Blue-eyed nolin matryoshka

Nolin matryoshka is a wooden painted doll created in the city of Nolinsk, which is geographically located in the Kirov region, famous for the production of Vyatka nesting dolls. Painted toys in this region produce at several enterprises. And one of them is in Nolinsk.

Painted toys

With the development of folk crafts for the manufacture of wooden toys, small workshops appeared in the north of the country. In Nolinsk, a matryoshka carved on a lathe began to be produced only in 1950. Initially, the toy was decorated with paintings, and since 1970 they began to inlay straws. To date, the company produces over 200 types of nesting dolls.

Features of Nolin matryoshka

Matryoshka Nolinsky masters - a girl-northerners with a shy soft smile. She has a sweet and affable expression on her face. Her clear look attracts and fascinates. These features are typical for all Vyatka nesting dolls. Nolinskaya also differs in that the composition of its painting completely preserves the basis of folk Russian traditions:

  • fair-haired and red-haired hair;
  • large clear blue eyes;
  • predominance of red color;
  • bright colors of the painting.

It is in the bright blue eyes that the secret of the popularity of the Nolin matryoshka is hidden, and in this its main difference from other Vyatka painted dolls.

With the development of demand for handicrafts, a change in fashion trends, the Nolinsky enterprise began to look for new solutions in the production of matryoshka dolls. In 1980, there were author's toys with new forms and new themes of painting - the stories became more interesting.

In the range of Nolin matryoshka dolls you can find an interesting doll on the design with a story of your favorite fairy tale and make a choice not only by beautiful painting, but also by the number of dolls in the set. In the catalog of Nolin souvenirs there are popular seven-subject and ten-item nested dolls. You can also purchase a set with a lot of dolls.

Author's doll from Nolinsk

The author's doll from Nolinsk still represents a toy, but not as simple as it was before. It became the subject of decorative and applied Russian art and an interesting valuable souvenir. Vyatka dolls were internationally recognized at the World Exhibition in Brussels and exported to 12 different countries in Europe, Asia, and America. This is a nested doll, which is not only worth buying, but also for yourself.

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