Kitchen set for your kitchen - 80 design ideas

In order for the cooking process and pastime in the kitchen to be comfortable and practical, it is important to choose the right kitchen set. It is important that the furniture in the kitchen is ergonomic and functional, allowing you to place everything you need and convenient to use. Kitchen sets (photos of various models are presented further) may differ in design, design, material and other characteristics. In this article we have collected some tips and recommendations, as well as photo sets in the interior, which, perhaps, will help to make the right choice. So, let's find out all the details, bringing the kitchen of your dreams closer to reality.

Kitchen set from a natural tree

From this material is produced elite furniture, which is quite expensive. Basically, such models are designed for large kitchens, since such material requires volume and space. A kitchen set made of wood (see photo in the article) assumes a modernist, provence or classical design and does not fit well with the concept of other directions. The disadvantage of wood is that it requires careful care, otherwise the material will lose its entire gloss over time. But, you can not fail to note the beauty of the facades, which can be created from soft rocks with the use of figured finishes and carvings.

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Kitchen sets: photo models from chipboard

Particleboard (chipboard) is a more economical option. This material is produced by the method of pressing under high pressure sawdust with the addition of tar (when buying it is worth paying attention to the availability of a certificate of quality so that furniture is not dangerous to the body).

The kitchen set from the chipboard has high strength and density, and is resistant to water, but, at the same time, it has a simple appearance. In order to give it a special feature, a PVC film is used for finishing the facades, which has a different color palette. In the photo we see how such a kitchen set can be designed for a tree or in an aluminum frame for a room decorated in modern style, and the use of two colors of decoration (dark bottom, bright top) is one of the latest fashion trends.

kitchen sets photo, photo 10

Kitchen set with MDF-facades

MDF - is, in fact, the same pressed waste. Such MDF boards are particularly strong. Their surface is painted, pasted with veneer or PVC. After this treatment, kitchen sets, as can be seen from the photo, can have a variety of beautiful surfaces, and, veneered with veneer, will have a great similarity to the wooden texture. In addition, a varnish coating is applied, which gives strength and a unique shade.

kitchen suite for kitchen, photo 11design of a kitchen set, photo 13

kitchen suite photo design, photo 14

For modern directions in the design of interiors, white kitchen furniture is often used, which will favorably emphasize any design style. Glossy facades from MDF perfectly fit into modern minimalism, will display its conciseness and simplicity. They are not inferior in popularity and in the style of Art Nouveau, mirroring the light and giving the room depth.

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Kitchen sets: photo and description of the main types

In order to properly fill the space, while preserving the necessary space, it is important to consider the dimensions of the kitchen set and the shape of its design. There are seven basic types of location of the headset, these are:

  • Linear, located along one of the walls;
  • Parallel, where furniture is arranged in two rows along opposite walls;
  • corner kitchen set;
  • U-shaped, with the use of three adjacent walls;
  • G-shaped with peninsula;
  • island, where a patch with a sink, plate or table is separately formed;
  • built-in.

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For large rooms, which are endowed with new buildings and private houses, any kitchen set can fit. Here, space planning and interior decoration style play a role. This, in principle, applies to the kitchens, combined with the living room, when the dining area is allocated space in the hall, and the working area remains quite spacious. Often in such formulations one can see models with an island or peninsula serving simultaneously as a barrier that delimits the zones, as we see in the photo.

The standard dimensions of the kitchen set, which can be purchased ready-made, are usually designed for installation along the wall and have values ​​of 1.8 m, 2 m and 2.6 m. In most cases, furniture is produced in the form of separate modular elements that are interconnected in a different configuration. The following are examples of such sets.

Kitchen set for a small kitchen

In this article, we will separately consider the arrangement of a small kitchen space, and what small kitchen sets are most appropriate. The linear arrangement of furniture and technology will be appropriate in long kitchens. It is a series of refrigerators, a sink and a plate, separated by working surfaces. In this case, the dining area can be located at the opposite wall.

