Design of gypsum board ceilings: 10 interesting ideas

The arrangement of the room consists not only of the realization of the design direction. It is important to pay attention to the ceiling, which plays one of the decisive roles in creating a cozy comfortable space. The usual white ceiling is long past. You can escape from the boring interior to the modern image of the house, if you order the design of ceilings from plasterboard.

Design of ceilings from plasterboard

It's a great idea to transform the room, decorate the ceiling, enhance the soundproofing of the room and, of course, perfectly level the surface of the ceiling. Using gypsum cardboard it is possible to obtain various geometric figures, use a wide color gamut and supplement with original lighting.

Design of the ceiling from plasterboard on the photoA small room will bloom in unique colors, perfectly matched to the shape of the ceiling. So, a tiny kitchen will seem bigger and more spacious, and the bedroom will heal with a new, renewed life. This modern method is suitable for any room and will easily solve the problem of arranging the interior of a city apartment or a country house.

Design of ceilings from plasterboard идеи

Plasterboard constructions can be of one level or multi-level. Specialists are always happy to help in choosing the right solution and make the house more comfortable for living and modern in terms of fashion trends.

Ceiling from plasterboard - one or two levels

Choosing a drywall for the ceiling, you need to decide which design to choose. One level involves creating a smooth ceiling, more suitable for a minimalist style.

photo of plasterboard ceilingsFans of curly ceilings can consider the possibility of creating two or three levels.

Photo of the ceiling design from plasterboardConcrete overlap can play the role of the first level, and further depends on the customer's imagination and the master's advice.

Design of ceilings from plasterboard фотоThe versatility of these ceilings makes it possible to simplify the creation of a unique interior with carefully selected elements, where each stroke has a special purpose.

Curved lines - a mystery in everything

A special kind is attached to the smooth lines, which are used in the space to emphasize a certain zone of the apartment. This way will suit the living room combined with the kitchen, to highlight the desired area of ​​space.

Design of ceilings from plasterboard 10 идеиOf course, it's ideal to use curved lines in a large room. If the room parameters do not allow, then do not be upset. A few smooth curves will look decent.

Multilevel ceilings - effective reception

Fresh ideas can always be combined into one. Thus, beautiful ceilings from plasterboard - multi-level ceilings. Their use allows you to decorate a huge living area. Transition between levels, original lighting and a few color strokes. All this gives incredible power to the result.

Design of ceilings from plasterboard на фото

Design options for ceilings from plasterboard

Ideas of plasterboard ceilings

The designer can think over many small things where the lighting at the sofa will be special and unpredictable, and the dining area is pleasant and unobtrusive. Let the design has some difficulties in the creation, it's worth it.

Plasterboard ceilingsDrywall is a fairly flexible material that allows you to easily cope with the irregularities and shortcomings of the room. With its help, a complex project will receive a worthy solution - a completely different, unusual ceiling.

Plasterboard ceilingYou can use various techniques - soften the interior with smooth lines or emphasize the severity of the design. Much depends on the team that is working on the project. Work experience speaks volumes. The more work behind the shoulders, the easier it is to work with the customer and simply perform a different level of tasks.

Plasterboard ceilings 10 идейUsing the lighting built into the gypsum cardboard allows to create a uniform light in the room, visually increase the ceiling area and in the theme of the chosen style to accomplish the luminaire finish, which will make the interior more finished and interesting.

Variants of plasterboard ceilingsThe choice of interior style, sufficient attention to the design of the ceiling - all this is a set of tasks that you want to solve quickly and effectively. It is not important to make a ceiling of gypsum cardboard with your own hands or ordered and executed by specialists, the main thing is to make efforts that the surrounding situation in the house, the apartment helped improve the quality of life, cheer up and increase the incentive to achieve their own goals.

Plasterboard ceiling фотоBeautiful renovation, modern interior design ideas, good quality furniture - all this makes you feel more comfortable, making the world around you brighter.