Cushioned furniture

Tired of the look of the old upholstered furniture? Things that occupy such an important place in your home should create comfort and give only positive emotions! It does not matter, you decided to buy new furniture and repair the old one: we have prepared for you a few tips that will help you get off the road and achieve the desired result!

Cushioned furniture

How to choose upholstered furniture

Before you change or upgrade old furniture, you should think carefully about what exactly you would like to improve in it. It is best to compile a visual list of such factors.

To decide what type of sofa and armchairs you need, it is not enough just to look at the pictures on the Internet. Therefore, having fed in this way your imagination, go to the salons that represent a wide choice, and check there the convenience of the models you like.

First of all, of course, it is necessary to determine the dimensions. So, if the space allocated for a sofa or a soft corner is limited, then take a closer look at models with thin armrests or without them at all. Think whether you really rely on them so often? Can they be replaced with a pillow?

Cushioned furniture без подлокотников

Do not forget to check and how comfortable you are with a certain height of the seatback. Compare the feeling with those that you gave old furniture. Was it not that the neck often got tired? High backs of upholstered furniture provide better support for the head and look great in rooms with high ceilings.

Cushioned furniture с высокой спинкой

Most modern furniture manufacturers offer excellent conditions for the purchase of goods, when the customer himself can choose armrests, compartments, mechanisms, upholstery, etc. That is why, before going to the salon, it is important to clearly define your own requirements for upholstered furniture.

Upholstered furniture to order

Sofas or chairs made to order, can have any size and shape. But the most important opportunity, which opens custom-made upholstered furniture, is to choose any depth of seats that will provide the best comfort to a person depending on its growth.

Deep upholstered furniture

In addition, when ordering upholstered furniture, you can choose it more economical or better quality filling.

Traditional filling of upholstered furniture is a wooden frame with springs, covered with a layer of horsehair or fiber, and on top - wool felt or cotton upholstery. Furniture of higher quality has a base of short branded springs or of elastic fabric with high-density foam on the frame.

Cushioned furniture и её наполнение

Custom-made cushions can be filled with foamy material, down or down with feathers. Pooh and feathers for pillows are a more luxurious option, but they will have to be changed on a regular basis. The foam material lasts much longer, but at the same time limits the choice of the shape of the pillows. As a rule, only rectangular shapes are cut out of it, which do not suit everyone's taste.

Design of upholstered furniture

Let's look at the individual design elements that your upholstered furniture can have:

  1. legs - this element determines the style in which furniture is made: thus, gracefully curved, rounded legs are classics, while the square or conical shape of the legs speaks of a more modern taste;
  2. cover the legs and armrests - choose a solid (wood, chipboard or the like) or order, so they are also upholstered in fabric;
  3. hats nails - fabric for upholstery furniture can also be used for their decoration;
  4. cushions for the seat or under the back - they can be fixed, inserted or in the Turkish style;
  5. fringe - consider it as an element of the traditional upholstery of your upholstered furniture; it must necessarily be here, if used on curtains or other elements of the interior;
  6. rollers - you will need, if you plan to periodically move furniture; The best materials for furniture rollers are brass, antique brass, chrome and tin;
  7. upholstery fabric - contact the manufacturer for advice to make sure that the fabric you choose is suitable for the specified purposes. It is strongly recommended that pet owners choose the anti-smoking coating.

Sofa in Art Nouveau style

Care and maintenance of upholstered furniture

What are the points to consider when choosing upholstered furniture so that it will last you long and happily?

  1. make sure that the upholstery of the couch and armchairs that you buy is not able to easily absorb stains and dirt;
  2. consider buying an extra set of armrest covers that can be cleaned by yourself.

Upholstery of upholstered furniture requires regular vacuuming to prevent "ingestion" in it of various dirt and dust that got there.

Special shampoos for upholstery washing are now available in most supermarkets, but materials such as velvet, tapestry, silk or brocade must be cleaned strictly by specialists with special tools and tools.

Leather chairs and sofas can only be cleaned with soap. In addition, the skin should be treated once or twice a year as a good conditioner for the skin.

How to make a tool for washing upholstery?

Dissolve six teaspoons of soap, grated on a grater, in half a liter of boiling water and add two teaspoons of ammonia. Allow the mixture to stand until a gel consistency is formed. Whip the mixture on a cloth with a mixer or blender. After - remove the remnants with a simple sponge, trying to avoid excessive friction of the upholstery and strong soaking of the furniture filling.