Dining table for the kitchen and dining room - 30 best

There are so many shapes and sizes of dining tables. What is the dining table to choose for your kitchen?

Since the dining or dining area is the center of home entertainment, it is very important to choose the right dining table, which will comfortably accommodate your entire family, as well as guests. In addition, a stylish dining table for the kitchen will be able to emphasize its design and create coziness. In this article, you will receive useful tips for choosing this piece of furniture, and also see 30 photos of the design of kitchens and canteens in the house for your inspiration. Enjoy watching!

Dining tables and chairs for the kitchen - 30 photos

Carefully chosen dining tables and chairs serve their masters for decades. In some Western countries - Italy, Great Britain, etc. - they are even passed from generation to generation. In addition to the fact that the choice of the table, first of all, should be practical, you also need to consider that it is he who will set the general mood in the design of the kitchen or dining room. For example, a lightly painted or polished wooden table for 4 people exudes an informal, informal feeling, while a large table on the 8th gives the room a refined and formal feel. We suggest you to make sure of this by viewing the following dining tables in the photo.

Choosing a dining table: the size of tables

When you decide which dining table for the kitchen you should buy, think about how often you invite guests to the house and how many people you visit at the same time. If all your relatives live somewhere nearby, then a large dining table will be a worthy investment for you. On the other hand, if family and friends do not often see you, the oversized table can bring you much more benefits.

If you do not want to limit yourself in choosing the size of the dining table, purchase a sliding or folding dining table, beyond which you can place guests and have a more intimate meeting with the closest people.

Folding dining for the kitchen - choose sizes Dining table sliding oval in classic style Dining table for kitchen sliding

The size of the dining table you need depends on the size of the kitchen and the number of people who will sit behind it. On average, you should count 55-60 cm of table length per 1 sitting person + distance required for passage between chairs (25-40 cm). As for the width of the dining table, it should be at least 90 cm. This is just enough to put the plates on either side and some dish in the center between them.

Choosing dining tables and chairs for the kitchen photoBeautiful dining table white

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Regardless of the size of the dining table, make sure that it fits well into the space. Before buying, measure the maximum floor area that you are ready to take under it, taking into account the distance necessary to move chairs and comfortable passage. On average, experts recommend leaving around the table at least 60 cm of free space.

Dining table and chairs for the kitchen - choice of shape

It is generally believed that round and square dining tables are more conducive to communication and intimate seating than oval and rectangular. At the same time, the latter are ideal for large gatherings and festivities. What kind of dinner tables do you like most in our photos?

Rectangular dining tables, perhaps, are the most popular choice of modern people.

Rectangular dining tableStylish dining tables photo Dining tables made of rustic wood Dining table for the kitchen in the style of loft or industrial

Dining table round in the photo

On how to choose the right size of a round dining table, read here.

Round dining table in the interior Elegant round dining table with leather chairs An unusual round dining table for the kitchen or living room

Square dining table for the kitchen

Large square dining tables take up a lot of space, but look really chic!

Choosing a square dining table for the kitchen

Dining tables and chairs in the interior of the kitchen

For a small kitchen, an excellent option may be a small square dining table on wheels, as in the next photo.

Wooden dining table with wheels for a small kitchen

Choose an oval dining table

Suitable sizes of the oval dining table are chosen the same as for the rectangular dining table, but their streamlined shape without sharp angles allows to avoid unpleasant and painful blows, therefore it is better suited for small kitchens and houses with children.

Oval dining table in kitchen design Dining table oval

What color and design can have dining tables - 10 photos

The choice of color, design and material of the dining table is mainly dictated by the general style of space. After all, your furniture should reflect your taste. Dark shades of wood, such as cherry or mahogany, are often used in emphatically elegant and classic interiors. Metal, concrete and light wood, as well as their combinations are perfect for modern interiors. Colorful plastic dining tables are also modern and yet more playful and informal, whereas glass can be both modern and traditional, depending on the material with which it is combined.

Take a look at what a chic can be a glass dining table for a kitchen:

Glass dining tables and chairs for them Glass dining table for a small kitchen

... Although the wooden dining table offers a much greater variety in the choice of design.

Kitchen dining tables made of wood Large dining table in wood photoOriginal dining tables and chairsChoosing a dining table from an array

All the more noticeable is the tendency to choose dining tables and chairs from combined materials. Especially popular choice is a dining table for the kitchen with metal and chrome elements.

Modern wooden dining table with metal base Luxury interior design and chrome dining table Modern dining tables and chairs for the kitchen photo

Also there are quite a few kitchens where the white dining table does not fit. Trend 2015! More modern trends in kitchen design are listed in our article Beautiful Kitchen 2015: Trends and Photos. Thank you for reading Dekorin!

White dining table and multi-colored chairs Dining table white in the interior of the kitchen Small dining table white for kitchen White dining tables and chairs for the kitchen photo