Choose a loft bed for children and adults

How much space does your bed take? Did you know that you can get exactly as much free space by buying an attic bed for a children's room or a small apartment? Unlike bunk beds, this type of sleeping place leaves the space at the bottom free, thanks to which it is possible to decorate a working area, put a sofa, chest or other furniture, including a bed for the second child.

As usual, in this article Dekorin gives only the best photos of furniture - loft beds for children, teenagers and adults, as well as interesting models of loft beds with a sofa or an extra bed downstairs. We wish this article helped you buy or make an ideal loft bed by yourself!

Baby bed loft

Your child will probably like a child's bed in the form of a fortress or a castle. Typically, this loft bed is bought for children from 3 years, because the smallest children will find it hard to climb on. In the following photos, you will also see that there is also a loft bed with a working area - an excellent choice when the size of the children's room is severely limited. In addition to it can be chests of drawers with drawers, cabinets and shelves for compact storage of toys, clothes and other things. Convenient and cozy!

Baby beds photo:

Baby bed loft для девочкиBaby bed loft с рабочей зонойFunctional loft bed for children from 3 years oldComfortable and beautiful beds for childrenBed attic for children of girls Bed loft with drawers and shelves The best beds for children

Bed attic with a working area for a teenager

When a child grows older, his interests change and children's games are replaced by tons of lessons, sitting on the Internet, reading books, keeping a diary and other activities that require a comfortable table with shelves and other extras. For this purpose, a loft bed with a working area for a teenager will perfectly serve. Below you will see the best models in this category - beautiful beds for girls and guys in different styles and with different functions. Note how much space remains free when the bed and work space are combined!

Teenager-loft bed in the photo:

Bed attic with a working area for a teenager A stylish loft bed with a working area made of wood Teenager homemade loft bed photoBaby bed loft с рабочей зоной для подросткаPhoto of a bed in a boy's bedroomBaby beds - loft bed photo with working areaBeautiful loft bed for children from 3 years and teenagersBed loft for teenagers and adults

Choose a loft bed for adults

Why choose modest sizes of beds, if you can arrange a huge bed under the ceiling? The loft bed for adults can also be combined with a working area and other furniture, so it will become much more spacious in your bedroom or one-room apartment.

Choose a bed for adults? Then you may also want to look at floating and hanging beds without legs!

Photo of a bed in an adult bedroom:

Chic loft bed for adults with a wardrobeDouble bed loftMultifunctional bed photoBed of the loft - photo of the bed in the bedroomMake an adult loft bed for yourself Stylish loft bed with work area Beautiful loft beds for adults Green bed loft in the interior

Bed loft with bed downstairs

The loft bed with a bed down is an excellent alternative for a bunk bed, and also helps to solve the problem when children are very different in age or the kids often come to bed with an overnight stay. On the following photos you will see a loft bed for children from 3 years and teenagers, as well as beautiful beds with an extra folding bed downstairs.

Baby bed loft с рабочей зоной и кроватью внизу Built-in furniture - baby bed loft photo Pink with white loft bed with bed downstairs Baby bed with drawers on the photo Multifunctional beds for children and teenagers Black stylish loft bed with a bed at the bottom photo

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Bed loft with sofa downstairs

A high loft bed with a sofa at the bottom is perfect for any room, like a children's room, a bedroom, a living room or a one-room apartment room. Agree that on such a couch to sit much cozier, and even a place in the interior is saved!

Bed loft with sofa downstairs в спальне девочки Black loft bed with sofa in the interior Photo furniture - a beautiful loft bed with a sofa downstairs Bed loft with two sofas downstairs Bed of loft made of wood and metal Corner bed loft with sofa downstairs Stunning adult loft bed with drawersBed attic Sample CH

Bed Ikea loft

Finally, we can not fail to mention from the beds the lofts from the Ikea brand. In the catalog of this world-wide furniture brand the line of these beds is represented by four models - STORA, SVARTA, TROMSO and STUVA. If you want to get decent quality at an affordable price, order an Ikea loft bed!

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Bed loft from Ikea StoraBed Ikea loft Svarta с рабочей поверхностью Bed Ikea loft с диваном внизу Bed Ikea loft STUVA с рабочей поверхностью и шкафом