Elegance of modern tiled fireplaces in the interior of a

In our time, tile fireplaces are very popular. In the distant past, the role of such tile stoves was not only decorative, but also the heating of the room. They were installed in palaces and houses of wealthy citizens, they were even in churches. Tiles at that time were made only by hand, and they had embossed patterns, but sometimes tiles were given a flat shape.

Large Fireplace

Tiled fireplaces are great for decorating country hunting lodges. The amazing beauty of the stove will be a harmonious complement to the interior in the country style.

Fireplace in living room

Tiled fireplace in a country house in the south of Venice.

Living room in the attic

A white tiled fireplace perfectly fits into the design of the living room on the attic floor. A successful solution for a country house not only looks exquisite, but also heats a spacious room in winter.

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Qualities of tiles - design

Tiled stoves have survived to our time, now they can be seen in the prince's houses in Rostov, in the Grand Palace of St. Petersburg and Pushkin. The design solution was varied:

  • patterns consisting of flowers and leaves;
  • ornaments that are inherent in a particular area;
  • relief pattern;
  • stories from fairy tales.

Over time, the production of furnaces has ceased, man's life has become more economical and simpler. Modern heating devices replaced the furnaces.

Elegant fireplace

The fireplace box is decorated with tiles with a gentle, discreet drawing. Modern craftsmen make fireplaces from tiles of various designs. Everything depends only on the customer's imagination.

Massive tiled fireplace

In the small living room, the view is attracted by a massive tiled fireplace of dark green color.


The tiled fireplace becomes the culmination of a design project for the kitchen.

Now such furnaces are not just a rarity, but uniqueness, but there are tiled fireplaces. They are installed in cottages, country houses, as an addition to the decor of the room. The design of the tiled fireplaces is very different from the distant past. It became easier, without complex patterns. Izrazets began to make much easier, and the number of choices has increased several times. At their cost, they are available to almost everyone who wants to install stoves and fireplaces.

Stylish Living Room

Tiled fireplaces gracefully look in the modern interior, especially in the style of country, baroque, Empire and modern.

Types of tiled fireplaces

There are many companies that offer their services in the installation of stoves and fireplaces, and also offer tiles for the fireplace for every taste. They can order a project, pick up compositions, all this will be done taking into account the wishes of the client. In style, there are many fireplaces, but more often there are:

  • fireplaces with baroque tiles;
  • modern style;
  • style panels.

Tiles for stoves and fireplaces can be ordered individually, and they will reflect all your fantasies. Tiled stoves have sunk into oblivion, but modern people warm the fireplaces, which seem to have preserved a part of the past.

A magnificent tiled fireplace in the Baroque style is decorated with gold elements of decor.

A magnificent tiled fireplace in the Baroque style is decorated with gold elements of decor.

Snow White Fireplace

The white fireplace in the Art Nouveau style will be the decoration of any laconic, discreet interior.

Stylish fireplace

A popular form of decoration of tile fireplaces is a panel. Stylish, original drawings adorn the fireplace box and create a unique style in the interior.

Tiled fireplaces - the heart of the house

Man always connected the house with a hearth that gave warmth, food and collected around him many generations. Maybe that is why so much energy and imagination was given to furnish the fireplace or stove. The functions were always seriously thought out, the tile stoves were of various shapes, with lots of ornaments and attractive elements. Izrazets is painted ceramics, it can be tiled, covered with glaze, which ensures reliability and long life.

How can a tile differ from conventional ceramic tiles? The answer is simple: the side of the underside, which resembles a box without a lid and is called a rumpa. Sometimes, for better adhesion to the clay mortar, incisions are made on it or special cuts are made for screws or screws. With the help of a tampon, tiles are fixed on the surface of the fireplace or decorate the stove. Ramps, which are filled with a solution of clay, perfectly collect heat and increase the efficiency of the heating apparatus.

Fireplace in the hallway

A tiled fireplace can be called a hotbed of family warmth. With its help you can create an atmosphere of coziness and romance in any home.

Snow White Fireplace

Whatever the design of the house, the tiled fireplace will make its significant contribution to the design. The modern device is suitable for the skilful design of a living room, bedroom or kitchen.

Corner massive fireplace

The tiled fireplace looks organically on the background of the brickwork. The artsy design complements the properly selected furniture.

Types of tiles

The face planes can be unglazed (terracotta) or majolica, that is, glazed. There are also tile stoves and fireplaces, finished with porcelain or faience tiles. They are decorated with paintings or coats of arms, scenes from the life of a man and sometimes are just a work of art. Such an abundance of tiles allows you to choose for facing fireplaces of different shapes and sizes exactly what you need. Tiles are divided into several types: socle, shaped, angular and flat, as well as cornice.

Delicate fireplace decor

Tiles with a gentle ornament look harmoniously on the corner fireplace.

Author's fireplace

The picture on the tiled fireplace is repeated on the vases where fresh flowers are planted.

