Sweet pai

If there is a paradise in the world, then, perhaps, it is Pai. Quiet, cozy, hidden behind a complex mountain serpentine, this Thai resort attracted us with the beauty of its nature and pleasant prices. A kilogram of mango for twenty baht (about 23 rubles), a teak house of three rooms for a hundred dollars a month, the whole day in a pool with hot springs for a mere penny.

Cozy Pai

Pai is located in a picturesque valley, from all sides of the world framed by mountains. The rainy season begins here in May and ends by September. Often at this time, the clouds stop their movement on the tops, hiding the green caps of the mountains in the milk.

Landscapes of the Paya

We arrived in Pye in mid-April, just in time for the Thai New Year. The holiday is called Songkran. It symbolizes purification and marks the coming of spring. In this holiday the correct equipment becomes especially actual. Plastic weapons are available for every taste and color.


Songkran is a few days of fun, when everyone - both old and young - poured water on each other and drank wet from sunset to dawn.

Празднования Songkranа

The pie is full of caramel guest-houses and marmalade resorces. In general, this is a mountain resort for the Thais. They come here to wear down jackets and freeze.

Caramel houses in Pay

But in the last few years, this place has become particularly popular among Western backpackers. They prefer to settle in budget bungalows for seven dollars, closer to the central street.

Beautiful sculpture of children

Almost all hotels in Pai are unique. Each one of them stands out. This, for example, is famous for its inverted house.

Inverted House

This attracts tourists with thoughtful elvis, already a little shabby.

Sculptures of Elvis in the village of Thailand

Around Paya, too, full of interesting. For example, several waterfalls in which you can swim, which is especially important in the hot season. Just in April.

Paya neighborhood

Another attraction is the Chinese village. They sell a variety of tea, sweets, ride on the carousel and are allowed to be photographed in traditional Chinese costumes that can be rented.

Sweet Pai

Ten kilometers from Pai there are camping sites, where local keep elephants. Everyone can make an hour's walk. The elephant will lead anyone on the highway, along the jungle, and even along the river. If desired, then the elephant can be washed and fed.

Traveling on an elephant

Also around the Paya are full of beautiful temples and monasteries. The overwhelming majority of local residents profess Buddhism.

The Golden Buddha

When the rainy season begins, in Pai begins very much grace. Fruit trees litchi, mango, longans, and all this can not only be bought, but also completely free of charge. The main thing is to know the places. And the whole valley is flooded with a juicy green color and is blossoming with a lot of the most beautiful flowers.

The beauty of Thailand

But Pai is especially beautiful at sunset, when the evening coolness comes to the valley, and the mountains lose their clear contours. We will definitely come back here again to enjoy the local serenity and the leisurely passage of time.

Fabulous landscapes of Paya

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