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Design шкафа-купе в прихожей

According to legend (who knows, maybe this is true), the first inventor of the wardrobe was none other than Napoleon Bonaparte. The world famous Corsican above all appreciated the order in things. The original French invention was liked by American and Italian masters, and they perfected it for two centuries in every way. At present, the closet is a universal design that allows you to save a useful space in the apartment. At the same time, a compact cabinet holds in its bowels such an abyss of things that one can not even believe. And not only accommodates, but also allows you to store them in perfect order. The market has a large number of options for this furniture, with various finishes, design and equipment. How to choose the design of the closet in the hallway, which is best for you. Read - you will know.

Closet with a mirror  Black wardrobe in the hallway  Design гардероба в прихожей  Closet in the hallway  Elegant decor of the cabinet

Types of structures

There are such a variety of wardrobes, installed in the hall:

Built-inThe design is attached directly to the wall, since it does not have its own floor and ceiling. This is a good way to save materials. Bearing structures for the frame are the ceiling and walls. Shelves and pipes are fixed directly to the walls. Such furniture is great for a small room. The disadvantage is the complexity with the fit to the desired size. Therefore, it is desirable that this work is performed by a professional. Each built-in closet is an individual project, executed for specific parameters. Therefore, you can not move it. In any case, independently.
Semi-builtMounting is done with one side to the wall. In this case, your own sex and ceiling may be absent. Compared with cabinet furniture, this design is cheaper.
CaseThese are freestanding cabinets that have their own floor, roof and walls. Here there are all the elements inherent in the standard construction, namely the frame parts. Their cost is higher than the built-in and semi-built furniture, but if necessary, the cabinet can be moved. You can order furniture on an individual project or use the standard option.

Cabinet in the hallway Corner cabinet-compartment  Lacquered wardrobe  Modular closet in the hallway  Beautiful mirrored wardrobe  Design прихожей

CornerDistinguish L-shaped, triangular, pentagonal and trapezoidal designs. The area of ​​use of the various options depends on the configuration of the hallway. In L-shaped cases both parts are mutually perpendicular. The wardrobe of the triangular shape repeats the configuration of the corner. Of course, it can not be called capacious, but it is compact and harmoniously fits into the interior. Especially convenient is the trapezoidal and pentagonal furniture. It is roomy and stable, but it takes up much more space than a triangular construction. A special case of a corner cabinet is a radius construction.
Products with an open facadeThe advantage of such products is the ultimate convenience. Clothing is directly accessible on the hanger, shoes are stored in drawers. Such models are a real find for a small hallway. Each of the above options has its positive and negative sides. The specific choice depends on the size and shape of the room, as well as on the taste preferences of the potential buyer.

Large wardrobe with a mirror in the hallway

Materials and fittings

Consider the most common manufacturing materials used in the manufacture of sliding-door wardrobes.

  • Particleboard and MDF. Particleboard is a kind of champion of popularity. This is a durable, lightweight material. Considering the protective coatings, the EAF is environmentally friendly. MDF is somewhat more expensive, but also more durable. Because of the smooth surface, it is well colored. The veneered covering is a cut of a tree of noble breeds.
  • Laminate - a realistic imitation of stone, pottery or such grades of noble wood as bleached and stained oak, wenge, mahogany.
  • Aluminum, steel. Aluminum constructions are more expensive, but they are more lightweight. In addition, the steel profile during operation is quite noisy. However, aluminum is inferior in strength to steel.
  • Mirror elements are very convenient and practical. It is possible to use conventional products or with a printed pattern.
  • Glass. In addition to transparent, apply color, relief and toned options. A special film makes the glass safe. Triplex is also used - damage-resistant glass.
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Closet with shelves A long closet in the corridor  Interior of the hallway in the apartment  Cabinet decoration with mirrors  Wooden wardrobe for the hallway  The closet in the style of minimalism

Very popular facades, which are a combination of different materials. For decoration of furniture use plastic, leather and textiles.


Before buying a product, you need to determine the location of its placement and make measurements.

  • Height and width of the cabinet. This is the main overall dimensions.
  • Depth of the product
  • When planning the equipment of the product, it must be remembered that the distance between the hanger and the shoe shelf should be from 90 cm. In this case, the clothes and shoes will not touch each other.

Design прихожей в квартире

Correct measurement of overall dimensions is quite a complicated and responsible business. Therefore, it is desirable to entrust it to a professional furniture designer or designer.


The practicality, functionality and convenience depend on how thoughtful and high-quality will be the internal filling of the closet-compartment. Internal filling includes: shelves, drawers, laundry baskets, storage devices for shoes.

White sliding wardrobe with backlight Entrance hall in beige tones  Dark brown wardrobe  Designерский шкаф для прихожей  Wardrobe for the hallway in a private house  Modern wardrobe

For outerwear

Outer clothing is placed on hangers. The use of the rod and pantograph makes it possible to place the product in several tiers and, thus, save space. On the bars, you can also place hooks for non-perming items of outerwear, for accessories and handbags.

