Book shelves in the interior +50 photo examples

Book shelves in the interior

The time has passed when the bookshelves in the interior played a purely functional role in the room. Now they may well be an element of decor in an apartment or office. This is a great opportunity to show your creativity. What if you move away from the usual and trivial solution to decorating walls and experiment with geometric shapes? Materials for the manufacture of such products are very diverse: from classical wood to modern objects of glass, plastic and metal.

  • Asymmetric. One or more surfaces protrude beyond the supports. Such products are suitable for placing interior decor, books or hanging plants.
  • Vertical (mini-racks). This is a few narrow surfaces, located one above the other in the form of a ladder (as an option - a ladder).
  • Multifunctional. Shelves, for all their small size, can perform several functions at once. These are drawers, screens for the projector. A metal product can simultaneously serve as a mirror.
  • Mobile. This furniture is something between the stand and the classic shelf. This is a mobile platform equipped with wheels. In addition to storing books, it can be used to house a large house plant, audio and video equipment. The floor variant is an excellent solution for a studio apartment, when space is divided into zones.

Shelves for books in the living room

Depending on the location, distinguish between the wall and floor version. The latter have sufficiently large dimensions. In addition to the main purpose, they often serve as partitions in apartment-studios. The most common option - a rack, made by the type of furniture "wall", divided by height and width into separate sectors. The "ordered chaos" from modular structures near chairs or sofas also looks original.

The advantage of wall products in their compactness. In comparison with outdoor furniture, they occupy much less space. Exclusive products that will make the interior of the room original and completely not standard deserve attention. As for their placement, this can be any room.

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Books on the shelves in the room Shelf for books from drawers  Black and white bookshelf  Vintage bookshelves  Bookcase by the window  Living room design with books

Unusual Shelves

Who said that the home library must necessarily represent boring rows of bookshelves or shelves, as in a conventional library? After all, there is an opportunity to make them not just a storehouse of paper wisdom, but also an original design element, a real decoration of the interior. Consider the most interesting options, which, no doubt, like you. Maybe you want to make something similar to order or yourself.


This is an unusual cross between racks, a bookcase and shelves. This is a plywood panel, studded with pegs, which are retractable. You can independently create partitions and niches at your own discretion. "Classic" versions of such shelves - yellow, orange, pink or red. In addition, they can always be painted. To manage such a repository for books, even a toddler can transform it. Not to mention that it is not only very simple, but also interesting.

PinPres shelves

All my favorite books are with me

This is a special comfortable chair for those who like to spend time reading. The books are neatly placed on the shelves near the seat. Logs are provided with special partitions. There is also a small notch where you can comfortably place a cup of tea.


This is a modular shelf. Blocks of the same configuration, which can be rotated in different ways, each time getting a completely new option. Now you can create a unique piece of furniture with minimal expenses. Shelves are well combined in a rack, look original in the form of a wall structure resembling a honeycomb of irregular shape. You can use this unusual design and in the form of a lightweight partition for zoning space room.

Unusual shelves for books


What could be nicer than reading a novel or detective, stretching out on a cozy sofa? Even better, if the original sofa is combined with a bookshelf. It can be mini-racks on the sides of the product.

Pac-Man and Superbearm

An original wall product with cells that can be easily made and independently. The originality of the product is that its shape resembles Pac-Man, the hero of the computer game. Fans of the video game will appreciate this design element. Another idea for fans of video games. In the nursery appropriate shelves made of plywood or plasterboard in the style of the once popular game "Super Mario". And the figures of supermen - Luigi and Mario - will make the design of the product complete.

Modern bookshelf Shelves for books in high-tech style  Stylish shelving  Shelves for children's books  Corner rack for books  Original decor of bookshelves


Do you like resting in a hammock? That's home library will be very comfortable in a specially made "curtain" with cells, made by the type of organizer. Practically it or not, but the originality of this option does not take away.

Country map

The basis of this unusual product is made in the form of borders of the country that you like best, well, and the shelves can be placed as you like.

Bookshelf in the form of a map

Choosing bookshelves

So, the bookshelves can be placed in any room. And, it is not necessary to use them only for their intended purpose. To give the interior an originality, you can supplement them with paintings, posters, souvenirs or photographs. If you prefer a wall-mounted product, do not place them at too high a height. So they will be both prettier and more functional. For example, it is very convenient to reach the book without getting up from your favorite chair.

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White furniture in the living room

Looks great this furniture on the wall behind the sofa. Now - about the choice of material. It is necessary to take into account not only the aesthetics of the product, but also its conformity to the style of decoration of the room.

