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The question of choosing comfortable and practical furniture for the kitchen space is of interest to many now, especially if it is a question of which is better to buy a sofa in the kitchen. It is this piece of furniture that has recently become the dominant among the rest of the furniture. Kitchen in any house is one of the most visited places. It often performs the role of not only a room for cooking and eating - here you can relax and relax with the whole family or arrange a friendly get-together. In our modernity, the kitchen should combine such basic qualities as practicality, multifunctionality, style, comfort and, of course, home comfort. Kitchen couch and is a vivid example of a combination of all these qualities. Consider what options exist for this representative furniture.

Sofa in the kitchen: varieties and features

In furniture production there is a rather wide choice of models, allowing to choose a kitchen sofa of this or that configuration and sizes. Before you choose your choice, you need to take into account the overall style of the room, so that the sofa successfully fits into it and does not look ridiculous, irritating the eyes and causing smiles of guests at home. An important role is played by the quadrature of the kitchen. All interior items here should be selected in such a way that there is enough space for moving. Sofa in the kitchen can have different forms and functionalities, because of which some of its types deserve special attention.

sofa to the kitchensofa to the kitchen фотоkitchen design with sofakitchen sofasofa to the kitchen

Folding sofa in the kitchen: design advantages

Choosing a certain stylistic direction, in which the kitchen will be decorated, it becomes the question of selecting the appropriate furniture, which includes a kitchen sofa. The standard version is a sofa-bench, which can not be decomposed, but there is plenty of space in its internal space for storing some things. It is considered beneficial for a spacious private house, where there are enough beds, and there is no need for folding structures. This kitchen sofa has a fairly elegant appearance and can successfully emphasize the consistency of the interior.

Folding sofa in the kitchen, unlike the standard, has its advantage - with its help you can quickly organize an extra bed, which is very handy in unexpected situations. This is a temporary place for sleeping, as, as a rule, these structures are not designed for regular use as an overnight stay. Depending on the shape, the sofas are divided into two main types:

Corner sofa in the kitchen

Quite a lot of advantages have a corner sofa in the kitchen. This model allows you to create a cozy environment, and, in addition, save a square meter. Depending on the total area of ​​the room, such a corner can be placed both in the corner and opposite it. The latter option in our time is very popular, because in this way there is a certain formation of zones on the territory for cooking and its reception.

It can be a good decision in the design, providing for the unification of the kitchen with the living room. There is a more functional version of this model - a corner sofa in the kitchen with a bed. This is a good option for overnight stay for guests staying late, as well as a secluded place to relax. Similar structures are equipped with a hollow niche where it is customary to store different kitchen utensils, vegetables, linens and other accessories.

угловой sofa to the kitchenугловой sofa to the kitchenугловой sofa to the kitchensofa to the kitchen со спальным местомугловой sofa to the kitchen со спальным местом

Direct sofa for kitchen

Намного реже встречается в интерьере кухни прямой диван. Как правило, такие модели довольно узкие и выполняют роль заменителей стульев за столом. Direct sofa for kitchen располагают у глухой стены, при этом перед ним ставится обеденный стол. Если позволяет пространство, с противоположной стороны стола могут стоять дополнительные стулья. Конечно, диван намного удобней, чем стул — он мягче, имеет комфортную спинку, отдыхая на нем после приема пищи, можно принять любое удобное положение. Это хороший вариант для затяжных посиделок. В таких диванах, так же, как и в угловых, присутствует специальная ниша, куда можно сложить принадлежности, не используемые в повседневной жизни. Кроме всего прочего, современные модели оснащены механизмом раскладывания, благодаря которому, direct sofa for kitchen становится «палочкой-выручалочкой» для ночлега поздних гостей или нежданно нагрянувших родственников.

In addition to the types examined, modern kitchen interior design often uses individual, custom-made kitchen sofas that have unique shapes, such as an bay window in the kitchen (photo shows some original solutions).

direct sofa for kitchendirect sofa for kitchen

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Kitchen sofa in the interior of large and small rooms

Due to the wide variety of models of this type of furniture, such as a sofa in the kitchen, you can choose the suitable type for any size of premises. Much easier in this sense, owners of spacious private houses, where the area of ​​the kitchen space allows the full implementation of any project. The choice of a sofa, in this case, boils down to choosing a model that matches the style of the kitchen. It can be a sectional sofa in the kitchen or a model Tuxedo in a modern modernist style. In most cases, in houses the kitchen is combined with the living room, while the sofa should be in the rest area. Sometimes it even serves as a kind of zone separator. Here, large and spacious designs of both straight and angular shapes are appropriate.

If the space of the room is not very large, as, for example, in the apartments of houses built in the Soviet era - there will have to be carefully thought out and most likely, there will be appropriate small kitchen sofas here. Since the kitchens in such buildings do not have large dimensions (mostly 6 - 9 sq.m.), you can choose a compact corner with a sleeping place or a straight and narrow sofa in the kitchen (depending on the layout). In small rooms, even if space allows, you should not install bulky furniture - it will only reduce the already modest space. In addition, in a tight apartment, an extra bed will be a real find.

Fans of beautiful and original interior in a small apartment, often make a redevelopment with kitchen equipment studio, when between the room and the kitchen there are no walls and partitions. This greatly expands the space and gives a lot of space for the implementation of various design projects. In such a kitchen-living room you can install, for example, an angular sofa in such a way that it separates the cooking area from the rest area.

sofa to the kitchensofa to the kitchen фотоkitchen design with sofakitchen sofasofa to the kitchensofa to the kitchen фотоузкий sofa to the kitchen

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Sofa in the kitchen: beauty and comfort of the room

In addition to its main purpose, the kitchen sofa plays the role of a kind of interior decoration, which gives a special comfort to the home. Therefore, it is very important that the upholstery material and the decor elements of the sofa match this atmosphere. In modern design, there is a widespread tendency to use the sofa as an accent element of the interior. A motley floral print fabric or bright upholstery can become not only an accented spot of the interior, but also a central object from which the rest of the interior design will be repelled. Contrasting colors can easily fit even in the classic style of the kitchen. Also in the style of mixing different styles, using oriental motifs. As a decor, pillows, padded stools, capes and blankets are used.

The colors of this year are red, green, blue, purple and brown. Sofa in the kitchen can be both monophonic, and contain vegetative or geometric patterns. In the interior, decorated in the popular "eco" style today, where the walls have a green tinge, the sofa of milk or light beige color will look good.

Style "Provence" will match a sofa with textile upholstery, floral ornament or strip and wooden elements, and for modern directions "high tech" and "minimalism" is suitable leather kitchen sofa. In the kitchen, decorated in the style of "country" you can buy a sofa-bench with pillows and mattresses, and the classic style is a strict sofa with thread elements. Always sofas look sofas, combining different textures, materials and styles.

In conclusion, I would like to provide a selection of photos that visually demonstrate how attractive the design of the kitchen with the sofa can look. This piece of furniture has long pushed the usual chairs and corners, turning the functional area into an area where it is pleasant to relax and have a great time with friends.

soft kitchenettesoft kitchenettesmall sofas for kitchenkitchen with bedраскладной sofa to the kitchensmall sofas for kitchensofa to the kitchensleeping place in the kitchensofa to the kitchen