Decor of a coffee table by one's own hands

Coffee table decor

Coffee tables so often decorate the interiors of houses and reception offices, which begins to seem as if this element has always existed. In fact, it was invented relatively recently, just a couple of centuries ago. The invention is attributed to the English architect Edward Godwin. Initially, the table was called coffee and was used for tea drinking during receptions of guests. A little later, this furniture was taken outside the house and installed in a garden or gazebo. The first coffee tables were 70 cm high, and they were made by cutting the legs of the usual ones. A little later the bar dropped even lower to 45-50 cm, and this furniture became separate. The change in height probably occurred under the influence of oriental culture. The coffee table began to be called because of the tradition that has arisen to store periodicals on a special lower shelf. This interior element is made of wood, plastic, metal, stone, glass and various polymers. The decor of the coffee table can be made by using the help of handy materials: fabrics, threads, glass, pieces of ceramic tiles, paints, planks. Usually decorate the old furniture, which has an uncanny look to give her a new life. In the article, we will take a closer look at master classes using popular decorating techniques.

Of the materials with which the tables are glued, you can distinguish shells, glass, wooden fragments. A richly colored element will look beautiful in itself and do not overload it with additional decor in the form of souvenirs, vases, trinkets and books.

Mini tables


To decorate the table in the technique of decoupage, you will need glue PVA, lacquer, sandpaper, primer and "carrier" pictures. In his role can serve napkins, pieces of cloth, photographs and even old wallpaper. If the table is made of wood, then it is previously ground or sanded, so that the surface is perfectly smooth. Then apply a primer coat. After it is completely dried, the table is lubricated with PVA glue. Then attach a picture or picture, fix it and wait until the composition "grab". To fix the image, it is consistently covered with several layers of lacquer. Only wooden or plastic surfaces are recommended for this technique. On the glass table, only the lace pattern will look original. Such an element can be placed in the living room, decorated in a light style of Provence or Shebi chic.

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Decoupage столика Coffee table design  Decoupage technique  Table in the Art Nouveau style  Oriental décor  Stim-punk

If pieces of dense fabric or wallpaper are used, they must be carefully smoothed out so that after drying, there are no ugly folds left. Fix the naughty fragments with clerical buttons. By the way, metal hats sometimes fit into the decor and remain after the treatment.


To begin with, the table needs to be prepared. Its surface is cleaned and treated with a single layer of paint from the can. After it completely dried, the place where the mosaic pattern will be laid, is smeared with special glue. You can use as pieces of old tiles of different colors, and a special grid tile, which is already divided into many small fragments. After the pattern is laid out, it is given time to fasten it. Then the seams are treated with a grout, after which the entire surface of the table is washed. If the designer decided to leave the untouched sections on it, then before finishing work with the joints between the fragments, they must be closed with a cloth or covered with paint tape.

Mosaic for furniture decor

The mosaic table will look great in the garden. It is often supplemented with a set of chairs decorated in the same technique.

Glossy surface


To make a painted table, you only need a brush, paint, stencil and lacquer to fix the picture. If the surface is wooden, then it is first prepared:

  • Remove a layer of old paint, if any.
  • Grind the surface, thereby removing unevenness and defects that can distort the image.
  • Cover with a primer to provide better adhesion between wood and paints.
  • If necessary, the surface can be painted in a neutral, background color (usually white).

Hand-painted table Marine themes  Spot Painting  Colorful stained-glass window  Restoration of a coffee table  Geometric patterns

Then a stencil is applied to a separate area. If necessary, fix it with buttons. The rest of the surface is carefully covered with paint tape or cloth. Now you can apply a drawing. After the paint has dried, remove the adhesive tape and, if necessary, draw the outline of the image with a thin brush. This will have to be done if the stencil does not fit snugly against the table and part of the pigment "spreads" beyond its boundaries. As for the color solution, it is recommended to use contrasting combinations:

  • White and black, red, blue.
  • Yellow and green.
  • Purple and gray.
  • Red and pink.

Modern style

The choice of shades depends on the overall color composition.


The technique of craquelure is the artificial aging of the surface. On the still not completely dried layer of paint, a special compound is applied (PVA, gelatin, vinegar, egg whites). These substances contribute to the cracking of the surface. Exactly the same spider web adorns the picture of the brush of famous masters. No restoration is able to save the canvas from the formation of a grid of cracks after years. The surface is prepared in advance (washed, sanded, primed). Then apply a coat of paint. While it is still dry, it can be supplemented with a second contrasting color and a composition for cracking. Combined options look very original.

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Craquelure Round table  Sustenance furniture  Vintage table  Gilding for countertops  Style retro

The technique of craquelure is often combined with decoupage. Flower bouquets, portraits or landscapes in oval frames on a cracked background look great and incredibly similar to the decoration of antique furniture.

