Base under the mattress - types and features of the bed

A good dream is a guarantee of health and success. Different aspects affect the quality of sleep. One of them is a quality bed for a bed. You can see the photo of the base under the mattress below.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Let us consider their types and features
  • Flat base
  • Reasonable ground
  • How to choose the lath base?
  • Orthopedic base
  • Plastic base
  • What are lamellas and how to choose them?
  • Famous brands
  • conclusions
  • Photo of the base under the mattress

Let us consider their types and features

Flat base

Is imperfect in its manufacture. The mattress can bend, if there is no stronghold and become damaged, forming a depression. Sleep is not entirely comfortable. There is no ventilation of the mattress. Such constructions are considered a relic of the past. There are pluses, if you properly install the bed, it will not creak. The material is used chipboard, fiberboard, plywood and boards.


Reasonable ground

Practical for ventilation, most often used in production. A wooden base is produced under the mattress and with a metal frame. Perfectly combines style and exceptional parameters.


How to choose the lath base?

If the choice is wrong, the mattress will be unevenly forming grooves. There are two types of modern lath bases:

  • Without shock absorbers, they are designed for a small load.
  • With shock absorbers, they evenly distribute the load on the mattress while supporting it.

The base under the mattress

There is a special type with a mechanism. His part rises to the head of the bed. It can be adjusted manually or with the remote control. This choice is relevant for bed patients. Some models are equipped with a linen drawer.


Is there always a basis? If you have a classic mattress on springs it is better not to use a rack base. It is necessary to observe the optimal distance between the mattress and the floor 65-70 cm.


Orthopedic base

This is the outline of a metal pipe. Attach the slats to the frame with strong holders. Adhesive elements are attached to the metal tube, which are bent and of a quality are elastic based on birch veneer. Coffee table in the interior - 120 photos of the best accommodation ideas


The base under the orthopedic mattress will follow the contours of the body, which will have a beneficial effect on the person's spine.


Plastic base

Allows you to control the level of rigidity. The design has a high level of elasticity due to the stronghold on the spring parts, thus providing an orthopedic structure. In price they are more expensive than other bases, but also surpass them in strength, durability, have an electric drive and a remote control.


What are lamellas and how to choose them?

Lameli is the bottom of the mattress. They differ in methods of attachment, width and length. Lamels of a wide sample are available in price, but over time, the mattress is damaged in places where the lamellae come into contact with the frame, and the bed begins to creak. There are two different types of wide lamellas: overhead and mortise.

Crest 3

It is better to use springless mattresses. Materials for the manufacture of birch and beech. Wood and metal are used for making the frame.


To any mattress fit narrow slats. They are unique and preserve the integrity of the mattress, evenly distributing the load. There is a base under the mattress with legs.


Famous brands

Orthopedic base размером 160х200. Среди самых популярных ортопедические основания марки: Benartti Orto Max, DreamLine, Rollmatratze, Аскона.



Among the different types of foundation under the mattress you need to make the right choice and your sleep will be strong, deep and healthy. Due to the distribution of uniform load, the spine will be in the correct position. In the morning, you will feel fine and have energy for the whole day.


What is impossible without an orthopedic base for beds, on which the mattress will repeat every contour of the body. Sleep, which will bring pleasure. Also, good ventilation will have a beneficial effect on health, especially older people and prone to allergies.

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The right choice with saves energy and money. Bring home comfort and warmth to the bedroom.


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Photo of the base under the mattress

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