To solve the problem of deficiency of space can help corner kitchen sets, photos of which are presented in the article. They are more economical and are installed most often in small rooms of square or rectangular shape. Corner kitchen set for a small kitchen has a big plus in the effective use of the corner. There can be a deep sink with a sink or drawers, as shown in the photo, which housed a variety of kitchen utensils.

Another interesting modern variant is a G-shaped set with a peninsula, which is most often a bar stand or a small dining table, although it is possible to place a working surface here.

The built-in kitchen set, the photo of which is in front of us, makes it possible even in the smallest kitchen to store all the necessary equipment in such a way that it does not stand out from the general picture. And this applies not only to microwaves, electric ovens, harvesters, etc. - from prying eyes, the elements of sanitary ware remain hidden, and sometimes, the washing itself. Such a built-in kitchen set for a small kitchen (photo presented in the article) can easily turn it into a living room. It is ideal for most modern styles of interior design, since it hides all unnecessary eyes from prying eyes, leaving smooth, neat surfaces in sight.

kitchen set for a small kitchen, photo 31kitchen set for a small kitchen photo, photo 32small kitchen sets, photo 33small kitchen headsets photo, photo 34corner kitchen set for a small kitchen, photo 35kitchen set for a small kitchen, photo 36

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Kitchen set: tips for arranging furniture and appliances

The most convenient accommodation option, as practice shows, is the configuration, when the kitchen set assumes in the central part a sink, and on each side a refrigerator and a stove. In this case, the working surfaces must be located between them. This is more convenient and takes less time to move. The examples on the photo show such an accommodation option, whether it's a corner, linear or other kitchen set.

However, this method is not the only one, you can place it in other sequences, for example, transfer the car wash into a corner. The main thing is to observe some basic rules, namely:

  • the plate should not be installed near the refrigerator, as this can lead to deformation of its surface and disruption of operation;
  • The distance from the hob to the upper cabinets can not be less than half a meter;
  • dishwasher is installed near the sink;
  • if the plate is located near the window (it is better to avoid this option), you should abandon long curtains in favor of roll, Roman or blinds, which can not get to the hob and cause ignition;
  • the manufacture of kitchens under the order gives the big possibilities to choose the suitable sizes of a kitchen set and it is necessary to use it, having thought up height under the growth. To make it convenient to perform various operations, you can make a multi-level kitchen.

A good option is to install an electric oven at eye level. Thus it is convenient to observe the cooking process, and, moreover, it is an additional safety in the family where there are small children.

Design kitchen set in different styles

The main directions in the modern design of furniture for the kitchen are modern, high-tech, country, loft and unfading classic. The kitchen set of each of these styles has its own characteristics. Modernity involves the use of natural or artificial light materials, giving the room additional space, due to which it is well suited for small kitchens.

kitchen suite, photo 37kitchen sets photo, photo 38kitchen suite for kitchen, photo 39dimensions of a kitchen set, photo 40drawings of kitchen sets with sizes, photo 41

Hi tech, as the photo shows - it's facades with a glossy surface, almost complete lack of decor and ultramodern household appliances. Materials of facades - plastic and glass.

standard dimensions of the kitchen set, photo 42corner kitchen set sizes, photo 43kitchen set corner for kitchen, photo 44

Kitchen set in the country style should be massive, made of wood, which will take quite a bit of space. It can be confidently asserted that this style of decoration is good for spacious premises.

kitchen corner set for kitchen, photo 45

The set in the classic style usually has a white, beige or brown color, as well as their shades: chocolate, nut, sand, etc. The facades are decorated with a beautiful contour pattern, the edges of the furniture are smooth and rounded.

Kitchen set - this is the basis of the interior, setting the tone for all subsequent design. A competent approach to the selection of the necessary furniture elements and their correct arrangement will make the kitchen space functional, comfortable and spacious enough that any hostess will enjoy.