Stylish modern couches for living room and other rooms

Despite the fact that many of us sometimes like to take a nap once or twice during the day, this is not the real reason, because of which the couches again return to fashion. These versatile pieces of furniture today open up a wide range of possibilities that will be especially useful in an urban environment where free space is valued. In addition, the modern choice of couches is much richer than in the old times, when they were made mainly for aristocratic interiors. In this article we will introduce you to 4 main types of modern couches for home, each of which offers its advantages!

Couches in modern style

A distinctive feature of couches in a modern style is minimalism of finish and the presence of comfortably moved pillows and armrests. The latter allows you to adjust the couch for specific needs, depending on which it can play the role of a bed, sofa, bench or chaise longue. A practical and discreet choice for the living room.

White leather couch in the interiorModern couch with pillows Couch with backrest and armrest in modern styleSofa and couch in one style Bright and stylish couch for the living room

Shelves or drawers with seat

This kind of couches can be used in any rooms where it is required to have a lot of space for storing things and for rest: living rooms, bedrooms, children's, kitchens, corridors etc. Their distinctive feature is a simple universal design, thanks to which they can be put in alcoves, niches, near windows and in other difficult places. A popular item for making your own hands!

Couch with backrest and armrests Couch with shelves by the window Couch with drawers and shelves Homemade couch with shelves Beautiful couch at the window

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Couches with beautiful backs and armrests

A complex carved or forged finish of the backs and armrests gives the couches a very cozy and homely look with a touch of country style. A surprisingly attractive place to read, relax and sleep.

Couch with carved wooden back Forged couch in the interior Couch with forged backrest and armrests Wooden couch for children Double folding couch

Elegant couches in the style of luxury

At first glance at the elegant couches in the classical style it becomes clear why in the antique and medieval times they were considered a luxury item. It is good that modern materials and methods of production allow you to purchase such a beautiful thing at a relatively low price. A great alternative or addition for a sofa in the living room!

Elegant wicker couch Classic couch with backrest and armrestCouch with high backLeather couch in classic style Couch without backrest, but with two armrests

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