Cabinet decoration by own hands - 5 ways

Decor of a small cabinet

"Dear dear cabinet!" - that's how the Russian classic Anton Pavlovich Chekhov turned to this piece of furniture, which is present in various variations in each apartment. Once the presence of a massive wardrobe was a testament to the social status of the family and its prosperity. Today it does not matter what large-sized object with surfaces that require a new life, you have in your possession - a buffet, a tricuspid wardrobe, a locker, a chest or a sideboard. The main thing is that there is a desire to decorate the cabinet with your own hands, make it an individual, accented detail of the interior, emphasizing the mood and character of the owner.

In most cases, decorate wooden surfaces.

Dressing up the chest of drawers

Preparation includes the following mandatory steps:

  1. Remove the doors of the cabinet from the hinges (in a horizontal position with them it is more convenient to work);
  2. Dismantling of metal parts (handles, hinges, keyholes) or neatly gluing them with paint tape;
  3. Cleansing the entire surface of grease stains and dirt with special compounds;
  4. Application of materials, loosening the old paint and varnish coating;
  5. Removing layers of coating with a spatula, brush or different numbers of sandpaper;
  6. If necessary - restoration of chips and scratches with a hardening mastic, or with putty on wood;
  7. Final grinding of surfaces;
  8. Cleaning from dust;
  9. Apply a primer coat.

Decoupage technique в отделке комода

The following steps in the process of creating an "outstanding" piece of furniture vary depending on the type of decor chosen.

Painted roses on the cupboard

These may include:

  • painting in several layers;
  • varnishing;
  • Coating with craquelic compounds;
  • replacement of the main blade in panel doors;
  • drying;
  • pasting;
  • drawing ornaments and patterns;
  • Painting painting;
  • creation of patinated plaque;
  • finishing with metal "suitcase" corners;
  • final dyeing with a semi-dry brush.

Sheeted chest of music sheets

Giving the cabinet a different look, do not forget to change the accessories for more spectacular. New handles made of plastic, faience, metal, combined, double or single - the variety is huge. If the door had a handle fixed with a single screw, then when replacing it with a double-mount model, it is necessary to cover the hole with filler, sand it, cover it in a general tone, and then drill the necessary holes in other places.

Painting an old cupboard with your own hands

Methods of decorating furniture

If you saw an antique piece of furniture in an antique or elite store, think about how you can create a worthy competitor with your own hands. To ensure that the massive cabinet in the home interior does not irritate with its old-fashioned ugliness and does not arouse the owners' desire to call a team of loaders and take junk to a landfill, it is necessary only to equip themselves with knowledge, to be patient, to make diligence and spend a little time.

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Staining with stencil

Materials for decoration will pull even a modest family budget, because it's not about the high cost, but your fantasy. But you will become the owner of the dimensional object of genuine author's design.

Painted pedestal with a pattern through a stencil

To understand what materials will be needed for some form of decoration, you need to study the process from beginning to end.

Doors covered with wallpaper

Kind of decorDecoupage techniqueDrawing of ornamentsPasting with wallpaperUpholstery clothPainting on glass
Tools usedscissors, brush, spongebrush, stencils, spongeScissors, knife-cutter, rulersewing needle, hammer, screwdriverbrushes, a pencil for marking a picture
Necessary materialspencil, decontamination napkins or cards, PVA glue, water-based paintpencil, painting tape, acrylic paints, fixing compound, furniture varnishwallpaper, pencil, wallpaper paste, water-based varnishfabric, dense foam, threads, wallpaper nails with beautiful hats, screwspaints for glass, contours for glass, solvent

Having made a clear plan of action, having collected the necessary materials, you can start decorating. Cabinet decoration using drawing

Choose a style

The very first step is to imagine what should happen in the end. Imagine a picture or find it in an interior magazine, and then based on visualization, choose the way of implementation.