Sliding wardrobe with mezzanine

For shoes

Shoes are placed on the shelves of plastic or aluminum mesh. Install them slightly at an angle so that the shoes are noticeable better. To fasten shoes too close to each other or at the floor of a product it is impossible, that under them the dirt did not accumulate. It is necessary to clean the shelves from dirt more often, so that the dust does not settle on other things. Shelves can be flip-down or extendable. Everything depends on the preferences of the owners.

Large corner wardrobe

Shelves and drawers

Shelves are made of laminated chipboard, aluminum or plastic. The standard shelf is made of the same material as the body of the product. Shelves from chipboard are durable and can withstand pretty heavy objects (for example, household appliances). The interval between the shelves ranges from 250 to 400 mm. It all depends on what things you are going to store on them. Drawers, as a rule, are mounted in the middle zone of the cabinet. Usually vertically set from 3 to 5 boxes. Lower boxes are more capacious. They are convenient for storing large items: for example, blankets or bed linen.

It is convenient to use cloth vertical organizer shelves in the closets. They store small items, clothes and even shoes.

Spacious wardrobe

For vacuum cleaner, ironing board and other household items

Temporarily unused household appliances can be stored on large large shelves from below. Very comfortable design with a built-in ironing board. Attach it to the side bar. The board is very compact and does not take up much space. The basis of it is a high-strength plywood with a coating of foil and refractory batting. Sometimes laminated plywood is replaced with a mesh of metal.

Modular furniture in the hallway


The closet itself is a modern design. But one should not think that he will fit only into modern design. Judge for yourself.

  • Modern style. Here, artificial materials with non-standard textures dominate. It is the unusual color, the contrast of opaque and glossy surfaces that compensate for the ascetic-strict geometry of the lines and the minimum of the usual decor.
  • Classic. This is, first of all, a natural tree or a quality imitation (for example, a veneered surface). The color can be different: from pastel-gentle to dark. Smooth lines, decorated with tasteful carving, rounded corners of the body - all this fits into the style canons. "Empire" is more monumental, for "baroque" is characterized by an abundance of decor.
  • Minimalism. This style meets the design with a straight monophonic facade. The decor is completely missing. Built-in cabinets fit well into the minimalist design. They function remarkably well, not "eating" at the same time the precious space of a small room.
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Classic hallway interior Sliding wardrobe in dark color  Cupboard in Provence style  Loft style interior  Black wardrobe for the hallway  Wardrobe for clothes in the hallway

  • Provence. The peculiarity of this style is the attraction to vintage objects. As the wardrobe is modern furniture, you will have to use artificially aged materials. The color scheme is pastel colors. Welcome beautifully made painting or carving decoration.
  • Loft. This is a chic bourgeois design, artfully concealing luxury for ostentatious simplicity and rudeness. The best material for a wardrobe in the loft style is a tree painted in natural colors. Looks good mirror design.

Color Solutions

The main requirement when choosing the color of the product is the conformity of the color palette of the interior. It should be taken into account that several prevailing colors already exist in it, so a too bright spot sometimes introduces dissonance and looks annoying. The basic principles of choice are as follows.

Stylish wardrobe for an apartment Spacious wardrobe в доме  Black and white wardrobe  Bright hallway design  Round wardrobe  High cabinet

As a rule, many models are represented in the catalogs very bright. This is nothing more than a "showcase" for attracting buyers. Having put home such an article, shining in different shades, you are unlikely to achieve harmony.

Excellent, if in the decor there are lines already available on different interior items. Is it worth it to choose a cabinet that fully matches the floor and wall finishing materials? Of course, the functionality of furniture will not suffer from this in any way, but the interior will lose unequivocally.

Original cabinet decor

The room will look like a monotonous box, albeit finished with first-class materials. Conversely, if you choose a cabinet of a different color (naturally combined with the finish), and the interior is varied with paintings, posters or other decor, then even low-budget furniture will transform the hallway. A very useful in this respect is the table of color compatibility.

Simple wardrobe for the corridor White wardrobe with green decor  Gilding on the cupboard  Wardrobe for light wood  Cabinet with round corners  Wardrobe with large mirrors

If you have doubts about the color scheme, it makes sense to limit the reflective doors. Mirrors do not just look good, but also visually expand the interior.

Choose a place

Место для размещения шкафа-купе зависит от габаритов и конфигурации прихожей, а также от расположения остальных предметов интерьера. Для маленького и узкого помещения хороший вариант — разместить шкаф-купе в углу или нише. Выбор для малогабаритной прихожей особенно сложен. Выбирать следует ту модель, которая вместит все необходимое. Если не удается найти что-то подходящее в оффлайновом или онлайн-магазине, можно заказать мебель в специализированной фирме. Designерская хитрость — зеркальные двери — помогают сделать пространство визуально больше. Шкафы-купе, размещенные в нишах – прекрасное решение для длинного неширокого коридора. Самый благодатный вариант для дизайнеров – квадратная или прямоугольная прихожая. Здесь уместны самые разные конструкции. Если прихожая соединена с другими помещениями, то гардероб можно использовать для функционального зонирования.

