Creative approach to the design of small apartments in tel

Interior of small bright apartments

A modest amount of square meters is not a reason to talk about the inconvenience of housing. Professional creative approach can do the impossible.

Here is an interesting example from Tel Aviv.

The area of ​​the apartment is 40 square meters. m. The repair successfully turned the space into a full-fledged two-room dwelling with all the primary rooms, including the living room.

White color in the design of the studio apartment

The project is implemented by the architectural company Sfaro Architects. Originality is visible in the layout. The kitchen, bathroom, as well as a storage area for various items are concentrated in the central part of the apartment. The main residential areas are located in a roundabout way.

Living area in a small studio apartment

After such a reconstruction a good visual effect appears: the area seems much larger than it actually is. And most importantly, the room becomes multifunctional and comfortable.

Shelving for books in the studio Kitchen area in white color Bathroom in white color Small white bedroom The layout of a small studio apartment

A rational view of things, professionalism and clarity in implementing the idea - that's all that was needed for this stylish housing.