Sofas in the interior - examples of modern design

Bookshelves on the wall behind the couch

The sofa is one of the important types of furniture, therefore it is necessary to approach it responsibly. Once an incorrectly held purchase may for years spoil the appearance of the apartment and bring a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, let's talk about how couches can look in the interior and what functional tasks they fall on depending on the rooms for which they are selected.

Transparent table and yellow sofa in the interior  The unfolding sofa in the living room  Shelves on the wall above the sofa  Room tree at the couch  Corner sofa with a table in the interior

Types of upholstery

Purchasing soft furniture, you should look closely at its upholstery, that is, to the fabric with which it is covered. To look it is necessary on quality of a material, its operational characteristics and cost. You can highlight the most common types of fabric upholstery:

  • Velours. Refers to demanded coatings, as it has a high wear resistance, a pleasant surface, practicality, an affordable price.

Velor sofa in the interior

  • Flock. It is in demand due to its beautiful appearance, resistance to mechanical stresses. Lack of tissue is the ability to absorb odors. Therefore, this upholstery is not suitable for furniture, standing in the kitchen.

Upholstery from flock

  • Cotton. The fabric is eco-friendly, easily passes through the air and immediately absorbs water. The disadvantage is its rapid wear. To eliminate this drawback, manufacturers cover the material with reinforcing special compounds. Cotton upholstery is ideal for children's furniture.

Upholstery made of cotton

  • Jacquard. Upholstery looks rich and expensive. This fabric is dense and durable. Plus it is that it does not burn out.
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Upholstery made of jacquard

  • Chenille. In the composition of the fabric there are natural and artificial fibers. It is durable, easy to clean with a damp sponge. Upholstery made of Chenille can give a majestic look to any living room.
  • Tapestry. Fabric has been in demand for several centuries. It is practical, wear-resistant, but if there is a window next to which the direct rays of the sun will fall on the upholstered furniture, it can quickly burn out.

Shelley upholstery in the living room

  • Leather. Leather cover will give any interior a luxurious appearance, it is characterized by durability and ease of maintenance. The negative side - a leather sofa has a high price. Attention! You can reduce the cost of furniture by covering it with leatherette. However, the artificial skin is not practical and quickly crack.

Leather sofa in the interior

Upholstery colors

Choosing a sofa, you should always remember that it is a detail of the interior of the room, so it should fit into it harmoniously. Upholstered furniture should always stand out against the background of the walls, only under such conditions the room will show the harmony of style. Before you start choosing the color of the coating, you should know that it can be:

  1. Monotonous, presented in neutral colors (most often gray, white, black, and also their shades today), saturated (orange, bright green, purple, red, and also yellow and bright blue).
  2. With the image. Choosing a couch is not an easy question, as it implies accounting for not only interior features, purpose of the room, but also the lifestyle of the household.

Solid sofa in the interior Brown table and white sofas in the living room  Bright interior with a red sofa  Sofa with patterns  Leaves on the couch  Red flowers on a white sofa

Upholstery selection depending on the purpose of the room

The choice of the color of upholstered furniture should be carried out taking into account the purpose of the room and the preferences of the people for whom it is intended. It is important to understand that the color of the bed for the bedroom should be calm. The picture is pale with smooth divorce. For the living room you can use upholstery with bright colors and expressive pattern. For kitchen interior experts recommend juicy upholstery. In the presence of neutral upholstery, a bright color can be moved to other elements of the kitchen. For a children's room with a quiet child, it is preferable to give a bright saturated color with a catchy pattern. Such moments will stimulate the child to an active lifestyle. For children-fidget it is worth choosing a calm color.

Green sofa in a light interior Brown sofa and red armchair in the living room  Sofa with dogs in the nursery  Red sofa in the yellow-white interior of the kitchen  Interior in a minimalist style with a light green sofa  Photo wallpapers in the interior of the living room

Variants of color upholstery selection

An important point! Designers, developing a color scheme of the room, tend to fit the sofa into the gamut with the surrounding details.