Painting and sticking the wallpaper to update the old rack

  1. Provence style will support the furniture, decorated in the technique of decoupage, hand-painted, decorated with fabrics with hand embroidery or partially pasted with wallpaper-companions, supporting the general tone of the room.
  2. Russian direction (folk, Old Russian, popular) is the application of ornaments and patterns on wood or glass facades. In the nursery or in the kitchen, a painted outboard item for storing utensils, table linen, children's clothes or toys will become a real treasure.
  3. The belonging of simple in form to the styles of chinoiser, colonial or eclecticism will emphasize the painting with Chinese motifs followed by the lacquer coating.
  4. The soft classics of the bedroom can be shaded with voluminous quilted wardrobe doors, echoing according to the method of manufacture, the chosen material, color with a high head of the bed.
  5. Even in simple and strict minimalism there is a place for a "joke" by the designer, which makes the interior special. The use of a lacquer coating on one object, painted in a uniform color scheme with other furniture, is a way of creating an accent, a "highlight" of the decorated space.
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Draw on the old chest

When doing furniture decor in decoupage technique for the first time choose white paint for the base. To this tone it is easier to pick up the necessary decoupage napkins, and the PVA glue will remain invisible. The product will look professionally executed due to the overall light coating. The dark surface is neatly decorated more difficult.

Painting an old wardrobe

Features of execution of each kind of decor

To decorate an old wardrobe, it is not necessary to be a pro in some craft or art. Only desire and ability to scrupulously execute a certain sequence of actions are needed.

Wallpaper by chest of drawers with a picture

The decoration of the glass doors of the cupboard or sideboard in a technique that simulates historical stained glass or tiffany will require great care, the correct selection of colors and the preliminary drawing of a chart with the numbers of dyes. But irises and poppies, magical ornaments of Art Nouveau, rhombuses of Gothic, whimsical eclectic compositions will be the subject of admiration of all around.

Pasting with wallpaper и покраска

If there is a master in the house who is able to work with the tree carefully, you can instruct him to remove the usual wooden panel from the door. The resulting "empty" window can be easily tightened with embroidered cloth, canvas with lace inserts, rattan weave. Simplifying the option and leaving the panel, you can use as an upholstery an interesting cloth, or a quilted version, giving the subject an unexpected volume.

Decoupage technique

If the dream became a cabinet in the style of a shebbie-chic, then you can create the necessary "scuffs" that give the object a touch of antiquity, you can paint the surface with a darker paint first, then apply a lighter tone and, without waiting for its final drying, walk over the sponge or a dry brush, performing "erasure" movements. From under the white layer, a softened dark tone will appear, which will create the necessary effect.

Pasting of the nightstand with a cloth

Do not despair that all the old furniture before the repair was sent to a landfill, and it would not be possible to create a miracle by oneself. Even if you purchased a new set - it's faceless, it looks like thousands of others, and by decorating it yourself decorating, you will get what no one else will have. You can create and present a children's, bedroom or kitchen from an outstanding designer - yourself.

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Step-by-step instruction on decorating an old wardrobe with wallpaper

Pasting wallpaper with furniture is a quick, simple and inexpensive way to get a familiar object in a new image. In this kind of decoration, a significant advantage is saving - in part you can use wallpaper trim left over after repair.

Combined fabric on an old cabinet

The first task is to decide what the decor will be: the inner space of the old cabinet, its side external walls or the facade. Having decided upon the choice, having prepared the necessary tools and materials, having got courage, proceed.

Wallpapers on cabinet doors

  1. Draw a sketch of what you want to get as a result (the degree of skill does not matter);
  2. Carry out preparatory work;
  3. Thoroughly measure the surfaces to be glued;
  4. Use paper wallpaper. Cut out the necessary pieces, the edges should be perfectly even;
  5. Wall wallpaper. Observe the direction of the pattern on the adjacent doors, if you have no idea of ​​making them different. Also for different surfaces you can use different wallpapers, the main thing is that they can be combined with each other;
  6. Prime the pasted wallpaper with glue PVA, diluted with water;
  7. Cover the surface with a layer of varnish;
  8. Give your "masterpiece" a good dry;
  9. Screw on the new hardware, which can additionally decorate the cabinet.

Pasting the doors of the wardrobe with wallpapers

Coating varnished surfaces with varnish is an opportunity in the future to easily wipe them from emerging contaminants. The overall tone under the lacquer film will look darker and more saturated, take this into account when painting the product in general.

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