Vintage Furniture


A magnificent addition to modern style, high-tech, minimalism and even a loft will be a mirror table. Such an element of furniture will emphasize the severity and elegance of the situation. It's quite easy to make it yourself. For work you will need:

  • Paint silver.
  • Liquid Nails.
  • Mirrors, обрезанные по размеру на заказ.
  • A strong box made of particle board.

Mirror table

The mirror table will not have shelves inside, so you'll have to store everything you need right on its surface. So, the box-base is covered with a layer of silver. This paint is sold in cans, conveniently applied and quickly dries. Then the mirrors are attached to the surfaces. They simply "put" on liquid nails. That the fragments do not fall off before they are glued, they are fixed with an adhesive tape. After completely drying it is removed, and the surface is thoroughly wiped. Simple tables decorate with five mirrors exactly on the number of faces, but the number of modules can be increased by decorating the whole piece with only the top, that is, the countertop.


Of course, shells can be finished already ready "bunk" tables, but much more original will look homemade model. At any time of the year and in any interior, it will evoke warm, pleasant memories of summer and seaside. For work you will need:

  • Sheet of impact resistant glass.
  • Gaskets made of silicone.
  • A rope or twine, from which it is possible to shape its likeness.
  • Shells, галька, морские звезды.
  • The plywood sheet is identical in size to the glass.
  • Thick bamboo stalks.
  • Fasteners.

Shells для декора столика Creative decor  Marine themes  Sand under glass  Large seashells  Small cockleshells

Four stems of bamboo are attached to the plywood base along the perimeter. The edge of the sheet is decorated with a cord of twine. It can be nailed in small carnations or planted on staples. Then bamboo and twine cover with a layer of varnish. Further it is necessary to prepare the places for fastening the gaskets from silicone. The plywood bottom is decorated with shells, asterisks and other "seafood". Then glass is fixed from above. The legs for such a table can be cut off from the old one.

Wooden pads

The table, decorated with pads, is ideal for styles where everything is natural. To make the original decor you will need a box-base. It is noteworthy that its bottom should extend beyond the walls by about 2-3 cm. This indentation is necessary for securing the bottom of the pads. So, measure with a tape measure the distance from the bottom and up to the top of the box. To the value obtained add 2 cm - this is the height of each shoe. After their preparation and processing, the elements are attached to the lower lip on the glue along the entire perimeter of the base. Between them, too, they glue together to ensure greater strength. Then create a countertop. To produce it, use pads in height of 2 cm. The bottom of each is glued with glue and fixed on the surface of the base. After that, the crevices are covered with a grout, and the table itself is varnished.

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Wooden table Cork table  Decor of driftwood  He drew a tree  Logs in the interior  Creative tables


If the coffee table completely suits the owners for registration, but its surface is already slightly worn out, then veneer layers are applied to the old layer of wood. This natural material has an original design and has a rich color scheme. Fasten veneer cold and hot method. For the first, a special technique (at least a press) is required, but for the second one, there is enough PVA glue, a sheet of paper and a hot iron. The surface is cleaned and prepared for the procedure. Then it is covered with glue. After it dries, the veneer is applied to the desired area, covered with a white sheet of paper and through it is carried out with a hot iron. Unpleasant air bubbles may form during the process. They need to get rid of in time. It is enough to pierce the hole with a thin needle and lightly press it so that the bubble is blown off. Then the place is re-treated with a hot iron.

Veneering мебели

Combined decoration of the table

Выше уже говорилось об одном варианте сочетания техник (декупаж и кракелюр). Этим возможности оформителя не ограничиваются. Оригинально смотрятся столики декорированные мозаикой и частично росписью. Обычно обе техники используются при нанесении разных фрагментов одного рисунка. Shells можно уложить не на фанерное, а на зеркальное дно. Визуально количество морских богатств увеличится, а если к ним еще и добавить стеклышки, которые долгое время шлифовались волнами, то декор заискрится и заблестит. Wooden pads можно комбинировать с гладкой шпонированной или стеклянной поверхностью столешницы.

Designer table Original design  Coffee table  Under marble  Loft style table  Moroccan style


Self-decorating a coffee table will be a fascinating process if you approach it with a stock of creative ideas and a good mood. Homemade furniture in spite of delusions can have a very presentable and stylish look. From the traditional handemade there is almost nothing left in it.

Photo printing on the table top

С модой на использование антиквариата, пришла популярность к технике декупажа и кракелюра. Зеркальные поверхности не теряли своих позиций никогда. Мозаику широко использовали в античности и продолжают применять в одноименном (и не только) стиле. Painting всегда считалась эталоном красивого декора. Shells стали неотъемлемой частью морского стиля, а колодки интегрировались в обстановку параллельно с эко направлением. Под любой интерьер можно подобрать оригинальный декор журнального столика и оформить его таким образом, чтобы авторский элемент пребывал в гармонии с остальным убранством.