Refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen +75 photo

Refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen

If earlier, in order to buy a refrigerator, it was necessary to stand in line for a purchase, but today household appliances stores offer refrigerators for every taste and purse. A modern refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen is of great importance. Without it, it is impossible to store many products, and also prepare dishes such as ice cream or jelly. How to choose and place in the kitchen space a much needed thing?

Modern kitchen interior with fridge

Two-chamber models are the most common and convenient. The freezer and the storage compartment always have different doors.

Three-chamber options are designed for those who cook a lot and with a soul. Do you like exotic products with strict storage requirements? Then the third camera with zero temperature will suit you perfectly.

Furniture with a facade for a tree

The volume of the refrigerator depends on how many people will use it. Large families use many frosts, so in this case it is better to choose a freezer with a capacity of over 90 liters. The camera for a large family must be at least 200 liters.

All refrigerators up to 180 cm in height have a storage capacity of up to 350 liters. If the height of the device reaches 210 cm in height, then its volume can be even 800 liters.

Niche in the wall

As if hearing the prayers of all the owners of the world, the producers came up with such refrigerators, which no longer need to be defrosted. This invention can be considered a real technical breakthrough. Without this function, the model of the cooling unit looks miserable today. This function is labeled as "No Frost". In these refrigerators there is a forced ventilation system. But there is also a small minus, these models a little more drying products, and also a little more noise. However, not so much as Soviet refrigerators.

Conventional refrigerators have an evaporator, because of the work of which the frost on the walls is formed. The noise level in them reaches 42 dB, and they are cheaper than more functional counterparts. But the freezer in them will have to be defrosted regularly.

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Fixtures on the cabinet

Antibacterial coating - an indispensable attribute of each refrigerator. Although many bacteria also stop their reproduction at low temperatures, but there are those that do not interfere with the cold. Therefore, this newfangled device is also in the cooling trend.

The economics of a refrigeration unit is an important point in choosing a model. The most economical models are marked with class "A". Sometimes the manufacturer adds a few "+" to this marking, which means increased energy efficiency. Class "C" is considered the most "voracious" in the energy plan. Here the choice depends on the availability of models and material possibilities.

Kitchen furniture with marble worktops

The last criterion of choice is the design of the refrigerator. White, steel, black, beige, brown and even red - that's what machines can be seen on sale. The color of the future assistant should be combined with the overall design of the kitchen, preferably the tone of the refrigerator does not break out of the overall ensemble of the kitchen set.

The combination of a gray wall and a yellow refrigerator  Turquoise stove and refrigerator in the kitchen  Blinds on the window  Kitchen with U-shaped layout  Lockers with shelves on the wall in the work area

Accommodation options

In fact, every functional element of the kitchen has its own place for a reason. The stove and sink are located where they are provided with a drain and an outlet. The refrigerator, according to the rules of placement, must form a working triangle with a plate and a sink.

According to the laws of ergonomics, a place for a refrigeration apparatus is allocated at the door or window. Since neither the sink nor the stove can be put there, and the refrigerator is looked there most harmoniously.

Refrigerator in the working area of ​​the kitchen

Designer move, where the stove and refrigerator are placed on one line, is allowed in a small kitchen. There, space saving makes its own adjustments. Arranging furniture in the kitchen linearly, you can not put the refrigeration unit near the heating system, since the surplus heat reduces the efficiency of its operation.

When the kitchen has a compact footage, you can place a freezer and a refrigerator under the work surfaces, but they have to be purchased separately for this.

Chandeliers in the form of flowers in the interior  Wardrobes with built-in microwave oven  White furniture in the interior  Built-in luminaires on stream  Floor of the boards in the kitchen

In the corner

In the corner рефрижератор ставят тогда, когда площадь кухни больше среднего метража. Так холодильник полностью вписывается в ансамбль кухонного уголка.

Refrigerator in the corner of the kitchen

Angular arrangement helps create a real working triangle. With this arrangement, washing and cooking products is much easier than with other accommodation options.

Black kitchen furniture in white interior  Apron of black tile  Kitchen with orange furniture  Cabinets with illumination  Glass apron in the interior

Alongside the door

The location near the kitchen door has a certain advantage. Bringing the purchase into the house, they can easily and quickly put in the refrigerator before going to work. In addition, the door that opens into the door will cover the refrigeration unit slightly, which will save space.

Refrigerator near the door in the kitchen

In those houses where there is practically no kitchen at all, you can use the original advice and put the refrigerator at the entrance to the apartment. It can be hidden between the closets in the hallway. Or completely disguise as one of them.

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Interior with orange fridge  Boot in the work area  Clock above the door  Seat with cushions against the wall  Kitchen furniture with a lemon-colored facade

Under the working area

Under the working area целый агрегат спрятать не удастся. Поэтому морозилку и основную камеру размещают рядом, но по отдельности.

Refrigerator under the work area in the kitchen

Individual refrigerators consume more energy than a single refrigeration system.

Another refrigerator under the working area can not have a large capacity. Such refrigerators are designed for use by one person.