Angles are fixed angles of the fireplace, the flat go to the finish of flat surfaces, cornice decorate any decorative parts of the fireplace or stove.

Usually they are located above the portals. If the corners are to be convex, then the shaped tiles are used. There are also socle tiles, they are used to design the joint of the last row and flooring. If there are any features, then tiled tiles can be used in the form of a monogram or a flap, with which the fireplace fires are closed.

Living room with fireplace

Dark brown tiles constitute the design of a fireplace designed for a living room in a house in western Berlin.

Laconic design of the fireplace

Laconic design of the fireplace for the hallway in the style of country.

Features of tiled fireplaces - secrets of the master

Tiled stoves or fireplaces are not cladded in the same way as tiles. Using the wheel and wire, the tiles are fixed to the walls of the stove or fireplace during their construction. The fireplace comes out prisoner in a kind of box that gives off heat and keeps it. At tile stoves and fireplaces there are, like any other product or device, their own merits, which allow you to give the palm of the championship only to them and no one else.

First, it is ecological. For the construction and finishing of the fireplace only natural non-hazardous materials are used. This allows the house to maintain cleanliness. Tiles after facing give shrinkage, which allows to avoid minimal cracks, and hence poisoning of the air with combustion products. Installation, which was invented many years ago and is used in our time, also avoids this.

Author's fireplace

Author's performance of a tiled fireplace.

Secondly, the tile fireplaces are very economical. This is due to the fact that between the brick and the tile there is an emptiness, which the masters fill with sown sand or small brick crumbs. During heating, not only masonry and a slab are heated, but also crumb or sand, which allows to dissipate heat slowly and for a long time.

Third, durability. Fireplaces do not overheat and can exist for many years. For example, the Dutch stove in the Hermitage or the fireplaces in the palace of the princes. This durability is a unique and correct combination of bricks and ceramic tiles. Both are made from the same material - clay, so they have the same thermal expansion.

Fourth, beauty and addition to the interior. No master will be able to repeat his previous creation.

Places for installing fireplaces from tiles can choose any. This can be a straight wall or corner room. The corner is the most common place, but the fireplace can be installed in the center, the main thing is to allow the dimensions. It fits into space and perfectly organizes it. This is the main accent of the interior design decision, under which you should choose furniture and curtains, different trinkets and trifles. But before installing a tiled fireplace, you need to select the tiles correctly. Very often a simple person finds it difficult to do this, there is not enough knowledge, then it is better to contact a master who will consult or assist in the selection.

Tiled fireplace for interior

Tiled fireplace for interior in the style of Scandinavian country.

Large-sized stove-fireplace

Functional design of the tiled fireplace. A universal option for an interior of a country house.

By the way, the fireplace can be faced and after installation. It's difficult, but possible. For this, the surface of the fireplace must be prepared. It removes the old coating, it can be made with a brush for metal or any convenient object, it depends on the master. Sutures slightly deepen, literally by a centimeter. If you plan to use a solution of 2 centimeters, then the plane does not need to be cleaned. If the layer for alignment is larger, a construction net is applied. Usually it is fixed to nails or screws, which will be hung with a mesh for construction work. The grid should be fixed firmly, after which the surface of the fireplace is primed. For this, a spray gun or brush is used, you can also walk around with a roller. The primer should dry completely, only then you can proceed to the next process. It is necessary to prepare a solution: clay and sand with the addition of water.

If it is difficult to determine the proportions, then you can use the advice of the old master and make a few clay small balls. They are made from a solution with a different ratio of proportions. After the balls are completely dry, they should be dropped to the floor, if the ball does not burst, then the proportions were chosen correctly and the same should be used when mixing the solution. The main thing in this business is to write down what proportions in which ball to not forget.

Classic tiled fireplace

Classic tiled fireplace in a house in the south of France.

Huge tiled fireplace

A spacious living room with a tiled fireplace will be an excellent place for family gatherings.

To prepare the solution, clay should be sifted through a sieve, this will clear it of rocks and debris. Then the cleared clay is poured with water and left for a day, so it will have an excellent viscosity. Now add sand, then water again. Clay mortar should be mixed by hand, carefully kneading all the clots. So you can achieve a good consistency of the solution, and the tiles will fit well to the stove or fireplace and will last for a long time.

Following the advice of the masters, you can create your own unique design of the room with a tiled fireplace, it will not only heat in the winter cold, but also gather every evening around you the whole family.

Snow White Fireplace

Classic decoration of the tiled fireplace - a creative solution for the arrangement of the bedroom.

Laconic interior of the living room

Modest, concise and at the same time unusual design of a tiled fireplace in the living room of a country house.

Fireplace in Russian style

An elaborate decoration of a fireplace from tiles for a country house of a wealthy family of Muscovites.

Tiled fireplace in the interior of the living room. Video

Tiled fireplaces in the interior