Bedroom design in light colors - interior photo

bedroom design in light colors

Choosing the design of a bedroom, first of all, you need to decide on the color scheme. Modern designers offer a huge number of options for the most demanding taste. The most universal of these is the bedroom design in light colors. It gives a feeling of freshness, purity, soothes and will never cease to be relevant.

Of the existing 9 groups of colors for light interiors recommended to use the main five.

Colors of waterblue, lilac, cold pink, turquoise, lilac, emerald, lavenderCool, blurry, unobtrusive, transparent. Delicate colors, luminous, smooth, but not flat. Easily perceived by the human eye, expand the space
Sweet colorsall cream: from milky white to cream-brule, beige,

pink-beige, vanilla,


all shades of coffee, color of cinnamon, cocoa, mint

Warm, calm, soft, not aggressive, weakly saturated, natural. Energetically relaxing, unobtrusive, do not differ in depth, but create additional heat in the interior
Boudoir colorsgray-pink, champagne, ashy and its shades, gray-beige, muffled gold, sand, pearlVery calm, not bright, but at the same time saturated, heterogeneous. Change depending on the lighting: become darker and thicker with a lack of sunlight.
Autumn colorskhaki, mouse, muted yellow and brown hues, greyish-green, greenish-brown, blurry gray, wheatenMuted, natural, differ in density, saturation, high level of lordship. Heterogeneous in color texture, perfectly camouflage wall defects. Due to lack of contrast can be basic in combination with more delicious shades.
Fruit Colorssalad, faint pistachio, warm pink and olive, peach, apricotNatural, color, heterogeneous. With sufficient saturation, they are blurred and tender. Well perceived in large volumes, animating the room.

Yellow walls in the bedroom

Choose the right color

When decorating a bright bedroom it is better not to overload the interior, stopping at 1-3 colors. It can be shades of one spectrum or color from different groups, the main thing is that their combination organically fit into the room.

The key points for choosing the right light interior are the size of the room, its location and lighting.

Light bedroom

Large or small bedrooms: consider the features

If the bedroom is small, then the most correct is to use the lightest shades, starting with white, or the most whitened. The smaller the quadrature of the room, the lighter the walls should be. They are recommended to be painted in the base color, without inclusions and color transitions. It is also correct to dwell on maximally combined shades, mostly of natural origin. This will visually add space, visually push the boundaries.

The room from 20 sq. M already allows a small zoning with the help of color transitions. In this case, it is possible to use complex shades, play on contrasts. The combination of a warm palette with a cold, equal degree of powderiness will be a winning one.

Large bedroom in bright colors

Color recommendations relate to the location of the room

So, the bedroom on the south side assumes colder shades, such as the colors of the water or some autumn ones. In the northern room it is better to add color heat and coziness with the help of a sweet palette. The windows to the east, south-east allow combinations of warm with cold shades. And the bedrooms in the western part of the apartment will look good in boudoir tones.

Light bedroom с голубыми стенами

Working with light is an important detail

The location of the room directly depends on its natural illumination. Determined with warmth, it is important to choose the level of lordship. It should be noted that many colors have the ability to change shades, darken in the absence of sunlight, thickening space. It is necessary to think carefully about the location of lighting devices, not limited to traditional chandeliers and bedside lamps. Scattered, dotted light will make it possible to advantagefully beat the interior of the bedroom in bright colors, will add an extra personality.

Stylish bright bedroom

Combine color with style

Beige, pastel and other light colors of the interior are almost universal when choosing a style. The restriction applies only to ethnic as well as oriental styles, as they imply bright, rich colors, variegated details. In the bedroom with caution should choose and fashionable high-tech. Despite the color compatibility, the monochrome nature of this interior, the abundance of chrome details in the room intended for relaxation, will not suit everyone.

Light bedroom в скандинавском стиле

The general recommendations of experts include such interior solutions as Provence (rustic style), classic, minimalism (Japanese style) and modern. How to choose a bedroom interior style?

  • Modern - refusal of sharp corners, clear lines, smooth color transitions, expensive natural materials, wooden furniture, parquet floors. Windows are decorated with blinds or contrasting textiles. Ideal combination of autumn and boudoir shades.
  • Classic - luxurious fabrics, stucco molding, false fireplaces, arched openings and a wealth of accessories. Assumes the choice of any color group, their soft combinations or light furniture. Important emphasis on warm colors.
  • Provence - a craving for simplicity, naturalness with a lot of decorative elements, translucent curtains, living plants as decor elements. The more the pastels in the interior, the better. Soft fruit shades will give a special tenderness to the country style.
  • Minimalism - the availability of only the necessary pieces of furniture, functionality, neutral gamma flooring. The use of the primary color for the decoration of walls and ceiling from the sweet group together with water colors.

These are only general trends. Thinking over the interior of your bright bedroom can and should be varied, guided by personal preferences. It is desirable only to observe the general directions of the chosen style.

Bedroom in Art Nouveau style

A highlight of a light bedroom: accessories

In conclusion, a few words about the correct arrangement of color accents in accessories, furniture and textiles.

  • If the interior assumes one large color spot (picture, head of the bed), then it must be harmoniously supported with small details. It can be door handles, furniture fittings or small additional decor elements.
  • If you want, you can add bright accents. Light bedroom assumes the duality of such accessories. The ideal choice will be paired cushions, padded stools, bedside tables, nightlights, identical vases. Objects of a basic color look interesting, only much more saturated. For example, peach and orange, beige and thick chocolate, salad and green.
  • The bedroom in light colors is better to decorate with monochrome curtains in color or with a small vertical pattern. Heavy contrasting curtains can take care of themselves, so use them with care and only in large rooms. Ideal solution for textiles will be pearl, cream, beige, golden colors.
  • Carpets and carpeting are perceived in the background. Therefore, neutral, warm shades will be a good option. In the case of an emphasis on this part, preference should be given to the fruit or sweet group, not forgetting about practicality.
  • One of the walls can become an accent in the room. Usually this is the wall at the head of the bed. With such a decision, you need to apply with special care in the interior of the picture, or completely abandon them. You can also decorate one wall with dark wallpaper, do not overdo it and do not do it if the bedroom is small.

Light bedroom с эркером

Cozy bright sleeper in the room

It is difficult to overestimate all the advantages of a bright bedroom. It creates a feeling of peace, home comfort, contributes to a full sleep. Light design can fill even a small room with air. Correctly selected shade will hide shortcomings and uneven walls and ceiling. Such an interior will never go out of style, it will always emphasize your impeccable taste.