Mirror wardrobe in the hallway Dark cupboard and light walls  Elegant decor of the cabinet  Wardrobe for clothes  Entrance hall in gray tones  Cupboard with milk color

When choosing the location for the closet, avoid contact with the entrance door and install furniture at some distance from the entrance.

Tips for choosing

There are a lot of options for choosing furniture, so, in order not to make a mistake in choosing, basic knowledge is needed. First you need to decide on the scenario of using furniture. What are you going to store in the closet? Whether it will be just a functional piece of furniture or some design element. Hence - and the subsequent selection criteria. The first thing that needs to be paid attention is the design features. Here everything depends on the size and shape of the hallway, the mutual arrangement with the furniture. There are other important points when choosing.

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Light wardrobe in the hallway Cabinet with lighting and decor  Classic wardrobe decor  Built-in wardrobe  Small closet  Design зеркал на шкафу

  1. Doors. The most budgetary option is a chipboard with a 4-millimeter mirror. In addition, sliding doors are made of such materials: lakobel - painted decorative glass, plastic lacomat - lacquered opaque glass. Beautifully look doors with leather inserts. There are also possible compositions from different materials. Products decorated with a decor, are more expensive.
  2. Materials of manufacture. The best combination of price and quality for the Super E chipboard. For moving parts, use aluminum and steel. The construction of steel is more sound, cheap and durable, and aluminum - noiseless and aesthetic.
  3. Door opening system: with moving the roller along the rail or in the groove.
  4. Dimensions. Here everything depends on the individual sizes of the hallway.
  5. Equipment.
  6. Style.

Purple cabinet

There are a few basic tips for choosing.

  1. Each place of installation of the wardrobe in the apartment corresponds to its own individual design.
  2. It is necessary that the sliding doors open easily and soundlessly, they are safe. This is especially true for families with children.
  3. If you choose between aluminum and steel profiles, the first is preferable, despite the higher cost.
  4. For drawers, the mechanism of extension is not a roller mechanism, but a ball mechanism.
  5. Fittings intended for interior filling of furniture, it is advisable to buy gradually. In the beginning you can buy only what is relevant for the moment.
  6. Buy only certified products. The availability of the certificate indicates that the furniture is fully consistent with the quality standards adopted in Europe and the world. This applies not only domestic, but also foreign goods.

Spacious wardrobe Wardrobe for an apartment  Cabinet with shelves for the hallway  Cabinet with frosted mirrors  Closet without mirrors  Closet-compartment in the tone of doors


Typically, the store indicates the cost of furniture without regard to assembly. If you do not have special skills and tools, it is better not to take the assembly. If there is a desire to do something yourself, then you can assemble the product without a master. You will be useful for work.

  1. Screwdriver (it can be replaced with a screwdriver).
  2. Hexagon key.
  3. For marking - tape measure, pencil.

In order not to damage the floor covering, it is necessary to lay it soft with something. This can be textiles, pieces of old wallpaper or packaging from under the cabinet.

Luxurious wardrobe

The key to success is the impeccable adherence to the instructions. All accessories and accessories are marked. It is equally important to follow the assembly sequence and not start all over again.

  1. The first stage is the assembly of the base of the product. Most often, as a fastener, confirmations and corners are used. The base is attached to the bottom.
  2. Build the case. It is important to ensure that the top and bottom of the parts correspond to the marking. When assembling the cabinet, it is necessary to check that the assembled parts do not tilt, since the fastening can be broken off.
  3. Fastening the product cover.
  4. Rear wall mounting. To fasten it with nails is undesirable, as it turns out to be unstable. It is much more practical to use self-tapping screws or a construction stapler. Some models have a special groove for the wall.
  5. The control of the assembly consists in measuring the diagonals of the product. They must be the same, otherwise the design will turn out a curve, and the doors will not close tightly.
  6. Installation of holders for shelves and guides for boxes.
  7. Installation of shelves.
  8. Installation of the door of the wardrobe. First fix the rail with self-tapping screws. The first is recommended to mount the upper guide, and then lower. After that, mount the door.
  9. Adjusting the flaps with a hexagon. If the product is assembled correctly, the doors open and close in both directions to the end.
  10. Sealing of seals. Sometimes (if lucky), the sliding-door wardrobes are delivered fully assembled.

Olive Decor Cupboard Zoning with a cabinet  Modern wardrobe for a spacious hallway  Wide wardrobe  Space saving in the hallway  Translucent doors in the cupboard


The choice of a wardrobe is not an easy and scrupulous business. We hope that by using these tips, you will be able to purchase the option that you need. Many companies offer on their sites special "designers" that allow you to model a truly unique dream cabinet.