Interior of small hallways as a modern way of design of

Interior of a small hallway

The interior of small hallways - how to make the house cozy and welcoming

The interior of small hallways rarely becomes the object of close attention to the owners of apartments. For them, it's just a close and almost useless space, through which you need to go to enter or leave the room. But from it you can make a rather convenient store for shoes, necessary trifles and even sports equipment.

For example, a narrow closed long cabinet with several sections, installed along one of the partitions, can simultaneously serve as a cabinet for storing shoes, boots and boots, as well as stands for keys, umbrellas, hats and other necessary things. Especially organically it will look in the event that it is painted in the same color as the walls.

Interior of a small hallway - в белом цвете

It is also often used as an exhibition stand for unique collections collected by the owners, and family photographs. In this case, to create a spectacular visual contrast, the table top is made with a dark tree or a natural stone.

Interior of a small hallway в синем цвете Interior of a small narrow hallway

In a narrow corridor in pastel colors, light hanging racks look fine on thin metal cords attached to the ceiling.

Open shelves in the interior of the hallway

Fans of cycling can be advised to place on one of the walls a special bike carrier. This will save a pretty decent amount of space and decorate the interior in an original way.

Bike in the interior of the hallway

Particularly popular nowadays are located under the ceiling built-in wardrobes and shelves. You can store anything on them, especially if you have a comfortable stepladder in your house.

Bright staircase in the interior of the hallway Interior of a bright hallway

Do you also have ideas for decorating small hallways? We are waiting for comments and suggestions!