Turquoise sofa in a gray interior

There are several options for selection:

  • Monochrome method. The background of the coating is selected for walls with a slight difference in shade. This combination will create a peaceful atmosphere.

Sofa for wall color

  • A combination of neutral colors. If the walls of the room have a neutral shade, the upholstery of upholstered furniture is also selected in this tone.

Bright interior with light sofas

  • The combination of a bright background with a neutral one. In the presence of bright walls, upholstery of furniture is selected in neutral color to form an equilibrium.

White sofa in lilac interior

  • Color spot. Against the backdrop of a faded shade of walls, a color splash is made with the help of a bright sofa in the tone of the selected curtains.

Bright interior with an orange sofa

  • The combination of bright and very colorful. In the presence of bright monochrome walls, the upholstery is also chosen in a juicy shade, but different from the general background.
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Light green sofa in a red interior

What styles are there?

Picking up soft furniture in the room, you must always take into account its interior. Today there are more than 50 styles. Let's consider the most popular directions:

  • High tech. Subjects of furniture for this style are characterized by simplicity of shapes, solid colors (metallic, black, gray, white, silver), lack of wooden parts.

Sofa in high-tech style

  • Loft. The sofa in this style is bought for houses where there are elements of brickwork and open communication is laid. The design of the sofa combines natural skin of catchy colors, stainless steel and plastic elements.

Sofa in loft style

  • Atr-deco is characterized by combinations of different geometric forms, exotic details (ivory, crocodile leather, shark padding).

Art Deco style sofa

  • Eco. Furniture designed for this style, made of natural wood, the color of its upholstery should have natural tones. Eco-sofas have a similarity with unpolished benches, where removable cushions are laid.

Sofa in the style of eco

  • Sea style is suitable for summer holidays in country cottages. These are usual soft sofas with upholstery made of brown leather or light textile with an effect of scuff.

Sofa in a marine style

  • The patchwork style is represented by patchwork sewing. Such furniture gives the room elegance and eccentricity.

Sofa in patchwork style

  • Диваны в стиле бохо имеют простую форму, не выделяющуюся излишествами. Upholstery colors выбираются насыщенные и смелые.

Sofa in Boho style

  • Militarians - reflects the male character traits, so furniture in this style is usually strict, it can have rough lines, leather cover.

Giant in the style of militarians

  • Fusion - combines contradictory shades and forms.

Sofa in fusion style

  • Also, today's popular areas include classic sofas.

Sofa in a classic style

A lot of interesting soft furniture is now offered in the styles of shine-chic, steampunk, minimalism. For creative people who are fond of history, the market offers a lot of soft furniture in the Baroque, ethno, modern style.

Steampunk style sofa Sofa in Art Nouveau style  Sofa in ethno style  Baroque couch  Sofa in the style of minimalism  Sofa in the style of a cheby-chic

In the living room

Sofas in the modern interior of the living room play an important role, as they give it elegance and luxury. For the hall the sofa is selected taking into account the size of the room, the number of tenants, the frequency of its use, the location of the table, the TV, the fireplace. It is also necessary to take into account its purpose (for example, for sleeping). What else do they look at when choosing soft furniture for the hall? It is taken into account:

  1. Shape and size.
  2. The mechanism of transformation (it is important to understand that guest options are different from sleeping).
  3. Upholstery. The sofa cover can be fabric, or made of leather / eco-leather. A tissue covering is suitable for sleep. If the described object of an interior will be operated seldom, it is possible to pay attention and on a leather upholstery.
  4. Filler. The spring block is considered to be durable, the polyurethane foam filler is in demand. Fill the sofas and latex, struttofayberom, sintepuhom, hollofayberom, sinteponom.
  5. Frame. If the budget allows, it is better to choose a wooden one, since it is durable and practical. Particleboard and MDF are used in economy class sofas. If the choice has fallen on multilayer plywood, it is necessary to understand that the thicker it is, the stronger it will be. The metal frame, too, should not be rejected, since it is with such a foundation that you can choose a sofa of unusual shape.

