A breathtaking interior in a scandinavian style loft

Figured above the kitchen

Small interiors created by these creators fascinate with their beauty and functionality of space.

A great architect and teacher, a leading specialist in the postmodern design, Charles Moore worked on his projects in a close studio on the top floor of the university building. He often stayed up late and stayed there for the night.

When the great architect did not become, his friends turned his workplace into a modern apartment, making an opening and connecting a part of the attic.

It turned out bright and bright apartment, in which artists live now, coming to exhibitions or taking over experience. White color in the interior background, it's walls, ceiling, architectural elements. Bright objects and fragments of decor create a festive joyful mood.

The studio's small room was unsightly. A long podium along the window and a small bathroom in the center of the room. The main thing for working on projects was the light that penetrated through the large stained-glass window, and the silence, as no one interfered with the work.

Unusual armchairs under an open bookshelf

In the corner there was a place for rest and work. On the shelves were stored folders with drawings and literature. The mattress turned the hard flooring into a sofa and let it sit for a long time without being distracted. A small table was enough to lay out the papers, prepare for lectures and create sketches of projects.

A long podium along the window

To create comfortable living conditions, the existing area was not enough. Expand the apartment to the side is impossible, because the neighboring offices were used by students. Then they decided to punch the hatch to the attic and do Interior Design in the favorite style of Charles.

A place to relax and work in the corner

The railing of the staircase bends and forms a figurative structure above the kitchen, decorated with bright objects. Below open shelves with dishes, above the art of Indians.

Open shelves with dishes

Railing with a wide bent serpentine flow throughout the room, starting your way from the bed on the upper level, mysteriously distorting the space. It turned out modern attic modernism with a decor of objects and drawings of aborigines, bright, colorful and unreal.

Railings of a curved shape

Stairs to the second floor, thanks to the original design, takes up little space. Underneath it there was a kitchen, and the steps turned into closed shelves and boxes for storing pots and appliances.

You can cook on a small stove and in the oven. Conditions will not allow you to pamper yourself with delicious dishes, but everyday difficulties will not cause.

The original staircase to the second floor

The dining table is foldable and, if necessary, the size of the lid can be increased. In the niches between the beams are arranged various art objects, which the artists collected together. Bright, they create a special interior color.

Small kitchen under the stairs

Upstairs is the bed. The base of the wooden slats can be moved apart and made for two. On the edge of the railing is a vase with tulips. The ledge forms a kind of closet with a shelf, in the niche of which there is a figure of local Mephistopheles.

Small bed in the attic

White linens merges with the walls, making the corner even lighter. In the evening, you can watch TV disguised at the door of the nightstand, lying on the bed.

TV over bed

Behind the panel at the head of the bed is a folding table and a cherry-colored chair that attracts attention. A niche in the wall above the bed can be used as a shelf for books, mobile phones and other items.

Folding table for bed

A compact arrangement of functional zones allowed creating a bathroom with a washbasin, toilet bowl and a glass shower. On the shelf there is a transparent vase with flowers and clean towels for the resident graduate students and those who came on a business trip.

On the wall is an oval bathroom mirror. Brilliant smooth surfaces reflect light, making the room more light. Beige color emphasizes its special purpose.

Bathroom in beige color

Even a bulb with a mercury-coated bulb now looks more fun, because it reflects the bright spots of the decor and the light from the windows. Each zone in the apartment, except for the ceiling, has additional lighting, which is turned on independently as needed.

Bulb with mercury coated bulb

On a white background, the color covers of books, arranged on open shelves, also become a decor. Friends collected art objects, which fascinated Charles Moore and decorated a small and cozy apartment, creating a museum in it and preserving the library.

Open book shelf