Stylish comfort in a tiny apartment - a wonderful example of

Interior of a dining room in a small apartment

Now you will see photos of a real miracle of design art in interior design.

Only 29 square meters contained multifunctionality and incredible beauty. The main advantage of the room, which played a role in the design - a convenient layout.

Kitchen interior in a small apartment

The living room is very interesting from the point of view of decorators accommodation. All rules are met to the last detail. Thanks to this you can completely abstract from what is happening in the kitchen while communicating with friends or relaxing.

Interior of the living room in a small apartment Served table in a small apartment

Almost weightless shelving separates the bedroom from the rest of the space. Visually, it expands the squares, and it is purely practical - it allows you to retire and have a good night's sleep, even if there are people.

Bedroom interior in a small apartment

It is impossible not to fall in love with the color scheme of the apartment: it is done impeccably. It is only necessary to enter here, as feelings of freshness and spaciousness will overwhelm you. You will surely be amazed!

Bathroom interior in a small apartment