Modern bedroom in scandinavian style (53 design ideas)

The bedroom in Scandinavian style attracts an increasing number of fans. Simple design, natural materials, minimalism, bed and furniture of light colors will be much to your liking.

Its origin Scandinavian interior takes in the XIX century. Northern European countries, such as Sweden, Finland and Norway, have not lost their national features, elements in art and architecture. Unique design and features, decor and color scheme - all this is taken into account in the interior of apartments and private houses.

Modern Scandinavian style combines natural materials and advanced technologies. Light colors in the interior and freedom from a large amount of furniture allow the rooms to appear spacious and airy, visually increasing their area.

A separate room or apartment, living room, kitchen, bedroom or cabinet in the Scandinavian style is very modern and fashionable. Mediocre interiors can easily be made original. Consider all the details and important accents in the interior of the bedroom.

Spacious bedroom

Modern and fashionable bedroom design in Scandinavian style in addition to attractive external data is endowed with special functionality and practicality.

Laconic Bedroom Design

The bedroom in Scandinavian style must necessarily be light. White decoration of walls and ceiling, light beige parquet, not hung windows make the living space spacious.

Scandinavian style welcomes the use of bright accents in the design. The white, quiet interior is harmoniously complemented by minor, contrasting decorative details.

Scandinavian style welcomes the use of bright accents in the design. The white, quiet interior is harmoniously complemented by minor, contrasting decorative details.

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Color Solutions

The Scandinavian bedroom is most often in white tones. Such a cheerful and light color is especially suitable for small apartments. White is the priority color of walls, floors and ceilings. Here is just a small color range inherent in the bedroom in this style:

  • pale and cold shades of blue, green;
  • natural natural colors: beige, brown;
  • pastel colors: lavender, gently cornflower blue, mint, gently pink, ivory.

The walls are often monochrome with various inscriptions made with a stencil. Decorate them can be darker panels, wide boards of light colors. Often you will find ordinary brick walls. They perfectly enliven the white color in the interior of the bedroom. One brick wall or a small part of it will be enough.

Scandinavian style still has an important accent: a bright wall at the head of the bed.

This also dilutes the light and calm interior. The wall is covered with juicy and bright wallpaper, often with drawings of flowers.

Bedroom in Scandinavian style

A functional solution for the organization of a bedroom in Scandinavian style is the closet, which is located on either side of the bed and above it. Small, but roomy furniture, allows you to make the room not cluttered.

Bedroom in the attic

The most noteworthy detail of the interior is a high, soft bed. The choice of people who primarily value comfort.

An important feature of this style is the presence of large mirrors in each room, and the bedroom is no exception. Mirror, framed in a wide frame, fastens on the wall, which already has any wooden decor elements. And if the wall is not decorated in anything, just white or light, then the mirror is hung without a frame.

The floors in this style are often light colors. Parquet board or laminate - that's the perfect solution. Light natural colors of wood or painted with white paint boards are most popular in apartments of Northern European countries. Carpets of beige, peach and other light colors are perfectly combined with such a floor. The main function of the floor is to serve as a background for furniture. He should not attract attention to himself.

Cozy bedroom design

Creative design concept for a bedroom in Scandinavian style. A light transparent curtain with a cherry-colored pattern is combined with a rug and cushions on the bed.

Small apartment-studio

A remarkable detail in the interior becomes a wall of white brick. A small guest bedroom is decorated in a modern interpretation of the Scandinavian style.

Window decoration. Scandinavian style prefers windows without curtains. This makes the space even easier by expanding it. More sunlight (which is so small in the northern regions) and air is the main feature of the Scandinavian bedroom. Huge windows, mostly in snow-white frames, sometimes decorated with curtains, but they should be light, light and translucent, so as not to interfere with the penetration of light into the room. Also in the design use Roman curtains, which most of the time remain at the top of the window.

Furniture. The design of the bedroom in the Scandinavian style is determined by simple and clean lines that create coziness. Elegant and multifunctional furniture is most often wooden. The bed and the lockers can be painted with white paint. For the production of furniture, deciduous tree species are used.

Small bright bedroom

In a Scandinavian-style bedroom there should be enough daylight. It is daylight, sunlight, so artificial lighting is reduced to a minimum.

Soft bed

Bedroom in Scandinavian style in a country house in the suburbs.

The bed occupies the main place in the bedroom. Not very wide and high wooden bed is most often placed head to the wall, perpendicular to the window. On both sides the bed is framed by bedside tables. There are other elements that favorably replace the usual pedestals: coffee tables, ordinary chairs with backs, stools. Sometimes for adding airiness the bed is combined with bedside shelves.

For the storage of things fitted wardrobes, low cabinets with white glossy doors. Several shelves or lockers are sometimes hung on the wall, often above the bed. This saves the space of the bedroom, allowing it to be used more rationally. After all, in ordinary apartments there are not so many places.

Functional zoning of rooms

Scandinavian style is suitable for decorating studio apartments. In the large living room, with the help of a tissue screen, you can select a rest area by placing the bed in a peculiar niche.

An interesting solution for a Scandinavian-style bedroom is a small sofa under the window, decorated with bright pillows.

An interesting solution for a Scandinavian-style bedroom is a small sofa under the window, decorated with bright pillows.

The bed can be covered with a canopy, using curtains made of natural materials of light tones.


  1. The most important feature of this style is the choice of only natural materials.
  2. To decorate the bedroom, wood, glass, stone, fur, cotton and leather are perfect.
  3. Often, wooden elements are not processed or covered only with varnish, leaving more naturalness.

Bedroom decor

Bedrooms in the Scandinavian style are decorated with wood details, bright accents or a black and white scale. You can combine in the interior and all three elements. Wooden details allow you to get closer to nature and local culture, making the interior more comfortable.

With black and white elements, the bedroom becomes more serious and more solid, and with bright - modern and more effective. Pictures, black and white photographs and posters laconically add to the interior of the highlight. You can combine different sizes of frames, styles and create unusual collages.

Correct bedroom design

Scandinavian style can be called one of the most acceptable when it comes to placing a small quadrature. The small bedroom is made in white colors with soft mint colors, which makes the atmosphere homely.

Contrasting Bedroom Design

Cabinets for the bedroom were chosen in strict accordance with the Scandinavian style. A roomy, functional furnishing is one of the main requirements of the style.

Textiles in the bedrooms of the Scandinavian style - only from natural materials. This is mainly flax, cotton and wool. Bright pillows dilute the interior, saving the sensation of the hospital ward. Fur skins and blankets, which emphasize the beds, give coziness and warmth to the bedroom.

Accessories play a big role in decorating a bedroom in Scandinavian style. Plants in pots or fresh flowers, ceramic figurines, a large number of floor lamps, lamps and lampshades give the interior a special atmosphere.

Scandinavian bedroom design is able to please many. Natural fabrics and materials, minimalism in the interior, plenty of natural light and cozy textiles - it's very modern and stylish.

Spacious bedroom

A spacious bedroom in Scandinavian style is decorated with a massive ceiling chandelier of spherical shape. Flowers on the window refresh the interior.

The bedroom is on the attic floor in Scandinavian style. Video

Scandinavian style in the design of the bedroom interior