallpaper, try to be guided by deep personal preferences. Take a look at the chosen option meticulously and think about whether you will not get tired of it in two years. If not, then go ahead - buy, boldly glue and rejoice!

3d wallpapers for kuni

3д фотоdesktop wallpapers

3d wallpapers for the kitchen фото

3д wallpaper in the kitchen

фотоdesktop wallpapers

photo wallpaper 3d on wall for kitchen

photo wallpaper 3d on wall for kitchen

фото desktop wallpapers

wallpapers in the kitchen

wall-papers on a kitchen wall

Washable wallpaper for the kitchen: photo

Since the wallpaper in the kitchen simply have to be practical (see photo), you can make a choice in favor of those who wash.

красивые фото desktop wallpapers

This option is great for pasting just the work area. The quality of these wallpapers allows you to give them a wet cleaning and do not worry about the spoiled appearance. Previously, the kitchen apron was laid with tiles, but modern washable wallpaper (as in the photo below) have persistent water and grease-repelling properties. Moreover, now self-adhesive wallpaper for walls that simulate tile and mosaic masonry come into fashion. They can be safely used to decorate the kitchen apron and be treated with chemical household agents to remove contaminants.

Here so!

объёмные wallpaper in the kitchen

моющиеся desktop wallpapers

Self-adhesive wallpaper for the kitchen

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Self-adhesive wallpaper on the kitchen

Well, our article has imperceptibly come to an end. We hope that the advice of experienced designers Dekorin more than once will be useful to you. Summarize the following: choose the wallpaper in the kitchen correctly, be inspired by the photo and create a unique design of your own kitchen with joy and love!

We wish you great success in the repair field. Be happy!

Good luck!