Boxes with products  Refrigerator in the table  The floor in the interior  Table with fridge  Kitchen furniture from natural wood

Built-in and disguised as a set

For those who are worried about the aesthetics of the appearance of the kitchen, a refrigerator, disguised as a kitchen set, will do. Previously, this way used to hide the dishwasher, now a large cabinet for the refrigerator can be ordered complete with other kitchen cabinets.

Refrigerator built-in headset in the interior The combination of black and white flowers in the kitchen  Lilac walls in the interior  Light green furniture in the kitchen  Clock on the wall  Red furniture in the interior of the kitchen

Color: with what to combine

A color refrigerator, most often used to create a style of Provence in the interior. Famous lavender and turquoise refrigerators can be seen on Provencal kitchens quite often. What is combined with a certain color? Let's consider variants of combinations more in detail:

Color of refrigeratorVariants of combinations
The blackWith kitchen in beige, gray, lemon tones.
SteelWith a lavender, blue, white and golden base.
WhitePractically with all variants of cuisines.
RedWith gray aprons and walls.
BlueWith brown, pistachio, olive and green tones.
OrangeWith kitchens in lime shades, as well as with dark interiors.
BeigeUniversal for any interiors.

For fans of everything bright and unusual, the refrigerator, covered with special interior stickers, is suitable. So a big helper turns into an English phone booth, or becomes a picture where the Eiffel Tower is visible.

The combination of a steel refrigerator and dark furniture in the kitchen

Color surfaces are not as strong as standard gray or white. When cleaning them, do not use aggressive detergents.

How to fit into the interior design unusual colors and models of refrigerators? To solve the problem, you can use the following tips:

  • Silvery and reflective light of the refrigerator - it's better not to put it in front of the window, reflection from it will regularly create unnecessary glare;
  • On a tiny kitchenette, any color device will narrow the space even more. Black-gray or gray-beige options are also not suitable. To visually expand the space, you either need to take the refrigerator out of the living room, or pick up its color so that it fuses completely with the interior;
  • The cooler of the classic shade should not be combined with advanced design directions.

In all other cases, the choice of the model should be based on its characteristics. After all, the color can always be changed by painting or finishing with different stickers.

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White интерьер с серой мебелью  Ceramic tiles on the floor  Corner window in the kitchen  The combination of white and turquoise colors in the interior  Large mirror on the wall


White рефрижератор – король всех холодильных установок. За чистотой и белизной его цвета хозяйки со всего мира следят очень тщательно.

White холодильник на кухне

Therefore, you can not call it simple. On the other hand, this model is classic and very stylish. Suitable for many kitchen designs. Visually increases the space of the room.

The fewer colored parts on a white fridge, the better. By the way, catchy magnets on it do not look at all, but family photos without borders look there, as on a white canvas.

Sandy cuisine in the interior  The combination of gray walls and blue furniture  Green apron in white interior  Lamps over the dining table  Window in the work area

The black

The black вариант является модным аксессуаром. Его величие может затмить всю прочую кухонную утварь, ведь он создан для того, чтобы создавать мощный акцент в кухонном дизайне.

The black холодильник в интерьере кухни

Not simple in combination with other colors, but the monumental element looks luxurious and expensive. And care for him is almost minimal.

Kitchen in Scandinavian style  Bar stools at the table-island  Kitchen with a strict design  The combination of black and white walls  TV on the wall


Steel холодильный аппарат может быть создан, как из нержавеющей стали, так и из пластика. Этот вариант универсален, податлив к различному декору и цветовым сочетаниям. А с электронным табло смотрится, как что-то космическое.

Steel холодильник на кухне

Steel refrigerators according to statistics are considered the most purchased models. Not surprisingly, because they fit almost everything.

Hood with illumination above the stove  Bamboo blinds on the window  Brick wall in the interior  Window wash  Kitchen-living room


The color device always raises the mood. It fits perfectly into the bright kitchen. But exacting to the accompanying shades and small details.

Red холодильник в интерьере кухни

His beauty lies in the purity of color. Here the rule is: the brighter, the better.

Fireplace in living room  Shelves on the wall in the work area  Blue refrigerator in the kitchen  Colored tiles on the floor  The combination of mustard furniture and a red refrigerator


Choosing a refrigerator is not an easy task. Previously, he was elected for decades ahead, and sometimes even inherited. Modern machines also serve for quite some time. Yes, and today producers can be found in almost any country.

When choosing a model, be guided by its parameters. There is nothing worse in the kitchen than a refrigerator that does not cope with the necessary functionality. For example, gourmets are suitable models with built-in cooling pails for caviar and champagne. Summer residents will appreciate refrigerators with huge freezers, and bachelors are quite satisfied with the compact options built into the suite.

White furniture and turquoise refrigerator in the kitchen  White стол и серая мебель на кухне  Chess walls and floor in the interior  Inscriptions on the refrigerator  Shelves on the wall by the table

The most creative models of refrigerators in the world are transparent structures, where you can see all the food placed there. The second in this ranking are the cooling units, the height of which can be collected by yourself. And on the third place there are refrigerators on which it is possible to write a marker from different directions. Still wondering about which device to choose? In any case, the decision is yours.