Furniture-transformer for a small apartment - 32 photos

Regardless of how big or small his house is, a modern person tries to make it as spacious and free as possible. Gone are the days when it was believed that "the more, the richer." Today, in the trend, practical and original solutions for the home, including smart furniture transformer, which can be used for a variety of purposes and at the same time take up little space in a small apartment. In this article we have collected stunning models of multifunctional furniture - wardrobes-beds, tables-transformers, sofas and other furniture-transformer - will make you feel spacious and comfortable even the tiniest interior.

Furniture-transformer for a small apartment - a good choice

Furniture transformer, presented in our first series of photos, is particularly popular with owners of small 1-room apartments, but can also be used in any other home where there are not enough individual rooms. A convertible bed-bed and sofa-transformers can make one interior act as a bedroom, a living room, a dining room and a home office.

Closet-bed in the interior of the apartment - 13 photos

Furniture transformer for a small apartment Nuovoliola 10 Smart furniture transformer Atoll Cabinet two-story bed transformer Kali Duo Cabinet bed and table transformer LGM Tavolo Multifunction Furniture Transformer Bed Smart furniture transformer from Resource Furniture

Sofa-transformer in the interior

Smart furniture sofa transformer for a children's room

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Cabinet-transformer for a small child

Here such a transformer cabinet will be very convenient for you if you work at home or you have school-age children. Smart furniture transformer photo


Speaking about the arrangement of a small-sized apartment with children, it is impossible not to mention the child's bed transformer, which will grow with your child:

Multifunctional furniture transformer for children

And also a transformer bed for a teenager's children's room:

Folding bed transformer for a children's room

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Smart Living Room Furniture - Transformer Table

Smart transformer furniture can also conveniently transform your living room in a situation where guests have arrived. Agree that a magazine or console table-transformer, easily turning into a large dining table, will come in handy in every modern house.

Smart furniture table transformer photo Table transformer in a set of chairs Multifunctional furniture table transformer Smart furniture transformer - folding tableMultifunctional furniture - coffee table transformerFurniture transformer for living room - dining tableSmart and beautiful furniture transformerMultifunctional coffee table transformer

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Multifunctional Kitchen Furniture

Amazing shelves, kitchens and other multifunctional furniture that will save space in a small apartment and hide extra things.

Kitchen furniture transformer in the photo:

Multifunctional furniture transformer for kitchenSmart kitchen furniture transformerKitchen table transformer with built-in oven

Creative furniture-transformers

And at last - creative smart furniture that will make your house more interesting:Multifunctional table transformer with billiardsFolding table transformer as a shelfMultifunctional furniture transformer - cupboard or shelvesCreative folding shelf transformerSmart furniture transformer for a small apartment

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