White corner sofa in the interior of the living room Ceiling with illumination in the interior of the living room  Design of a living room with a column  Laminate on the living room floor  Orange accents in the gray interior of the living room  Living room in classic style

In the kitchen

In the design of the kitchen an important role is played by the choice of furniture. Ways of furniture arrangement:

  1. A rectangular sofa is installed along the wall opposite the work area.
  2. In the island layout of the kitchen area, soft furniture can be installed opposite the island, in the middle of the working area or along the wall.
  3. In small-scale studios, the sofa is often assigned the role of a separator between the kitchen and the rest area.
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Kitchen with dining area

How to approach the choice of the model? For registration use angular or direct sofas. Angular soft furniture allows: - to save space; - store in the niche of the sofa household items; - Decorate the space. The choice of the usual direct models is diverse. But for the kitchen should choose a sofa without bulky armrests with drawers. When there are not enough beds, folding beds are selected. The key feature of upholstered furniture for the kitchen is the upholstery. Quality fabric has dust and water repellent properties. If we talk about the color solution, then for small rooms, preference should be given to light sofas. If the kitchen is decorated in a light tone, then the color of the coating should be bright, a strict strip is possible. The filling should be synthetic, and the upholstery - water repellent.

Sofa in the interior of the kitchen Kitchen with seating area  Wall under brick in the interior of the kitchen  Kitchen in country style  Marble floor in the kitchen  Suspended chandeliers in the dining area

In the bedroom

A sofa in a small bedroom can advantageously replace a bulky bed, thus, freeing up space and adding a place to store things. Important clarification! For a small room, experts recommend choosing a light upholstery that can visually expand the area. In large bedrooms, bright colors and rich drawings look impressive. When choosing a sofa for a bedroom, you need to look at:

  • mechanism designed for daily use;
  • filler (the best option - rubber latex);
  • filling the mattress (individual springs will ensure the durability of furniture).

Sofa instead of bed in the bedroom

The upholstery color for this room can be chosen bright. But it should not merge with walls. Perfectly selected upholstery can repeat the shade of the curtains or the color of the suspended ceiling / accessories of the room.

Sofa in the interior of the bedroom

In the interior of the bedroom will fit and pacifying, calm tone. For example, salad, blue, green, celestial, white and hazy shades.

Sofa and bed with the same design in the bedroom Suspended chandeliers by the bed  Sofa and table opposite the bed  Sofa in front of TV in bedroom  Glass table by the sofa in the bedroom  Head of bed from boards

In the children's room

Before choosing a sofa, the child's parents must decide on the location of the sofa, realizing that the unfolding furniture will occupy about 4 square meters of the room area. When choosing a children's sofa, you should pay attention to:

  • absence of sharp corners; - fixing the sidewalls; - the presence of niches for toys; - quality factor of the mechanism (the construction has high strength); - folding sofa (easy for the child); - fillers (only natural); - frame (should be distinguished by ecological purity).

Sofa in the interior of the nursery

Modern sofas for a children's room are divided into three types:

  • corner (save space);
  • Two-level (two beds);
  • Roll-out (comfortable for sleeping, because they do not have depressions and swings).

For small rooms, choosing a sofa instead of a bed would be a good idea of ​​releasing an area for games. In addition, roomy drawers can become a place for storing laundry.

Bed above the sofa in the nursery Ceiling with patterns in the nursery  Alphabet over the sofa in the nursery  Map on the wall in the nursery  Bed in the form of a car in a children's boy  Sofa with drawers in the children's room

Draw a line

As you can see, there are sofas now. Therefore, before choosing, you should carefully examine all characteristics in order to clearly identify which type to choose.