Cabinet with glass doors - the atmosphere of antiquity or a

Recently, more attention is being paid to lockers with glass doors. And not for nothing, because their diversity just does not know the boundaries - from the sweet and vintage to the restrained and even massive. Everyone can find an option to his liking, even the most capricious hostesses. How not to get lost in the abundance of the modern market, and choose the very closet with glass doors that perfectly fit into the interior? We'll talk about this later in this article with clear photos.

What is the special feature of the glass doors for the cabinet?

Each of us has a cabinet with glass doors that can cause quite a variety of associations - antiquities, antiques, grandmother's design, office or even a library. And it's no accident, because if you look behind the scenes of their history, you can find out that they appeared in the 18th century in England. Today this vintage furniture again comes into fashion and becomes the main trend in the world of interior. What is the secret of such lockers and why they have not given up their positions for several centuries?

Bookcases with glass doors in classic style

Each designer has a different function for the cabinet: how to hide the defect of the wall, and to emphasize a certain style of the room. But still the main task of any cabinet has always been and is systematized storage of things, whether it's dishes, books, favorite clothes or household trivia. The cabinet with glass doors has one undeniable advantage over all the usual closets - the contents of such a locker can be easily seen without even opening it. Thanks to this, he not only stores your things, but also helps decorate the interior design, make it more interesting and exciting.

Bookcases with glass doors - the trend of 2017

If the love of books is so strong that you no longer notice the speed with which you empty the shelves in bookshops, and your house every day looks more like a library, sooner or later you will have to think about buying a new locker to store your treasures.

The bookcase with glass doors will be an ideal solution because it can protect books from moisture, direct sunlight and various kinds of dirt that can damage the paper. Glass doors will not only gracefully emphasize your literary tastes, but they will not make you sweat again on the shelves in search of your favorite bestseller.

Cabinet with glass doors in a modern style

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A great bonus to such a locker will be lighting. It will provide a better overview of your favorite works, and will also create an amazing atmosphere in the room. Glass will only enhance the brilliance of light bulbs or LEDs.

Cabinet with glass door and lighting White cabinet with glass doors - photo Bookcases with glass doors and open shelves

One of the most important steps in choosing furniture is the choice of material. Modern furniture factories offer interesting bookcases with glass doors and a body made of materials such as:

  1. Woody array (look luxurious and, as a rule, serve longer than others);
  2. Particleboard, MDF or plywood (look pretty neat and discreet, often stylized as a natural tree, although there are more vivid solutions, they conquer low prices).

To learn more, read our article How to choose high-quality furniture from wood.

Low cabinet with glass doors in the living room design Matt glass doors for cabinet The idea of ​​a bookcase for a living room in white Bookcases with glass doors for home library

Kitchen cupboard and wall cabinet with glass doors

Since the lockers with glass doors allow you to see the objects stored in them, they are also ideal for storing your favorite dishes: crystal glasses, collection of cups, decorative plates etc. In 2017, vintage restored buffets and display cases returned to fashion, which allow to give the kitchen or dining area a special charm inherent in the style of Provence.

Kitchen cabinet with a glass door in the interior Kitchen design with glass doors and lighting Kitchen cupboard cupboard with glass doors Glass doors for the cabinet - photo in the living room dining room design

In addition, in the interior of the kitchen today, more often used hanging cabinets with glass doors that can not only decorate, but also visually increase the small space. Having an atypical, and sometimes a unique look, they will taste even the most capricious hostesses. On the following photos you can see proof of this.

Wall cabinet with glass doors in the interior of the kitchen Wardrobes with glass doors for kitchen Wooden cupboard with glass doors in the kitchen Glass doors for a cabinet in the kitchen - photos of unusual ideas

Closet of a compartment with glass doors (photo in the interior)

In today's world, in almost every apartment, you can find a wardrobe compartment with glass doors, because they are not the first year famous for their practicality, functionality and aesthetic appearance. Glass doors for such cabinets are transparent, colored, matte and mirror. It is often used in the form of printed drawings and sophisticated patterns. Advantage of sliding-door wardrobes can be called that they are made to order, but because you have the opportunity not only to choose the right sizes and interior content, but allow yourself to clear up your fantasies with decorative design. Several ideas for creating a stylish closet with glass doors you will find on the last photo in this article.

Closet compartment with transparent glass doors Color glass doors for cabinets of a compartment - photo in an interior Glass doors for cupboards with photo printing Sliding wardrobes with glass doors - photo in the hallway Also read: A capacious wardrobe in the hallway - choose a stylish designBuilt-in wardrobe with glass doors - photo in the bedroom Cupboard for bedroom with glass mirror doors Two-color wardrobe with glass doors in the living room Glass doors for a cabinet with a pattern and patterns