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For people who in the working environment are subject to emotional overload and constantly are in rooms with a flashy design, designers strongly recommend a black and white living room.


Typically, this interior looks very elegant and luxurious. If you are a man with a pragmatic mindset, then you can not be better suited to monochrome design.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Advantages of black and white design
  • What do designers recommend?
  • Photo of black and white living room design

Advantages of black and white design

The living room is a kind of a visiting card for any modern house, so it's not recommended to neglect its design. Making a living room in black and white, you are guaranteed to impress your guests and demonstrate your excellent taste.


Often a professional designer is involved in the design of monochrome design, but if you take it seriously and listen to the recommendations, then you can get a perfectly acceptable option.


In addition, you will get a unique opportunity to model the room design yourself and feel like a real creator.


The choice of this combination of colors is far from always obvious and acceptable for every person. On the contrary, quite often there are people who sincerely believe that the design of any rooms in black and white tones makes the design boring, and the owner of the apartment characterizes as a heartless person.


But this is not entirely true, because with the proper design of the living room, not only does not seem boring, it will even come to life in some way. It is enough to look at the photo of a black and white living room to understand - it can not leave anyone indifferent.


The popularity of monochrome design is growing every year, as more and more people prefer more stylish and extravagant solutions for interior design.

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Often, this kind of choice is made not just by people inclined to extravagance, but also by those who simply want to radically change the classic design in the living room. Usually this happens after a person reconsiders his life goals and priorities, or he realizes that he desperately needs changes, and black and white design can help him express his feelings without emotions.


What do designers recommend?

When using a black and white design, it is necessary to properly design the lighting and ceiling. As the lighting equipment is best to use small lamps with a dark frame.


Very well in this room will look a multi-level ceiling, but it should be remembered that it is acceptable to use it only if you have high walls in your house. You can also draw it in black and white. But when decorating a ceiling, it is worth sticking to several rules:


If you decide to use a suspended ceiling in white, then you should not choose for this glossy fabric. Give preference to matte canvas, which exclude the appearance of any glare.


The black-and-white interior of the living room is absolutely not combined with the mirror ceiling, as it will reflect black color and from this dark in the room will be much more than necessary.


If visually creates the impression of a "pressing" ceiling, then use for its design black color categorical is not recommended.


White color should be more than black, so that a person is psychologically comfortable in the room.


Since the design itself adds official premises to the premises and has specificity, it will be very appropriate in a room where business meetings or negotiations are often held.

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In case you want to achieve a more homely atmosphere, you need to make sure that the living room in black and white style has the right lighting and landscaping. As lighting fixtures, it is permissible to use chandeliers or sconces with colored lighting.


And also you can use floor lamps, but you should take into account that their design should not be too flashy at all, as this interior detail should not attract attention during the day.

black and white_hotel_44

For landscaping, it is best to use plants that are large in size and place them throughout the entire area of ​​the room. If you are allergic to plants, then the best option for you will be a small living area with an aquarium.


In order to make staying in a room with this kind of interior as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, do not overuse contrasts too much, as this will act tiringly.


Remember that if the interior of the room is as balanced as possible, then you can emotionally relax and relax. Therefore, before you begin to design directly, you should think it over carefully.

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Photo of black and white living room design

black and white-hotel

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