TreeThis is a universal version, a classic of the genre. Wood has an unusually beautiful, unique texture. At the same time, the wooden product is capable of withstanding significant loads and will last for a long time. Such products are indispensable in interiors of classical, rustic style, and also Provence.
GlassThis option is for modern and stylish people. Looks like such a shelf is very beautiful. Of course, glass is a fragile material, but products made from high-end varieties will serve you for a long time.
PlasticБюджетный, простой в уходе материал. Еще одно положительное качество – гигиеничность. Plastic непривлекателен для развития плесени, в отличие, например, от древесины. Нередко пластиковые изделия применяют в современном интерьере.

Classic book shelves  White furniture in the living room  Children's shelves for books Stylish shelving in the living room  White bookcase  The original decor of the bookshelf of pipes

It is equally important to consider when choosing a product format of literature, which will be placed on the shelves. If you can not find something suitable in the furniture store, it is advisable to make an individual order in a specialized company or make by yourself.

High book rack

Books in the interior

Strangely enough, the book is not just a functional subject. It can serve as an interesting and original décor, a great accessory for design. Decoration of the room with solid volumes and frivolous books in colorful covers is a fascinating activity even for those who have completely switched to the electronic version. In addition, it is also useful. Thinking over the design, you can get carried away and re-read the half-forgotten book of your favorite author. Here are some interesting options.

  • The book wall. This option is for owners of an extensive home library. Shelves, located from floor to ceiling, act as an original composition center. It is no coincidence that many designers use this solution. Sort literature can be on different grounds: the size, texture or color of the cover.

Books in the interior

  • Place the volumes at an angle. Such an interesting solution for the living room or bedroom looks so unusual that other objects of decoration will hardly be needed.

Decor of the room with stylish shelves

  • "Skyscraper". Of course, a couple of volumes casually thrown on a coffee table - it's stylish, but somewhat boring. Much more interesting, picking up items in size and shade, to build original architectural compositions. That's only if you really love to read, it can create certain inconveniences. It is also important that the composition you created does not merge in color with the background.

High book shelves

  • Books outside the living room, bedroom or study. They will look great in the kitchen interior or the hallway. For example, in the kitchen looks fine "island" design, you can - rotating. The very place for placing light female novels or weighty cookbooks. But the bathroom is not easy. Place there racks with literature can be in the event that there is a good hood.
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Book shelves in the kitchen

  • Crafts from old volumes. This is a great way to give a new life to literature, which you have not used for a long time. Stringing volumes on a metal pin, gluing and covering them with paint, you will get a wonderful stand under a homemade table. You can make from an unnecessary volume an original "bed" for low house plants, for example succulents.

Original shelf from old books

  • Phantom library. This trick is used in the design of classic home interiors, as well as thematic cafes and restaurants. Ancient folios are expensive, so they help out false books, which consist of a cover and a plastic insert.

Books for wall decoration

For e-book lovers

Wallpapers with photos or drawings of books - an unusual and non-standard solution for interior design. It will be appreciated by those who have already completely switched to reading the literature in the electronic version. Well, this also has some kind of rational grain. For example, for allergy sufferers own home library is an impossible dream, because books, whatever one may say, collect dust. The drawn home library is an outlet for those who are concerned about the fate of the planet's forest resources. At the same time, the unusual panel looks very beautiful, literally riveting to itself views. Fans of vintage romance will be delighted.

Beautiful bookshelf Living room with a library  Large bookcase in the living room  Zoning the room with a shelf  Bookcase with TV cabinet  Children's room for a girl with bookshelves

Design solutions

As already mentioned, the shelves are great for dividing the room into separate zones. For example, it could be a "wall" or a low construction that separates the rest zone from the dining room. Moreover, it is possible to delineate space not only by classical furniture items, but also by book volumes. An interesting variant is an experiment with shades. First, book covers are selected by color, and then determined with the background. Best of all, of course, look neutral colors, especially white.

Large library in the house Stairs for the home library  Interior in the style of minimalism  White bookshelves  High bookshelves  Wooden desk for books

For many modern apartments, the issue of saving valuable space is relevant. Placing shelves under the ceiling - an excellent solution for apartments that can not boast of a large footage. The only downside to this decision is the need to use a ladder-ladder.

Helpful Tips

These basic tips will help you optimize the layout of shelves and book volumes on them:

  1. You can not place books near the heaters. Cardboard can be deformed.
  2. It is necessary to protect the volume from direct UV rays. Pages from this become brittle, turn yellow.
  3. It is undesirable to ventilate the premises of the home library, if the outdoors is damp. This contributes to the destruction of glue and paper, as well as the appearance of mold.
  4. It is not necessary to place books in two lines: this is not entirely convenient.
  5. Do not put the volume too tightly, as the binding can be damaged.
  6. The optimal amount of free space above the books is 30 mm. Therefore, recumbent copies above the book volumes, especially in a closed cabinet - this is not the best option.

Cabinet with books


Beautiful, stylish, comfortably placed shelves with books are arranged for relaxation and relaxation. Several pages of the beloved author, read in silence and tranquility, will help to temporarily forget about the vanity and dynamism of everyday life.